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* [See full list](
## [9 September 2010]
+* Convert to awesome_nested_set. [Maarten Hoogendoorn]( and [Philip Arndt](
+* Allow passing -g to the bin task for extra gems. [Tomás Senart](
+* Update documentation for engines, not plugins. [David Jones](
+* Several more documentation fixes. [Steven Heidel](
+* Better use of dragonfly resizing. [Philip Arndt](
+* Partial Latvian translation. [Uģis Ozols](
+* Review Portugese translation. [Kivanio Barbosa](
+* Bugfix with wymeditor in the engine generator. [Karmen Blake]
+* Split application_helper into smaller, more usable files. [Philip Arndt](
+* Move features and specs to each engine directory. [Philip Arndt](
+* Bugfixes to ensure that reordering works under awesome_nested_set. [Maarten Hoogendoorn]( and [Philip Arndt](
+* Update engines to not have a special :require in the Gemfile. [Johan Bruning](
+* Make cache sweepers work. [Philip Arndt](
* [See full list](
## 0.9.8 [30 August 2010]

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