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By: [Resolve Digital](
+This latest version (rails-3-1) is not stable. The schema is actively changing. Use at your own risk.
## Requirements
-This engine requires Refinery CMS version >= 0.9.8 - if you want support for versions before this,
-look at [the rails2-stable branch](
+This engine requires Refinery CMS version >= 2.0.0.
## Gem Installation
Ensure you have created your application's database before adding this engine (with ``rake db:setup``).
Open your ``Gemfile`` and add this line to the bottom:
- gem 'refinerycms-portfolio', '~> 0.9.9'
+ gem 'refinerycms-portfolio', :git => 'git://', :branch => 'rails-3-1'
Now run ``bundle install`` and once bundler has installed the gem run:
- rails generate refinerycms_portfolio
+ rails generate refinery:portfolio
rake db:migrate
+ rake db:seed
Now, restart your web server and enjoy.
-## Single or Multiple Level Portfolios
-The standard setup for portfolios is single-level.
-If you need a multi-level portfolio where you have "categories" of portfolio
-items you can switch to a multi level setup by changing the Refinery Setting for
-``Multi Level Portfolio`` to true.

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