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Aug 17, 2010
Uģis Ozols Moved edit and delete translations from Core to plugin translation file. 9665223
Uģis Ozols Added missing :max_image_size for translation. Removed not needed tra…
Uģis Ozols Oops... Removed needed validation. b7bb74d
Steven Heidel Upgrade to use OptionParser library. de7ffd2
Steven Heidel Made additional tweaks to the improvement of the refinerycms generator. 497bb56
Steven Heidel Finish fleshing out class, better error checking, and ready to add th…
…e generate! method.
Steven Heidel Copied over remainder of the old task.
This still doesn't work because gems haven't been released. Also, a lot of the code that looks into the files is not DRY and could use refactoring.
Aug 18, 2010
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'ugisozols/rails3' into rails3 906105e
Uģis Ozols Removed dynamic_form plugin and refactored code to use error_messages…
… partial.
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'ugisozols/rails3' into rails3 106976c
Philip Arndt Merged with master branch. We load in the acts_as_indexed config in a…
…n initializer on this branch.. may need to look at that for Heroku later.
Aug 19, 2010
Uģis Ozols Added Latvian translation for Resources. 195e007
Philip Arndt Merged with master's html5 changes, now rails3 can be better friends …
…too <3
Uģis Ozols Added Latvian translation for Images. e5f5377
Uģis Ozols Merge branch 'rails3' of git:// into ra…
Philip Arndt Remove hackety hack and remove large sections of the update task that…
… won't be needed under rails3. Closes GH-140
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'ugisozols/rails3' into rails3 9fbe254
Uģis Ozols Removed model_translations plugin. Changed spelling of the Latvian la…
Philip Arndt Merge branch 'master' into rails3 b876214
Uģis Ozols Removed model_translations plugin (no, really). c9b7eb6
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'ugisozols/rails3' into rails3 653ac30
Philip Arndt These are a few of my favourite removals 8381b49
Philip Arndt performed awagener's change to the new generator template. 7311d35
Uģis Ozols Use shared search translation entries. 3a73874
Aug 20, 2010
Philip Arndt Merge branch 'master' into rails3 f543cf3
Uģis Ozols Added Latvian translation for Inqueries and edited some other entries…
… in Latvian and English translations.
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'ugisozols/rails3' into rails3 e4237bc
Philip Arndt Merge branch 'master' into rails3 bcced6d
Philip Arndt Merges changes from master branch. c1979cd
Philip Arndt Moved plugins to external repositories and worked toward getting a Re…
…fineryCMS client gem installation working. Not working yet.
Victor Goff Added autotest.example for those that use ZenTest autotest
It uses the .gitignore file as the master for exceptions to the autotest heuristic search.
I also added the .autotest file to .gitignore to account for individual tastes.
Victor Goff Refactored to remove unless nil check. 85bc12d
Victor Goff Merge branch 'rails3' of git:// into ra…
Aug 21, 2010
Philip Arndt merged master. a2b5ddc
Philip Arndt Merge branch 'rails3' into gem_installation 3087173
Philip Arndt Don't need the plugin inside the app anymore, it's from another repos…
Philip Arndt Remove hackety hack that used to load refinery tasks. Now rails loads…
… them.
Philip Arndt remove deprecated initializers. 2f35c57
Philip Arndt Remove very deprecated head_before_javascript_libraries. Just use con…
…tent_for :head_before_javascript_libraries instead.
Philip Arndt Rails wants these files, so we'd best obey. 1f451f4
Philip Arndt Include link to if the user has <noscrip…
…t> (ht: paulirish)
Philip Arndt Spruced up the CSS to allow for more chatty translations and noscript…
… tag inside flash messages.
Philip Arndt Use the new rails3 coolness (generated a new rails3 app and moved Ref…
…inery on top of it).
Philip Arndt Updated lock file d4ae127
Philip Arndt Git, please be keeping these directories, thanks! 6c0c363
Philip Arndt version == pre1, try to get the app name out of the rakefile etc, not…
… working yet. :(
Victor Goff Merge branch 'rails3' of git:// into ra…
Steven Heidel Clean up and comment bin/refinerycms. 6125b9e
Steven Heidel Refactor using much needed find_and_replace method.
A lot of the logic that was removed should be replaced with the defaults that Rails generates for you.
