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Overriding Javascripts

By default, Refinery will provide you with the required javascript files you
need. Sometimes, these defaults do not suffice, and you will need to customize
the Javascript files used by Refinery. This guide will show you how to:

  • Change the default javascript libraries included;
  • Add your own files to be included.


Overriding the default Javascript libraries

Refinery version 2.0 and later use Rails’s asset pipeline to deliver Javascript.
This means that you can simply remove the two relevant lines from
application.js to remove the default library, jQuery:

//= require jquery
//= require jquery_ujs

You can include your own files this way too; indeed, since application.js is
minified in production, we recommend this as opposed to adding separate files.

Adding additional files

If you absolutely must include your own discrete Javascript files, you can
utilize the content_for :javascripts block, which will append Javascript files
after application.js. This is often times useful when you are writing an
extension that requires additional functionality, where you do not want to rely
on a user to inject your dependency into his application.js file.

It should be used inside a view like so:

<% content_for :javascripts do >
<= javascript_link_tag ‘jquery-cycle.min’ >
< end %>

This will append jquery-cycle.min.js after your application.js file.

WARNING. Previous versions of Refinery allowed you to define content_for blocks named :before_javascript_libraries, :after_javascript_libraries, and :javascript_libraries. These are no longer available, since the asset pipeline obviates their use.

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