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How to enable testing in your application

Refinery ships with a range of specs and cucumbers to test it. This guide will show you how to:

  • Run the tests that come built in with Refinery to ensure your install is working correctly
  • Run the engines tests


Setup test enviroment

At the Gemfile uncomment the refinerycms-testing line

gem ‘refinerycms-testing’

And run

$ bundle install

Now we will configure our test environment with

$ rails generate refinerycms_testing

Running the Tests

At your application root run:

$ bundle exec rake

This will run the cucumber and rspec tests.

To run just cucumber:

$ bundle exec cucumber

To run just rspec:

$ bundle exec rake spec

Where are the tests?

Refinery tests are located inside each engine in two locations: /features and /spec.

Third-party engines should have their own tests in their respective engine folders (which may be inside their gem).

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