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head fork: resolve/refinerycms
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Commits on Oct 14, 2011
Jamie Winsor Refactor initialization logic from Refinery::Application to Core::Engine 737759a
Commits on Oct 15, 2011
Jamie Winsor Refactor Refinery configuration logic into Configuration class
Refinery configuration class will be added as a set to the Rails.application.config accessor under Rails.application.config.refinery
Jamie Winsor Rails::Engine class will no longer be modified after refinery boot
We shouldn't assume that all engines loaded into the application's process want to extend Rails::Engines with Refinery::Engine

Refactor Refinery::ApplicationHelper into Refinery::Helpers
Commits on Oct 16, 2011
Jamie Winsor Refactor route definition files in engines to match Rails symantecs 15faee0
Jamie Winsor Remove legacy attach application function and Refinery::Application
Instead we're using Rails 3.1 practices to attach to our host application
Commits on Oct 17, 2011
Jamie Winsor Refactor engine Helpers according to the rails way
Move all helpers into app/helpers/refinery
Include helpers with Refinery::Core::Engine.helpers method provided by Rails::Railtie
Move contents for form_helpers.rb into extension files in core/lib/refinery/ext - they weren't helpers
Isolate proper namespace on Refinery::Core engine
Use proper name for Refinery::Core engine_name - "core", not "refinery_core"
Jamie Winsor Use proper engine names and isolate to proper constants c67a391
Jamie Winsor Finish refactoring use_marketable_urls initialization logic in Pages …

