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Commits on Sep 01, 2010
Andre Lohan dc5ala Updates i18n_de locales to match current i18n_en 651cbc2
Commits on Sep 02, 2010
Maarten Hoogendoorn moretea Merge remote branch 'resolve/master' 89b0b52
Commits on Sep 08, 2010
Maarten Hoogendoorn moretea Merge remote branch 'resolve/master' a0d219b
Commits on Sep 09, 2010
Maarten Hoogendoorn moretea Merge remote branch 'resolve/sweepers' ecc5bd4
Commits on Sep 12, 2010
David Jones djones fixed broken links in readme dbf9fe2
Commits on Sep 13, 2010
David Jones djones updated readme a bit more. If anyone has any sites live on Refinery p…
…lease add them to the wiki page
Maarten Hoogendoorn moretea Updated menu rendering to use the nested set efficiently
Instead of doing a query for each recursion, it shares the common set of pages,
and does the selection of which pages should be displayed in which branch in ruby.
Maarten Hoogendoorn moretea Merge remote branch 'resolve/master' 0b6cbc5
Maarten Hoogendoorn moretea Merge remote branch 'resolve/master' 5329527
Philip Arndt parndt Support another edge case where the app's name may be app - this also…
… makes the whole thing more robust by only changing exactly what we need to change. Closes GH-188
Philip Arndt parndt Merge remote branch 'moretea/sweepers' ea58c03
Philip Arndt parndt Now runs less queries when rendering the menu using .includes on all …
…of the associations used.
Philip Arndt parndt Added cached_slug column instead which provides greater performance a…
…nd works with marketable urls.
Commits on Sep 14, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Now that we've sped it up, restore the conditions on the query. (ht: …
Philip Arndt parndt Typo meant you got a sylesheets directory :( (ht: brainproxy) f2c95ff
Steven Heidel -h should display the help, not deploy to heroku. 547fa9d
Philip Arndt parndt DRY up flash messages in crudify 42925b3
Philip Arndt parndt Wrap directories in quotes before using cd to them. Especially import…
…ant for Windows (ht: mrstocks)
Andre Lohan dc5ala Merge branch 'i18n_de' f7ce010
Andre Lohan dc5ala Adds 3 missing translations for i18n_de 889b6b7
Philip Arndt parndt Update use of Dragonfly's API (ht: mattmate) 151ffef
Philip Arndt parndt Log the exception as a warning too. aff5f2e
Philip Arndt parndt Merge remote branch 'dc5ala/i18n_de' 1612d2e
Philip Arndt parndt Rewrote crudify to use ARel. All tests are passing but we will need t…
…o ensure that other engines are functioning properly.
Philip Arndt parndt Lest we forget to do this later. b19749a
Commits on Sep 15, 2010
Tony Primerano primerano delete page parts when page is deleted 3d6b3f1
Philip Arndt parndt Fix deprecation warning 8e624bd
Philip Arndt parndt Found out that selections greater than one in length weren't being wr…
…apped properly with the replaceable so this addresses that. (ht: dsapala and dkennedy). Closes GH-183.
Philip Arndt parndt Adds fixes for installing refinerycms on Windows. RMagick is still a …
Tony Primerano primerano add test case to ensure page part is deleted when page is destroyed f603c1a
Philip Arndt parndt Allow rmagick to be installed on Windows thus making the whole refine…
…rycms installer work on windows.
Philip Arndt parndt Tidy up how children are generated and how the css & dom_id are combi…
…ned. Stopped removing pages from the collection as it is too likely to come back to bite us later.
Philip Arndt parndt Prepare next version of RefineryCMS 1a19027
Philip Arndt parndt Remove lib directory from require_paths because it doesn't exist and …
…Windows complains.
Philip Arndt parndt Merge remote branch 'primerano/master' 091c401
Philip Arndt parndt Privacy policy page should live under contact page and page not found…
… page should live under home page by default.
Philip Arndt parndt Add another partial as an override point to avoid having to override …
…the entire _form.html.erb partial inside pages when all I want to do is add another text field below the page title.
Commits on Sep 16, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Update to of refinerycms-i18n. Closes GH-143. Again. 228811a
Steven Heidel Extracted windows check to reusable Refinery::WINDOWS ebea868
Steven Heidel is_a_gem is never used, like ever. c7dc7d8
Steven Heidel Template for previous 3 versions. 4b63c70
Steven Heidel Changelog for bd0a0ef
Steven Heidel Changelog for a530efb
Steven Heidel Changelog for f4aa1fc
Steven Heidel Changelog for (so far, make sure to add things here\!) eac344b
Steven Heidel Give credit where credit is due. (hopefully I got everyone with major…
… contributions in a suitable order, let me know if I missed something)
Philip Arndt parndt add more flexibility so that the menu could be used as a submenu or a…
… footer menu or anywhere you want, just add in an extra suffix and specify the roots as locals
Philip Arndt parndt You'll also need to override the collection used otherwise the childr…
…en will be completely wrong.
