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2 parents d712bb6 + def4cc3 commit a346d21d2bf55a0bc447bb56b389951f49da268c @parndt parndt committed Jun 26, 2012
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@@ -98,15 +98,15 @@ def find_by_path_or_id(path, id)
- # Finds a page using its title. This method is necessary because pages
+ # Finds pages by their title. This method is necessary because pages
# are translated which means the title attribute does not exist on the
# pages table thus requiring us to find the attribute on the translations table
# and then join to the pages table again to return the associated record.
def by_title(title)
with_globalize(:title => title)
- # Finds a page using its slug. See by_title
+ # Finds pages by their slug. See by_title
def by_slug(slug, conditions={})
locales = Refinery.i18n_enabled? ? Refinery::I18n.frontend_locales : ::I18n.locale
with_globalize({ :locale => locales, :slug => slug }.merge(conditions))

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