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head fork: resolve/refinerycms
Commits on Sep 01, 2010
Andre Lohan dc5ala Updates i18n_de locales to match current i18n_en 651cbc2
Commits on Sep 12, 2010
David Jones djones fixed broken links in readme dbf9fe2
Commits on Sep 13, 2010
David Jones djones updated readme a bit more. If anyone has any sites live on Refinery p…
…lease add them to the wiki page
Maarten Hoogendoorn moretea Updated menu rendering to use the nested set efficiently
Instead of doing a query for each recursion, it shares the common set of pages,
and does the selection of which pages should be displayed in which branch in ruby.
Philip Arndt parndt Support another edge case where the app's name may be app - this also…
… makes the whole thing more robust by only changing exactly what we need to change. Closes GH-188
Philip Arndt parndt Merge remote branch 'moretea/sweepers' ea58c03
Philip Arndt parndt Now runs less queries when rendering the menu using .includes on all …
…of the associations used.
Philip Arndt parndt Added cached_slug column instead which provides greater performance a…
…nd works with marketable urls.
Commits on Sep 14, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Now that we've sped it up, restore the conditions on the query. (ht: …
Philip Arndt parndt Typo meant you got a sylesheets directory :( (ht: brainproxy) f2c95ff
Steven Heidel -h should display the help, not deploy to heroku. 547fa9d
Philip Arndt parndt DRY up flash messages in crudify 42925b3
Philip Arndt parndt Wrap directories in quotes before using cd to them. Especially import…
…ant for Windows (ht: mrstocks)
Andre Lohan dc5ala Merge branch 'i18n_de' f7ce010
Andre Lohan dc5ala Adds 3 missing translations for i18n_de 889b6b7
Philip Arndt parndt Update use of Dragonfly's API (ht: mattmate) 151ffef
Philip Arndt parndt Log the exception as a warning too. aff5f2e
Philip Arndt parndt Merge remote branch 'dc5ala/i18n_de' 1612d2e
Philip Arndt parndt Rewrote crudify to use ARel. All tests are passing but we will need t…
…o ensure that other engines are functioning properly.
Philip Arndt parndt Lest we forget to do this later. b19749a
Commits on Sep 15, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Fix deprecation warning 8e624bd
Philip Arndt parndt Found out that selections greater than one in length weren't being wr…
…apped properly with the replaceable so this addresses that. (ht: dsapala and dkennedy). Closes GH-183.
Philip Arndt parndt Adds fixes for installing refinerycms on Windows. RMagick is still a …
Philip Arndt parndt Allow rmagick to be installed on Windows thus making the whole refine…
…rycms installer work on windows.
Philip Arndt parndt Tidy up how children are generated and how the css & dom_id are combi…
…ned. Stopped removing pages from the collection as it is too likely to come back to bite us later.
Philip Arndt parndt Prepare next version of RefineryCMS 1a19027
Philip Arndt parndt Remove lib directory from require_paths because it doesn't exist and …
…Windows complains.
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