Fix whitespace
Commits on Oct 18, 2011
Jamie Winsor Merge branch 'master' into merge-base-to-core
@gogogarrett gogogarrett corrected link to remove rails.png 6e4d773
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1064 from gogogarrett/templates
Application Templates
Commits on Oct 19, 2011
@ugisozols ugisozols Remove bottom border from site bar button. Closes #1086. e8f8480
@ugisozols ugisozols No need to use jquery_include_tags anymore because user can include j…
…query by just calling javascript_includ_tag "jquery" and it will include jquery from jquery-rails gem (which refinery uses).
@ugisozols ugisozols Remove use_resource_caching and use_google_ajax_libraries setting tra…
…nslations. [ci skip]
Commits on Oct 20, 2011
@ugisozols ugisozols Fix yaml errors. defdd44
@ugisozols ugisozols Update changelog. [ci skip] e185501
@parndt parndt Don't interact with the database when rake_assets_precompiling for #1059
 (still need to *set* this variable though).
Jamie Winsor Remove Rails application structure from RefineryCMS root
Added refinery:testing:dummy_app rake task to generate a refinery app dummy in spec/dummy of Rails.root
All tests will be run against spec/dummy now
Commits on Oct 21, 2011
Jamie Winsor Remove accidental comment on i18n check 493d69b
Jamie Winsor Postgresql support added to DummyApp 8ee83ee
Jamie Winsor remove cucumber group - we don't use cucumber ac614b9
Jamie Winsor Use proper env variable set by Travis to figure out which DB to generate ed9caab
Jamie Winsor Build dummy_app in travis run d368453
Jamie Winsor Merge branch 'master' into merge-base-to-core
Jamie Winsor Fix incorrect logic in rake_assets_precompiling check 2990b5c
Jamie Winsor Fix my merge fail - didn't mean to remove gemspec - sigh a502361
Jamie Winsor add clean dummy app task 41b8904
Jamie Winsor Add description to clean_dummy_app task 4fe62b4
Jamie Winsor prefix all engine names with refinery_ 71838d5
Commits on Oct 22, 2011
@ugisozols ugisozols Update url_marketable method comment. 5a7865e
@ugisozols ugisozols Don't need to explicitly call return. 27afd8d
@ugisozols ugisozols Bump up some testing gem versions. 79a87b4
Commits on Oct 23, 2011
@ugisozols ugisozols Remove duplicate word. a29193f
@ugisozols ugisozols Require/load (based on config) all decorators from app/decorators/ an…
…d vendor/engines/*. Closes #1087.
Commits on Oct 24, 2011
@parndt parndt Include all of the decorators from all registered plugins not just ve…
@parndt parndt Fixed whitespace in edge template. d463dd7
Commits on Oct 25, 2011
Jamie Winsor Merge branch 'master' into merge-base-to-core
Jamie Winsor Add pending rspec tag to tests which have not been fleshed out 4b7c38a
Jamie Winsor Add some documentation to the activity class 5939395
Jamie Winsor Core engine lib dir will properly be loaded to autoload paths
Add autoload calls to facilitate the proper autoloading of core engine
Jamie Winsor Remove autoload of :Application from Refinery - no longer exists 09bbef8
Jamie Winsor Remove unused gems accessor 443c919
Jamie Winsor refinerycms.rb and refinerycms/all.rb shoudl live in project root
Otherwise somebody who has just installed the core gem may run into a require
error when running require refinerycms
Jamie Winsor Do not autoload generators that we want made available to the end user b14250d
Jamie Winsor Properly define autoload_path for engines 03112ba
@parndt parndt reference correct doc locations c3fa8e5
Commits on Oct 26, 2011
@parndt parndt Fixed yard integration by specifying not to parse the templates direc…
Jamie Winsor Use klass instead of overriding class on Activity
Update documentation for Activity to reflect changes
Update engines documentation to reflect changes
Update all plugin registrations to use a symbol representation of it's class - a constant or string will work but this is cleaner IMO
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1080 from enmasse-entertainment/merge-base-to-core
Merge Base Railtie into Core
@gogogarrett gogogarrett updates to content page to use content tag instead of .html_safe 91ebfba
@gogogarrett gogogarrett added more .html_safe tags for content_tags 5fee253
@gogogarrett gogogarrett fixed typeo from content_for to proper.. content_tag ace5d4b
@gogogarrett gogogarrett fixed indentation 87a67b3
Commits on Oct 27, 2011
@gogogarrett gogogarrett converted strings to symbols 40171f0
@parndt parndt Use a regular expression instead of comparing the string twice. #794 9bc35e8
@parndt parndt Only package when rake build is run dc1235a
@gogogarrett gogogarrett reverted to old hash syntax 9f2aa88
Jamie Winsor No longer used route definition in config dir 239310d
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1096 from enmasse-entertainment/remove-config-dir
No longer used route definition in config dir:wq!
Jamie Winsor We don't install Spree, we install RefineryCMS 8552675
Jamie Winsor Make clean and generate dummy app tasks more generic
These tasks can now be run from within an engine outside of Refinery's project root
Jamie Winsor Define ENGINE_PATH constant for testing tasks 304c5c3
Jamie Winsor Update documentation for how to test an engine c60b933
Jamie Winsor CMS generator should not copy database files from all engines
This is handled by each engine's generator
Jamie Winsor Move generators to expected Rails 3.1 location
Remove (now unncessary) explicit requires for generators
Update specs to require in generators - they aren't autoloaded unless you run Rails Generate
Jamie Winsor Remove Engine Installer migration
This custom migration installer no longer needs to exist, with Rails 3.1 we have full support for copying migrations from engines to the main app
Jamie Winsor Remove authentication generator
No longer needed since it only generated it's migrations
Jamie Winsor Remove settings generator
No longer needed since it only generated it's migrations
Jamie Winsor Engine generators that are still necessary updated
Inherit directly from Rails::Generators::Base
Change template path to generators root + templates/
update specs
Jamie Winsor This generator was inheriting properly already, oops ec837ca
Jamie Winsor Autoload generators 67647b5
Jamie Winsor Update dummy_app generator to not use undefined generators bb61fbf
Jamie Winsor Seed data needs to be saved as db/seeds.rb 0b1f9eb
@gogogarrett gogogarrett modified form to fix a syntax error 9c202de
Jamie Winsor Use rails way to load seed data from pages engine fdf7845
@gogogarrett gogogarrett fixed indentions cf13bb6
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1095 from gogogarrett/refactor
Refactored html_safe tags into content_tags
@parndt parndt Fixes #1054 by fixing the down migrations that were invalid. 61c23e8
@parndt parndt Made SCSS more SCSS legal. Fixes #1100 dc8648a
@parndt parndt Reset column information on pages' translation class when seeding. afa6644
@parndt parndt Fixed typos a4effa9
Jamie Winsor Create common tasks Rakefile
Promote whitesspace task to this file
Common tasks should not require the dummy engine
Jamie Winsor remove whitespace acf0aa8
@ugisozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1103 from enmasse-entertainment/update-tasks
Fix common Rake tasks
Jamie Winsor Merge branch 'master' into generator-improvements 696f8cb
Jamie Winsor clean whitespace 3670686
Jamie Winsor Fix failing test for validate engine
The string was changed but not updated in the test
Jamie Winsor We need to use absolute paths when loading tasks d589d68
Jamie Winsor Remove the public dir from project root
No longer required - refinerycms isn't a rails app
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1106 from enmasse-entertainment/remove-public-dir
Remove the public dir from project root
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1105 from enmasse-entertainment/fix-core-specs
Fix core specs
Jamie Winsor Merge branch 'master' into generator-improvements 94cc9ef
Jamie Winsor Load seeds via Engine class function 4033f3f
@jonhinson jonhinson Don't interact with database while precompiling assets 15db060
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1107 from jonhinson/is_seo_meta_procompile_failure
Don't invoke is_seo_meta while precompiling assets
Jamie Winsor Translation attributes will be saved on page once again
changed from after_save to before_save block - translation data was being reloaded and not set in transation
Jamie Winsor Reorganize code in page model 6f021c5
Jamie Winsor Conflicting migration name with the a migration in seo_meta 04068c5
Commits on Oct 28, 2011
Jamie Winsor We only want to install migrations for the refinery engines bd9e85c
Jamie Winsor Merge branch 'master' into generator-improvements 3428e0c
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1109 from enmasse-entertainment/generator-improve…

