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@@ -9,15 +9,11 @@ Powered by: [acts_as_indexed]( - Check
Simply use this by adding the following to your ``Gemfile``:
- gem 'refinerycms-search', '~> 0.9.8'
+ gem 'refinerycms-search', '~> 2.0.0'
-You'll also need to create a page (from the 'Pages' tab) with a custom URL of '/search'.
-You can set a custom URL for a page in the Advanced Options via the "Forward this page to another website or page" option.
-It's probably also a good idea to uncheck the 'show in menu' option for this page.
+## RE-SAVE all records that have not been indexed before.
-## Restart your web server and RE-SAVE all records that have not been indexed before.
-A sample search form can be found in [views/shared/_search.html.erb](
+A sample search form can be found in [views/refineyr/shared/_search.html.erb](
You can either use this partial directly, or copy the appropriate parts.
## Searching
@@ -26,13 +22,13 @@ The default installation will search in Pages.
If you wish to find results in other plugins you have created or installed, you can specify these in ``config/application.rb`` like so:
config.to_prepare do
- Refinery.searchable_models = [Page]
+ Refinery.searchable_models = [Refinery::Page]
Simply add any additional models you wish to search to this array. For example, if you have the [portfolio plugin]( installed:
config.to_prepare do
- Refinery.searchable_models = [Page, PortfolioEntry]
+ Refinery.searchable_models = [Refinery::Page, Refinery::PortfolioEntry]
The above line will add indexing to PortfolioEntry in the portfolio plugin, which does not come indexed.

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