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Refinery News


Refinery's news engine allows you to post updates to the news section of your website.

Key features:

  • Default news page shows a summary of recent news posts
  • Detail view shows the full post and also linked to recent news on the "side bar"


RefineryCMS version 0.9.8 or later.

Gem Installation using Bundler (The very best way)

Include the latest gem into your Refinery CMS application's Gemfile:

gem "refinerycms-news", '~> 0.9.9'

Then type the following at command line inside your Refinery CMS application's root directory:

bundle install
rails generate refinerycms_news
rake db:migrate

RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

To get RSS for your entire site, insert this into the head section of your layout after installing:

<%= auto_discovery_link_tag(:rss, news_items_url(:format => 'rss')) %>
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