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Dec 02, 2010
Philip Arndt Well, all the specs and features pass, so maybe we have a viable 0.9.…
…8.6 version.
Philip Arndt Of course, regenerate the gemspec. b3866c3
Philip Arndt fix reordering for non-trees. 0aaf239
Philip Arndt This is a bad seed. c71813f
Philip Arndt remove bad seed from gemspec 3be3afc
Philip Arndt Dependencies updated. 95ae14d
Philip Arndt Fully qualify 24cdcb7
Philip Arndt Inquiries need their own seeds. 604b546
Dec 03, 2010
David Jones add helper methods to expose some of the options in crud. This allows…
… the admin views to dynamically hide or show the search box or reorder link depending on what options you set with crud
David Jones backport generator change to hide and show search and sorting 3e9e9c1
Philip Arndt Also run rake db:create cb16669
Philip Arndt Merge branch '0986' of into 0986 fce1044
Philip Arndt We stopped using ChildLabor a long time ago. a240633
Philip Arndt I've made the refinerycms command aware of the fact that it may be a …
….pre and so to use the git repository as a source instead.
Philip Arndt How about we actually tell it to run.... 636b4ce
Philip Arndt Fixes installing a new application and then not having the database s…
…et up, all it is required is to :cd => true
Philip Arndt Fixes the seeds being run in the wrong order. 7ccd634
Philip Arndt Added in rails.js, fixed the reordering for non-tree lists. eeca523
Philip Arndt Modernise the menu. bcb75bd
Philip Arndt Renew gemspec ff7e3be
Philip Arndt Fix reorder key. 58f02a6
Philip Arndt Lots of fixes for the likes of IE7/8 7acd839
Philip Arndt Last minute whitespace cleanup e8de3a3
Philip Arndt Documented changes for dae36fd
Philip Arndt Be safer with the rspec version requirement 818a9bb