Philip Arndt parndt Pass collection through recursively again. fcb24d0
Philip Arndt parndt Ensure that the HTML is up to date before scanning it as new text may…
… have been entered and jQuery may not know about it yet. (ht: markoh)
Matt invalidusrname add searching to Refinery Settings b37d039
Philip Arndt parndt Fix pagination's use of per_page.
Added search feature to test the new search functionality of Refinery Settings (thanks Matt!) and used crudify more now that it works properly.
Philip Arndt parndt Search feature implemented for Refinery Settings by the wonderful Mat…
…t McMahand. Closes GH-204
Philip Arndt parndt Add new fields to the gemspec b33c351
Commits on Sep 17, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Cut down on what we respond to thus eliminating heaps of routes. 78c1195
Philip Arndt parndt Set the :id of a *path route to pages#show to nil to prevent URLs lik…
…e /news/test?path[]=about-us when on a page where some other object is using params[:id]
Philip Arndt parndt Another day, another release with some pretty significant improvements. 4f03b4d
Philip Arndt parndt Properly attribute Karmen Blake with link love. 3cf71bc
Philip Arndt parndt relock to and update dependencies. 064b6c3
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Fixed failing cucumber page test. 2ca40e2
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Changed cucumber steps regexp for settings so we just match the strin…
…g but don't return it. Added settings entry when searching nonexisting itmes.
Commits on Sep 19, 2010
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Standardized remove message. Closes GH-199. 59e8330
Maarten Hoogendoorn moretea Fixes issue #213: The comma should be at the end of the previous line 8265131
Philip Arndt parndt Merge remote branch 'moretea/master' 00f2170
Philip Arndt parndt Merge remote branch 'ugisozols/master' d4c8dea
Philip Arndt parndt Update changelog 4c191d7
Philip Arndt parndt Split the calls to separate lines so that we can better figure out pe…
…rformance problems
Commits on Sep 20, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Fixes: DEPRECATION WARNING: Using #request_uri is deprecated. Use ful…
…lpath instead.
Philip Arndt parndt Added initializer to take care of IOError Closed Stream closed when u… 63ac3be
Philip Arndt parndt zh-CN was overrding the core en locale translations so features were …
…failing and the new 'removed' translation wasn't being picked up. Also we were seeing old messages like 'Cancelling will lose all changes you've made to this %{object_name}'. Closes GH-194
Philip Arndt parndt Changed verbiage from created to added, create to add. Closes GH-195 abdfe9f
Philip Arndt parndt Steven would be so proud. 5786539
Philip Arndt parndt image_fu can no longer figure out the width and height because it add…
…s a big performance issue. Closes GH-208. (ht: djones pair programming)
Philip Arndt parndt If the geometry string is not passed then no thumbnail was requested …
…so we can optimise that situation. (ht: djones pair programming)
David Jones djones first go at the new engine api. will do more testing before pushing t…
…his in
David Jones djones added a readme c74a2a0
David Jones djones update changelog and todo list to reflect the new engine api a946612
David Jones djones getting closer to the install generator working 2803c53
David Jones djones install generator works better now but needs to be done smarter a85ddef
David Jones djones fix up syntax errors in generated front end views 5d5a1e0
David Jones djones shifted the core engine installer into the core 5feca3c
David Jones djones made the engine installer work from core. (ht: parndt pair programming) 8d72c75
David Jones djones improved the way seeding is done. (ht: parndt - pair programming)
David Jones djones updated docs to reflect engines better 6604e38
Commits on Sep 21, 2010
David Jones djones provide an even better helping hand when installing an engine 16c862a
David Jones djones server static /public files from engines generated by the engine gene…
David Jones djones generate directories with .gitkeep in them too. This is so that the p…
…ublic directory is created when an engine gets generated
Philip Arndt parndt Tracking the issue of adding a link. 4a7e8ea
Philip Arndt parndt Fixes adding a link and pasting at cursor for me in Gecko (Firefox), …
…Webkit (Chrome) and Trident (IE) on wymeditor. Closes GH-201.
Philip Arndt parndt Through IE testing I realised we weren't removing the title properly. 77f6dde
Philip Arndt parndt lots of changes usually require new gemspecs. 40c892c
Philip Arndt parndt Joe is also keen to help with RSpec. ec1bff7
Philip Arndt parndt New release (aka the 'happy birthday parndt' release) ;) 243622a
Philip Arndt parndt Note the release date in the changelog. 6d35afa