Steven Heidel Proper way to do prerelease gems. 9493967
Steven Heidel Many additional changes to make bin/refinerycms work. Also, upgraded …
…some of the Refinery default files to the new default generated rails files.

At this point, gem installations now work. :D
Steven Heidel Dragonfly does not configure cloud storage this way, research will ne…
…ed to be done into the proper way of doing this.
Steven Heidel Remove said files from the gemspec. dfdc26d
Steven Heidel As an experiment, none of these files actually need be in the gemspec…
… unless they're getting copied over on lines 130-136 of bin/refinerycms.

At some point lib/gemspec.rb should probably be rewritten to take this into account.
Steven Heidel config/settings.rb should be copied over as well. 09220af
Steven Heidel No need to load rails just for one method when you can copy and paste…
… instead.
Aug 22, 2010
Philip Arndt Rename function to 'refine!' 5101b2d
Maarten Hoogendoorn Fixded missing translation for EN 5d394ef
Maarten Hoogendoorn Fixed wrong key that was provided to the I18n.translate 852ed11
Maarten Hoogendoorn Updated Dutch translations to match the English ones. 6ce05e6
Maarten Hoogendoorn Fixed dashboard not working with I18n
This caused errors, because the image plugin generated a unknown url, based on the title of the plugin, which gets translated.
Victor Goff Merge branch 'rails3' of git:// into ra…
Victor Goff Merge branch 'rails3' of git:// into ra…
Steven Heidel Running rake now runs both spec and cucumber, eliminating the need fo…
…r rake test:refinery.
Steven Heidel No longer need friendly_id.rake as it is loaded from the gem. 367dd43
Steven Heidel Keep all the engines together. 0ef01ac
Victor Goff Merge branch 'rails3' of git:// into ra…
Victor Goff Gemfile additions, now autotest with rspec is working. Refactored aut…
Steven Heidel Recomment out optional libraries, and beautify the test group of the …
Aug 23, 2010
Philip Arndt Generate a new rails app better, reject user when they want to overwr…
…ite an existing directory and didn't --force
Philip Arndt Refactored refinerycms install task to provide live output (ht: carll…
Philip Arndt Cut out every file we don't explicitly require to run as a gem from t…
…he gemspec generator and regenerated the gemspec.
Philip Arndt Update dependencies as required. d3beb6c
Philip Arndt This is a very important commit. It ensures that the whole repository…
… is kept consistent.
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'stevenheidel/rails3' into rails3 d963590
Philip Arndt Strip out most of the rest of the update task, now it just copies mig…
…rations and seeds in. Closes GH-147
Philip Arndt Correctly cache assets from the Rails engines that are not part of th…
…e standard path.
Philip Arndt wee refactor for sorting fa23068
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'stevenheidel/rails3' into rails3 007c58f
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'aavalam/rails3' into rails3 659728f
Philip Arndt Merged in the autotest example to be the actual autotest file, added …
…dependencies to Gemfile. These won't install in production unless you specify group :test as well. (ht: kotp - thanks Victor!)
Philip Arndt exclude anything under the app's public directory from the gemspec be…
…cause there shouldn't be anything there.
Philip Arndt Change version to and ensure that refinery looks li…
…ke refinery once installed from a gem by removing the defualt layout. Improved gemspec generation and regenerated gemspec.
Steven Heidel Better manage crucial gem dependencies (childlabour is needed for bin…
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'stevenheidel/rails3' into rails3 e082154
Philip Arndt Added --drb fbbf3af
Philip Arndt Don't create a default themes directory 465345c
Philip Arndt Use the routes better, no more /inquiries when you submit the form (h…
…t: gidogeek)
Philip Arndt remove error_404 hack for now 8697853
Uģis Ozols Completed Latvian translation for Images. 97d27dc
Uģis Ozols Added missing keys for Latvian translation. 585aa9b
Philip Arndt smart defaults, i'm all about the smart defaults. 7fc3e79
Maarten Hoogendoorn Not used by refinery (It points to github) 9b13b87
Maarten Hoogendoorn The latest commit breaks page deletion. For now, use the previous ver…
Maarten Hoogendoorn Removed duplication: The delete confirmations are handled by rails.js. f0b8b63
Uģis Ozols Added Latvian translation for Core. 4298e38
Maarten Hoogendoorn Refactored the plugin system to use plugin.title instead of ff2522e
Maarten Hoogendoorn Updated the plugins to conform to the new plugin requests 4e6b6eb
Maarten Hoogendoorn Added title= and description= for nice depreciation error messages. U…
…pdated docs to new specification
Maarten Hoogendoorn Updated validations to rail3 format be4b244
Uģis Ozols Half way done with Latvian Pages translations. 9d23b3a
Uģis Ozols Merge branch 'rails3' of into rails3 efdf971
Uģis Ozols Completed Latvian translations for Pages (to be honest - I'm not sati…
…sfied with outcome).