Generator improvements
@ugisozols ugisozols Don't need this if clause because we're not using cucumber anymore. 6d9cfd1
@ugisozols ugisozols Comment i18n generator because it's currently broken. 1c6eb24
@ugisozols ugisozols Add some activity specs (and remove two pending specs). adbf1c1
Jamie Winsor Rspec tasks specific to refinerycms project should not be part of tes…
…ting railtie
Jamie Winsor RCov tasks specific to refinerycms project should not be part of test…
…ing railtie
@ugisozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1110 from enmasse-entertainment/isolate-tasks
Isolate tasks
Jamie Winsor variable name incorrect causing undefined method b546a60
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1111 from enmasse-entertainment/fix-load-decorato…

variable name incorrect causing undefined method
Jamie Winsor Revert "Comment i18n generator because it's currently broken."
This reverts commit 1c6eb24.
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1112 from enmasse-entertainment/revert-1c6eb2435e…

Revert "Comment i18n generator because it's currently broken."
Commits on Oct 29, 2011
@parndt parndt Added Refinery::Page#part_by_title to allow finding a PagePart withou…
…t copying the complicated logic.
@parndt parndt Renamed Refinery::Page#part_by_title to Refinery::Page#part_with_title 06e7031
Commits on Oct 30, 2011
@parndt parndt Removed mention of refinery/generators. 328d1f0
Commits on Oct 31, 2011
@ugisozols ugisozols Not using resource caching this way anymore. fc62282
@ugisozols ugisozols Typo. fb374e1
@ugisozols ugisozols This is something very old. 943c229
@ugisozols ugisozols Specify factory_paths for generated engines. 460e91d
@ugisozols ugisozols Cucumber leftovers. 47948cf
Commits on Nov 01, 2011
@parndt parndt Fix migration for seo_meta for #1115 313f6de
@parndt parndt Initial addition of refinery_form generator - kindly sponsored by htt… d8e3410
@parndt parndt The forms generator will live somewhere else inside this repository. 939ebf8
@parndt parndt not persisted? may as well be new_record? 34d04ae
@jonhinson jonhinson rearranging structure to generated engine to take advantage of Rails …
…3.1 engine behavior
@jonhinson jonhinson updated documentation to reflect changes to generated events c0d6f5d
@jonhinson jonhinson adding rake task to engine's generator so process stays the same to m…
…ove the migrations
@jonhinson jonhinson fixed rake task. updated outputted instructions once engine is generated 5ecf9ce
Commits on Nov 02, 2011
whoshallsucceed REM Unused code 9c8eae4
@ugisozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1122 from whoshallsucceed/master
Remove unused code in image_helper.rb
@ugisozols ugisozols Add Refinery.i18n_enabled? spec. dc10249
Commits on Nov 03, 2011
@ugisozols ugisozols Add Refinery.deprecate spec. c8e652f
Commits on Nov 04, 2011
@ugisozols ugisozols Reset page column information. 01e0d11
Commits on Nov 05, 2011
@parndt parndt Same as before. c34b582
@parndt parndt By default target the current version of Refinery CMS as the minimum …
…version and be conservative from there.

