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Time for a new version, document recent changes.

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-## [unreleased]
+## [30 July 2010]
- Added a theme generator to create the basic file structure of a new theme. [David Jones]( and [Levi Cole](
- Renamed ``script/generate refinery`` to ``script/generate refinery_plugin``. [David Jones](
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- Refactored the ``refinerycms`` & ``refinery-upgrade-097-to-097`` tasks to make better use of Pathname. [Philip Arndt](
- Added more cucumber features and tagged existing ones. [Philip Arndt](, [James Fiderlick]( and [Steven Heidel](
- Removed mysterious ``page_translations`` table if you had it. [Philip Arndt](
-- [See full list](
+- Added workaround for tests that involve dialogues. [Uģis Ozols](
+- Added as default the ability for forms to know whether they are inside a modal / dialog. [Philip Arndt](
+- [See full list](
## [23 July 2010]

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