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Commits on Jul 03, 2010
@peterz peterz Localize log out link 704cc51
@halan halan Added some tr for pt-BR fad681d
@halan halan Change in pt-BR Inquéritos to Contatos, couse it more usual. And adde…
…d some fixes in pr-BR tr
Commits on Jul 04, 2010
@parndt parndt Make a plugin migration safer and change how gemspec works. f19fe33
Commits on Jul 05, 2010
@parndt parndt merge contributions for pt-BR 5bfd7cc
@parndt parndt consolidate keys into correct places and add defaults for switch to w…
…ebsite and switch to website editor
@parndt parndt Fix broken/missing/incorrect locale keys and make the rake translate:…
…lost_in_translation_all task look up only Refinery's i18n locales.
@parndt parndt No missing translations for any locales but some of the translations …
…are google translated ones so please if you speak one of these, check out what we are saying.
@parndt parndt Fix new session locales to be present 7bc4f49
@parndt parndt 2.12.2 provides the greatest compatibility. Fixes Issue #104 f6047e6
Commits on Jul 06, 2010
@parndt parndt Fix issue where we were checking against objects which doesn't always…
… produce the correct results.
@parndt parndt allow login again in the default locale ceeda4f
@parndt parndt Refactor i18n somewhat and made the translate task actually pick up a…
…ll of the missing keys.

This reveals an average of 55 missing keys for each locale.

Requires urgent attention from those who can translate.

If you can help, please run rake translate:lost_in_translate LOCALE=en while subtituting en for the locale you can translate.
@halan halan Added support to put the search form in dialog. 63a078f
@halan halan A little fix in page tr to pt-BR 4fb9f9a
@halan halan Added some improvements to translates are needed to change a bit CSS …
@halan halan More missing strings in users page for pt-BR tr 31a3efc
@halan halan Translate the dashboard messages with correct grammar and capitalizat…
@parndt parndt Update the very cool contribution by halan to have an english key for…
… its i18n.
@unixcharles unixcharles fix generator migration, UserPlugin :title >> :name fd03122
stevenheidel Be a little quieter when installing refinery by supressing refinery:u…
…pdate output. This way the user is not confused by multiple 'actions required'.
stevenheidel Removed refinery-update-core as it has been deprecated in favour of r…
…ake refinery:update.
@parndt parndt update gemspec support files. 6131f70
@parndt parndt cleanup following commits 3ccb37c
@parndt parndt add human name for inquiry_setting for english. d4b6801
@parndt parndt refactor i18n to support frontend/backend separation and enabled i18n…
… by default.
@parndt parndt Tidy up, hook into search css for english, set production mode in con…
… by default and increment version number.