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base fork: resolve/refinerycms
head fork: resolve/refinerycms
Commits on Aug 08, 2010
@joemsak joemsak Sortable list connects to '.nested' e4a220e
@joemsak joemsak Placeholder is taller and has some margin 9888d46
@joemsak joemsak Smoother page sorting cc8cc49
@joemsak joemsak Reposition action buttons after smoothing the page sorts 501d05b
@joemsak joemsak Page sorting much less horsey. Maxdepth set to 2 1ca48de
@joemsak joemsak Prevent multiple requests from 'done re-ordering' 58f5c72
@jgdavey jgdavey Refactoring the parse_branch method to speed up update_positions
For something as simple as updating positions, there's no need to instantiate
an AR object. Closer to direct SQL works best here, and speeds up the whole
update_positions action by at least an order of magnitude.

This also seems to help with a infrequent bug where update_positiions with
a tree raises a `stack level too deep` error, in part because the AR objects
are being over-instantiated.
@joemsak joemsak Whups forgot the loading icon 0ac3627
@parndt parndt Remove position relative from this div as it interferes with the one …
…on the list item.
@parndt parndt Bring back change from rails3 branch for css positioning. f84884a
Commits on Aug 09, 2010
@joemsak joemsak Include plugin factories c1f063d
Commits on Aug 10, 2010
@joemsak joemsak Changelog updates 742aee9
@joemsak joemsak Hiding overflow on dialog boxes is problematic for smaller browser wi…
@joemsak joemsak Web link insertion binds to paste and change 141e3e4
@joemsak joemsak Changelog updated 5b6ced6
Steven Heidel Copy over most common partials that will be overridden when developin…
…g themes.
Steven Heidel Running refinerycms with -v or --version will now output the version …
@parndt parndt Provide best of both worlds - when your browser window is too small t…
…hen overflow remains on the main document when dialogues are opened. When your browser window is big enough to see the whole window overflow is hidden in the main document.
@parndt parndt Merge remote branch 'stevenheidel/master' 464c95e
@parndt parndt Solves condition where @page[:body] did not exist because the default…
… page parts were changed to something else.
@parndt parndt increment version 91c19e1
@parndt parndt Made the core codebase not rely so heavily on @page[:body] by adding …
…Page.default_parts and using .first on that instead.
@parndt parndt Document changes, update Gemfile dependency to and relocked. 899d142
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