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Spam filter mixin for your models. Purposed for Refinery CMS but we'll see if we can make it generic.
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This is a small Ruby on Rails plugin that can be installed as a gem in your Gemfile that allows models to attach to it to provide spam filtering functionality.

Rails Quickstart

Add to your Gemfile:

gem 'filters_spam', '~> 0.4'

Run bundle install.


Once you have the plugin installed, you need to add a column to the table you will be using this for. For example, if you have a table called comments:

script/generate migration add_spam_to_comments spam:boolean
rake db:migrate

The same thing in Rails 3:

rails generate migration add_spam_to_comments spam:boolean
rake db:migrate

Now, you can use it by calling the function in your model like so:


If you want to change the default fields that are used by filters_spam then you can pass them in to the method as options. All options are optional.

All of the possible options are outlined below with the default values for each:

  :message_field => :message,
  :email_field => :email,
  :author_field => :author,
  :other_fields => [],
  :extra_spam_words => %w()

So, say you wanted to mark 'ruby' and 'rails' as spam words you simply pass them in using the :extra_spam_words option:

  :extra_spam_words => %w(ruby rails)

Enjoy a life with less spam.


This code was inspired by Russel Norris' acts_as_snook plugin and ideas presented by Jonathan Snook

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