[ci skip]
@parndt parndt Set encoding to UTF-8
[ci skip]
@parndt parndt Made generator gemspecs more consistent.
[ci skip]
@parndt parndt Corrected USAGE.
[ci skip]
@parndt parndt renamed generator file 312ae7e
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' into forms d228f8e
@parndt parndt Subclass Rails::Generators::Base
[ci skip]
@parndt parndt We shouldn't require the entire rails stack in engines. 607613e
@parndt parndt Made like the engine generator layout. 524688f
@parndt parndt Some classes may not always be available from Refinery engines 104fd34
Commits on Nov 06, 2011
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1120 from jonhinson/fix_engine_generator
Fix engine generator (Issue #1116)
@parndt parndt Change generate message to refinery:plural_name ca56bf2
@parndt parndt fixes for generators 7de234f
Commits on Nov 07, 2011
@parndt parndt Consolidated instructions for support file loading.
[ci skip]
@parndt parndt use env postgresql. 359aeb5
@ugisozols ugisozols Strings and Pathnames are mixed into one array and we can't call .joi…
…n on string.
@ugisozols ugisozols Namespace engine generator request spec template. 6e3f0cc
@ugisozols ugisozols Simplify engine generator model spec template. 0667d1a
@ugisozols ugisozols Change generated file structure in engine generator template. c1cbd51
@parndt parndt We should be using the altSelector for the alt tag, not the titleSele…
…ctor. ht @joemsak
@greendog greendog Typo fix 78c7061
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1127 from greendog/master
Typo fix for #1126
Commits on Nov 08, 2011
@parndt parndt Removed will_paginate_monkeypatch as no tests fail when I do. Fixes #… 139c151
@parndt parndt Removed pointless whitespace d8c02f3
@ugisozols ugisozols Try not to load generated dummy app. d7b7060
@parndt parndt Refinery should build on postgres so I've included the pg gem. Mainly…
… for #1128.
@ugisozols ugisozols Fix failing spec on postgresql. 4e5aa9e
@ugisozols ugisozols ScriptHelper was removed. b5e7458
@ugisozols ugisozols Update js overriding guide. 8507b40
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' into forms
@gogogarrett gogogarrett fixed form generator inheritance 8ddcf7b
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1130 from gogogarrett/forms
Commits on Nov 09, 2011
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'forms' of into forms a838407
@parndt parndt Removed will_paginate_monkeypatch as no tests fail when I do. Fixes #… 678faad
@parndt parndt using map, not collect f80e9ff
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' into forms b87ce38
@parndt parndt Refinery::Page not Page 4a14b70
@parndt parndt Moved templates around to take advantage of namespacing conventions. 1d023cb
@parndt parndt Namespace model calls properly under convention. a058e29
@parndt parndt Use ActiveModel::Naming to get crud model names. Much more reliable. 25162b5
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' into forms da85006
@gogogarrett gogogarrett fixed plugin.url for form generator a40a041
@ugisozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1133 from gogogarrett/forms
@ugisozols ugisozols Revert "Removed will_paginate_monkeypatch as no tests fail when I do.…
… Fixes #1057"

