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Commits on Aug 02, 2010
Uģis Ozols ugisozols added passing cucumber tests for search (available in 'Images', 'File…
…s', 'Inquiries' and 'Pages')
Philip Arndt parndt Fixed deprecations in search with how we used acts_as_indexed - updat…
…ed to with_query from find_with_index.
Philip Arndt parndt It's been long enough, goodbye application.rb
This was to make Refinery work under older versions of Phusion Passenger and should no longer be required.
Put it back manually if your project requires it.
Commits on Aug 03, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Fixes superfluous bracket causing error. ca12470
Philip Arndt parndt better note down what happened. 5872039
Philip Arndt parndt We need uploads also. 23caf8a
Philip Arndt parndt Be more specific so we don't get things like "\"/contact\"" as a link…
Philip Arndt parndt We can't reasonably expect to see this content on the page given that…
… we create the pages with no content.
Philip Arndt parndt Fixes for Tooltips:
Tooltips were not showing in dialogues, they now are.
Tooltips would not position properly above links, they now do.
The Tooltips' nibs (the arrow) would not sit properly centered above the element if the tooltip had to move for the browser window size, they now do.

Also fixed so that cancel buttons' titles could be completely disabled, before it was buggy.
Bo Frederiksen bofrede Made file executable. ac9e830
Bo Frederiksen bofrede Make sure the required alt attribute is created. b41d4c6
Bo Frederiksen bofrede Fixed invalid HTML in the backend pages listing. d159bd0
Commits on Aug 04, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Add support for list that passes back full <ul> tags around them. afc9b0e
Philip Arndt parndt Switch HTML5 enabling script to a partial so that it's run by the pag…
…e ASAP otherwise IE *sometimes* doesn't run it.
Philip Arndt parndt update changelog while trying something new. ed18daa
Philip Arndt parndt bit of formatting c869d3d
Philip Arndt parndt update gemspec and version number [still unreleased] e9e2bfe
Philip Arndt parndt Very important to change the version here, too. 5c53b4c
David Jones djones fix XSS vulnerability on page meta information by escaping the releva…
…nt fields properly
Uģis Ozols ugisozols added some cucumber tests. Tried to reduce noise in tests. Introduced…
… :'data-method' => 'delte' to pass 'Delete' tests.
Uģis Ozols ugisozols changed wording in cucumber tests cda8e1f
Philip Arndt parndt requires relock? 1ecee35
Philip Arndt parndt Merge remote branch 'ugisozols/master' d68cbb9
Uģis Ozols ugisozols changed title input field size (when adding new page part) so it woul…
…d fit window
Uģis Ozols ugisozols used translations from locale files and added new rather than hardcod…
…ing titles in views
Bo Frederiksen bofrede Danish translation started. 1caa39c
Bo Frederiksen bofrede Danish translation for WYMeditor. 1eb8b4b
Philip Arndt parndt Merge remote branch 'ugisozols/master' 42a80fb
Philip Arndt parndt use CSS class for widest rather than guessing the size 29a4fd3
Philip Arndt parndt Just use the right one instead. Thanks Joe! 3ddbeba
Commits on Aug 05, 2010
Joe Sak joemsak Grab the first attribute that is a string, not just the first attribu…
…te, as the dashboard activity reporter
Commits on Aug 06, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Added carousel to admin menu to prevent tab overload. 9696322
Kivanio Barbosa kivanio added missing translations for pt-BR b11310e
Commits on Aug 07, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt flori has released a new json version (hooray!!) so now we can use th…
…at instead. Closes GH-116
Philip Arndt parndt Update changelog and version release date. 696ed19
Philip Arndt parndt Update neglected, forgotten about link. 4ba7138