Aug 24, 2010
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'moretea/rails3' into rails3 173c55a
Philip Arndt Update to support rc2 of rails3. 70157bf
Philip Arndt Refactor, move all self. methods under class << self and cache the en…
…tire collection of RefinerySetting records until one changes and then re-cache. Records only load one time on production for the life of the application until one changes. Happy days.
Philip Arndt new version beta2. d9fe84c
Semyon Perepelitsa translating dashboard to Russian 0b8fdc8
Semyon Perepelitsa load meta description option title from locale 7fe1213
Semyon Perepelitsa correct misspelling a581340
Semyon Perepelitsa translating pages to Russian b1458e5
Semyon Perepelitsa improving Russian translation eb92d1b
Semyon Perepelitsa correcting typo in Russian locale fa48fae
Semyon Perepelitsa removing unnecessary quotes in Russian locale 51ceb63
Semyon Perepelitsa correcting error in Russian locale dedf737
Semyon Perepelitsa removing unnecessary quotes in Russian locale f7c0035
Semyon Perepelitsa translating images plugin to Russian 5964c1b
Semyon Perepelitsa typography improvements in resources plugin's Russian locale a1420b7
Semyon Perepelitsa improvements in resources plugin's Russian locale 8531ed8
Semyon Perepelitsa improving Russian locales 67c2c81
Uģis Ozols Added first draft of Latvian translations for Settings. 5a10aee
Peter Zlatnar Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' 7ba83fd
Glenn Goodrich Add view= to a couple of refinery:override example texts e887e5b
Steven Heidel Refactor refinerycms such that multiple engines can fit into 1 gem.
The key here is Gem::Specification.require_paths, which is set to vendor/refinerycms. Then, when Bundler loads refinerycms it calls vendor/refinerycms/refinerycms.rb, which in turn requires each of the engines.
Steven Heidel Everything else about this new setup seems to be working, except for …
…public folders in engines.
Steven Heidel Remove files needed for packaging separate gems. The only exception i…
…s inquiries, which should be extracted eventually.
Steven Heidel Update the gemspecs.
Eventually the bottom 8 dependencies should be moved back to the Gemfile as we don't want them installing on Successfully installed refinerycms-
Steven Heidel Fix several problems with bin/refinerycms.rb and lib/gemspec.rb 452a057
Steven Heidel Bumping version to first release candidate (almost caught up to rails). 5a5fc9b
Steven Heidel This may be a better way to load defaults. 525c7a1
Steven Heidel Merge with master, only problem was Gemfile as this has changed. 6aada1a
Aug 25, 2010
Semyon Perepelitsa improving refinery_settings plugin's Russian locale dc11f8a
Semyon Perepelitsa improving auth plugin's Russian locale f44a6d0
Semyon Perepelitsa improving inquiries plugin's Russian locale bd2cdd2
Semyon Perepelitsa updating quotes to standard russian quotes f8c137b
Semyon Perepelitsa correcting typo in Russian locale 8b851df
Semyon Perepelitsa improving refinery_setting plugin's Russian locale 355fdd5
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'ruprict/master' 0579c02
Philip Arndt Merged with master, nl changes from master could not be brought throu…
…gh as they conflicted heavily with work that was done at the same time on the rails3 branch.
Philip Arndt Do important stuff first, always use the latest version of IE / chrom…
…e frame and don't need all the jquery libraries on the login layout. Speeds things up quite a bit the first time through.
Philip Arndt split assets into core.js and admin.js so that we can load them separ…
…ately as required.
Philip Arndt Honestly, I meant to change that before committing. 0619837
Philip Arndt Extracted the inquiries engine out to its own repository. 76e9ee2
Philip Arndt goodbye core inquiries from Gemfile too. a733bd9
Philip Arndt Move public back to core where it belongs. f8f91c6
Philip Arndt use require refinerycms instead which will load in all of the default…
… engines (even though previously I said 'yeah, use refinery/defaults').
