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require 'pathname'
gempath ='../../', __FILE__))
require gempath.join('..', 'base', 'lib', 'base', 'refinery')
gemspec = <<EOF
# DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE DIRECTLY! Instead, use lib/gemspec.rb to generate it. do |s| = %q{#{gemname = 'refinerycms-pages'}}
s.version = %q{#{::Refinery.version}}
s.summary = %q{Pages engine for Refinery CMS}
s.description = %q{The default content engine of Refinery CMS. This engine handles the administration and display of user-editable pages.} = %q{#{'%Y-%m-%d')}} = %q{}
s.homepage = %q{}
s.rubyforge_project = %q{refinerycms}
s.authors = ['Resolve Digital', 'Philip Arndt', 'David Jones', 'Steven Heidel']
s.license = %q{MIT}
s.require_paths = %w(lib)
s.executables = %w(#{Pathname.glob(gempath.join('bin/*')).map{|d| d.relative_path_from(gempath)}.sort.join(" ")})
s.files = [
'#{%w( **/{*,.rspec,.gitignore,.yardopts} ).map { |file| Pathname.glob(gempath.join(file)) }.flatten.reject{|f|
!f.exist? or f.to_s =~ /\.gem$/ or ( and f.children.empty?)
}.map{|d| d.relative_path_from(gempath)}.uniq.sort.join("',\n '")}'
s.add_dependency 'refinerycms-core', '~> #{::Refinery::Version}'
s.add_dependency 'seo_meta', '~> 1.0.2'
(gemfile = gempath.join("#{gemname}.gemspec")).open('w') {|f| f.puts(gemspec)}
puts `cd #{gempath} && gem build #{gemfile}` if ARGV.any?{|a| a == "BUILD=true"}
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