This reverts commit 678faad.
@ugisozols ugisozols Add spec for pagination to be sure we can remove will_paginate monkey…
…patch in the future. #1057.
Commits on Nov 10, 2011
@reset reset Add AppGenerator which will replace bin/refinerycms 5d723b9
@reset reset Add validation logic to new app generator 62f674c
@reset reset Add generate rails section to app_generator 32d5f35
@ugisozols ugisozols Use factory to create new setting object. f937ccf
@ugisozols ugisozols Fix failing specs on rubinius. 617e894
@robink robink Added missing translations for WYMEditor fr locale aedb78b
@ugisozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1135 from robink/master
Missing translations for WYMEditor french locale
@reset reset use Rails::Generators::AppGenerator instead of rails command line uti…
@reset reset Piggyback all options for Rails generator d667c3a
@reset reset Add bundle generation to app_generator a17615e
@reset reset Add refinerycms generator and migration steps f007088
@reset reset add heroku_deploy function and friendly output ee1ee8a
@reset reset Determine rails binary version better 44d0a01
@reset reset convert bin/refinerycms to use AppGenerator e8d1836
@reset reset remove duplicate database options 4f3b70c
@reset reset move constant check to tasks which actually use it 06bec55
Commits on Nov 11, 2011
@reset reset migrations now handled by app_generator 4546a92
@reset reset seo meta migrations are a prereq of pages 899fc9d
Commits on Nov 13, 2011
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' into forms 89620b6
@parndt parndt Fixed search partial reference. c549a1d
@parndt parndt refactored into a _records partial. f2896dc
Commits on Nov 14, 2011
@reset reset Fix 'No such file error' when modifying Gemfile 7ffc990
Commits on Nov 16, 2011
@parndt parndt Added @app_pathname to handle the find_and_replace cases until they'r…
…e optimised away.
@parndt parndt Using unless instead of if not 9edb749
@reset reset prefer accessors over instance variables ebbdef3
Commits on Nov 17, 2011
@reset reset add function to load_dummy_tasks to an application 9f215fc
@parndt parndt Merge remote-tracking branch 'enmasse-entertainment/bin-refinerycms-t…
@parndt parndt whitespace'n 0f5a6db
@reset reset use a git source for refinerycms-testing gem only if we specify edge ab52c2f
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1142 from vialstudios/fix-when-to-use-testing-edge
use a git source for refinerycms-testing gem only if we specify edge
Commits on Nov 18, 2011
@jgrevich jgrevich fixed typo in header f8c6dbd
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1144 from jgrevich/master
Fixed typo in custom js guide header
@parndt parndt See if we can quiet down the dummy app. 6112145
@parndt parndt Need to supply positions to the page parts to have them order properly. 18b1d92
@parndt parndt Let's try and build on jruby again. 005b06c
@parndt parndt Run testing dummy_app more quietly. aaa950f
Commits on Nov 19, 2011
@ugisozols ugisozols Use Rails v3.1.2. 2cda441
@ugisozols ugisozols Use let instead of instance variable and rename namespaced dummy clas…
…s to X::Y::Z.
@parndt parndt Only require rbconfig when it's actually needed. 1c9ccfc
@parndt parndt Made guard configuration slightly more magic by reading in a .rspec f…
…ile if it exists rather than hardcoding arguments.
@parndt parndt Moved unused Gemfile portions to the bottom of the file. 55a8d33
@parndt parndt Spork gems were double specified and now conventions are the same so …
…the file reads better. Moved database configuration to the top of the REFINERY CMS DEVELOPMENT portion so that it's more obvious.
@parndt parndt Cleaned whitespace. f735bda
Commits on Nov 21, 2011
@parndt parndt menu_levels wasn't being passed through to menu_branch, fixed that. 0a32809
@ugisozols ugisozols Rails v3.1.3. ee876a0
@ugisozols ugisozols Fix #1145. 0df3339
Commits on Nov 23, 2011
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' into forms f4b3a8a
@gogogarrett gogogarrett changed to form generator, namespaced locales, changes locale scopes 0f05993
@gogogarrett gogogarrett fixed inheritance of Refinery::Page in new 9c38681
Commits on Nov 25, 2011
@phiggins phiggins Fix exceptions when validating Image and Resource. acbd515
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1150 from phiggins/fix_exception_in_size_validators
Fix exceptions when validating Image and Resource.
@phiggins phiggins Fix exception when calling Refinery::Page#to_refinery_menu_item. 06063c7
Commits on Nov 26, 2011
@phiggins phiggins Move page finding logic into a before_filter. c47529d
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1151 from phiggins/fix_exception_in_to_refinery_m…

Fix exception when calling Refinery::Page#to_refinery_menu_item.
@phiggins phiggins Change params[:action] to action_name. 92966b5
@parndt parndt url should default to refinery_things_admin_thing_path not refinery_a…
…dmin_thing_path because things should be namespaced.
@parndt parndt Implement namespacing like Refinery::Things::Admin::Thing and Refiner…
…y::Things::Thing so that Refinery::Things is the namespace for the engine 'things' to give complete separation of extensions.
@maxime maxime Attempt to fix #1035 fbddc1a
Commits on Nov 27, 2011
@parndt parndt Indented locales for namespacing changes. 376cc4a
@phiggins phiggins Change use of alias to alias_method. f25fb2f
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1152 from phiggins/pages_controller_page_before_f…

Move page finding logic into a before_filter.
Commits on Nov 28, 2011
@joemsak joemsak Fix request spec typos
- I had to add "" to Admin because it gave me undefined error
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1154 from neotericdesign/master
Fix request spec typos
Commits on Nov 29, 2011
@parndt parndt Change '--color spec' to '--colour' because the former is incorrect. …
…(ht @joemsak)
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' into forms 01aa3ae
@joemsak joemsak Fix failing test scenarios due to faulty engine generator markup
- admin/_form had extra closing DIV
- caused capybara to WTF on click_button "Save"
@joemsak joemsak Fix singular_name for `Edit` test to match the Title Tooltip
- Tests were failing out of the box for engines with more than one word
  in the name
@ugisozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1155 from neotericdesign/fix-form-generator-html
Fix failing test scenarios due to faulty engine generator markup
@ugisozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1156 from neotericdesign/fix-request-spec-for-mul…

Fix singular_name for `Edit` test to match the Title Tooltip
@phiggins phiggins Replace shell call with FileUtils.rm_rf a384af7
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1157 from phiggins/replace_system_call_with_fileu…

Replace shell call with FileUtils.rm_rf
Commits on Nov 30, 2011
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' into forms 3bcae9b