Philip Arndt Reshuffle to enable gems to build again. 51c996e
Philip Arndt All things gems. bda5081
Philip Arndt close with trailing slash db74975
Philip Arndt Clean up what is / isn't required. d0ab21c
Philip Arndt lib and vendored 097e78e
Peter Zlatnar Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' ee72aba
Peter Zlatnar Add missing sl translations 9d665d6
raul murciano Spanish translations updated 0bf101d
David Jones temporarily fix asset caching bug in Ruby 1.9.2 until we've got a pro…
…per fix
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'peterz/master' bff72e1
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'raul/master' 9a0c222
Philip Arndt We can check against the ruby version so that it works normally in 1.…
…8.7 still.
David Jones Fix the differences between Ruby 1.9.2 and the others. Closes GH-154 9831ef3
David Jones merge 661381f
raul murciano Vendored translation files added to the I18n.load_path in an initiali…
…zer. Fixes fail in manage_images.feature:23
Steven Heidel Refactoring, bugfixes, and todos for bin/refinerycms. a40c638
Steven Heidel Merge branch 'master' of git:// 550c913
Steven Heidel RMagick is in the Gemfile as it is more difficult to install, and add…
… note to gemspec to avoid errors.
Steven Heidel Changes to gemspecs mean changes to Gemfile.lock. a433049
Steven Heidel Fix encoding errors that were causing problems in rack-test. Thanks to
… for his branch.

Cucumber is now all green on Ruby 1.9.2. Closes GH-156.
Steven Heidel Fixed deprecation warnings from old mailer API. Closes GH-157. 743187c
Aug 26, 2010
Philip Arndt Fixes dashboard_feature:35 a3753a3
Philip Arndt oh, look, beta3 ba35805
Philip Arndt Add in missing initializer to install script. Would be nice to just c…
…opy them all..
David Jones when creating a new refinerycms app, copy over the production.rb envi…
…ronment too. One critical thing is to have serve_static_assets set to true. This is usually set to false on a normally generated rails app
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'stevenheidel/master' dad9d24
Philip Arndt Sort files, regenerate 05524df
Philip Arndt Avoids conflicts with unique ids 8c0d56a
Philip Arndt The default layout now puts the site bar assets in the right place, t…
…he <head>. Provided locals override to allow any layout to do the same thing but by default it can't use it because it gets included too late.
Philip Arndt Update to beta4. 72435c1
Philip Arndt relock to new version. 839b14e
Philip Arndt remove hackety hack 4f4fba5
Philip Arndt Added more precise logic, now we only append a locale string when app…
…ropriate (when not in the default locale). Closes GH-143
Philip Arndt follow the same pattern of naming 53286ca
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'stevenheidel/master' 7ee76a8
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'stevenheidel/master' 6e7abfd
Philip Arndt Always use the latest rspec 2.0 beta 5c4d924
David Jones fix broken links in readme now Rails 3 support is on the master branch. b9d6108
David Jones tidy up the wording in the readme 67a4bea
Philip Arndt carlhuda owns the bundler repository. eafcde3
David Jones make the X stand out a little less 40db974
David Jones lets pimp the fact we support Rails 3 a little more 7d77101
Steven Heidel Use dragonfly configuration for Heroku. f93a581
Steven Heidel Automate installation of app on heroku in the generator. 4b2c0f0
Steven Heidel Regenerate the gemspec. 0fef16f
Aug 27, 2010
Philip Arndt Load in the engines that we're using dynamically rather than writing …
…out each one.
Philip Arndt Migrate the inquiry settings backend to take advantage of the new str…
…ucture in the inquiries engine. Added destroyable as an option on find_or_set for RefinerySetting.
Philip Arndt Use the gems man, the gems! 44723c2
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'stevenheidel/master' 4cb3818
Philip Arndt Get the new migration in the gemspec too. 73dc885
Philip Arndt Crud can be a bit sweeter by not loading in objects twice on the edit…
… action and by prepending the object's find before all other filters (thus ensuring it's always available).
Philip Arndt Tag features specific to InquirySetting stuff. d1f13d4
Philip Arndt Inquiries functionality updated. 40ef1ba
Uģis Ozols Finished Latvian translations for Settings. 57a07fd
Maarten Hoogendoorn Updated Image&Resource to new Dragonfly API 29d5669
Steven Heidel Whoops, don't want to make users install this with all its dependency…
… problems.
Aug 28, 2010
Maarten Hoogendoorn Fixed mime type validator b2b0eb2
Philip Arndt Don't need nested navs. (ht: kplawver - thanks! Semantics *are* fun) b863bdd
Maarten Hoogendoorn Added url method to controller, which returns a url for a given image…
…, and size
Philip Arndt We'll need the clearfix back though incase you want to do floats in y…
…our submenu (which you probably do).
Maarten Hoogendoorn Image insert dialog now uses images_controller#url to determine where…
… it should link to.
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'moretea/dragonfly_fix' 51fdbe1
Philip Arndt IE is special.... so use jQuery to insert the image instead. fc8a54f
Philip Arndt well, we know the rest weren't true. e363c30
Philip Arndt DRY up 9776138
Philip Arndt Bring webkit on par with the other browsers with the replaceable magic. 547c0a5
Philip Arndt Thanks to Maarten for pointing out our need for html_safe on IE (ht: …
Philip Arndt You may now paste at your cursor position in Webkit browsers (Safari,…
… Chrome). Closes GH-135 (finally). It's worth noting that if you paste multiple paragraphs we still have problems with you doing that inline to a paragraph in any browser.
Philip Arndt mongrel should be in the development gem group. a4eff83
Philip Arndt aaaand relock 533b3c4
Philip Arndt state our requirement on action_controller 3ec1010
Philip Arndt fix install bug where it couldn't find a file we didn't bundle with t…
…he gem (oops). (ht: mchung)
Aug 30, 2010
Philip Arndt Specify bundler version to use in Gemfile. ee2aeec
Philip Arndt Let's not confuse people with things that no longer exist :) 72a4973
Philip Arndt Update references to the master branch to the rails2-stable branch in…
Philip Arndt Update the changelog from -> (we forgot, oops) ad1a00c
Philip Arndt merged in the changelog from rails2-stable branch to get the…
… entry.
Philip Arndt This is how rails gets the app constant 671b3b6
Philip Arndt De-couples Refinery::I18n from the main app and Closes GH-163 58cb6db
Philip Arndt We can't use the ActionController::Base method in our models. Closes G… 8ba3330
Philip Arndt CSS now allows for bigger sentences and other languages. Closes GH-152 8944049
David Jones update wording on gemspec 4ce9b57
Philip Arndt Make it so that the translate functionality does not result in a span…
… when there is a missing translation but instead returns a simple string.

Now the UI is usable on languages with incomplete translations in development mode.
Philip Arndt use specific versions. 699e7d3
Philip Arndt Shhhh... don't tell 0c44d97
Philip Arndt Qualify bdc767e
Philip Arndt Make final output safe. 120a4f1
Philip Arndt Only once the database is setup. 915babf
Philip Arndt implement new image_fu, good for now. Adds image name to the crazy ne…
…w urls.
Philip Arndt Sometimes we don't need to change the translation, like when the key …
Philip Arndt This can fail when the controller is 'not ready' for one reason or an…
…other. Closes GH-164.
Philip Arndt can't rely on this error for some strange reason the translations don…
…'t load, check the opposite.
Philip Arndt Ensure we see the proper message. 0de8679
Philip Arndt Prepare gemspec. d2da3b6
frederico when i generate an plugin without attributes with string type this in…
…it file is gettiing fail. the change is check if atributes is an empty array.
Aug 31, 2010
Philip Arndt Clean up dependencies, move as many plugins to gems as possible. c7d72dd
Philip Arndt Check whether a string exists and it's not called title. bd19061
Philip Arndt new lock for future rc2 (which is current master) db9844d
Philip Arndt We can hack dragonfly waaaay more cleverly. 6112f95
Philip Arndt Added thumbnail method to image to encapsulate what was happening in …
…image_fu that is useful for other features too.
Philip Arndt Merged in plugin API changes from Maarten's work (ht: MoreTea - thanks!) c5bde6e
Philip Arndt Update inquiries dependency to latest. 1082b34
Philip Arndt Make task smarter by not trying to copy files that don't exist. dc4cd34
Philip Arndt Hmm, wonder what happens when I set build = nil in the version number…
…... oh! Looks like it removes the 'beta' and 'rc' stuff from the version number... Well in that case; game on! (Closes GH-167)