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Commits on Mar 17, 2011
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan better translation for "hidden" for this context 2d3c08d
@parndt parndt Merged remote branch 'BanzaiMan/japanese' 17636c7
Commits on Mar 18, 2011
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan First pass at Japanese translation for wymeditor text cc31c05
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan "Emphasis" is really "Italics" c9d5031
Commits on Mar 19, 2011
@ugisozols ugisozols Fix links in readme. 5a87894
Commits on Mar 20, 2011
Steven Heidel Merge branch 'japanese' of 73e9b95
Steven Heidel Merge branch 'master' of 701066b
@adwinsky adwinsky Fixed typo in polish translation bcf1d26
Steven Heidel Edited doc/guides/1 - Getting Started/1 - Getting Started with Refine…
…ry.textile via GitHub
Commits on Mar 21, 2011
@parndt parndt Cast the split result as a string to ensure it is. 497d96b
@parndt parndt Merge remote branch 'boooz/master' 12215a1
@parndt parndt Replaced overriden render call with alias_method_chain which Closes G…
…H-527. (ht: breccan)
Commits on Mar 22, 2011
@parndt parndt Added support for cucumber-rails 0.4.0 (up from 0.3.2) c4ccc8f
@djones djones we made it to 2011. Update the license and readme dc8ae89
@parndt parndt We're all updated now to cucumber-rails 0.4 so we'd better enforce it…
… in the testing gem.
@parndt parndt Re-bundled, updated example gem versions. ccd508f
@parndt parndt Allow Rails 3.1 to function better. 6ad4dfa
scambra Add respond_to? because Presenter responds to more methods with metho…
scambra Add an option to link to object and ancestors in page_title 99a56ad
@parndt parndt Make the logic simpler to read. c4facc3
@parndt parndt Specify latest version in guide. 4be1115
@parndt parndt The features should be tagged @authentication after the name of the e…
@parndt parndt Instead of monkey patching asset_file_path I've moved to an alias_met…
…hod_chain that uses it. Also refactored asset_file_path_with_refinery to use pathnames.
Commits on Mar 23, 2011
@parndt parndt Updated the changelog with and information. f5fa19f
@parndt parndt Updated version to for whenever the next release is. ef2395d
@parndt parndt Differentiate between backend and frontend site_bar features using @s…
…ite_bar_frontend and @site_bar_backend
@parndt parndt Added support for translating javascript strings. Added the confirm c…
…hanges string. Closes GH-541
@parndt parndt The alias_method_chain is giving me issues in development mode, comme…
…nting it out until I can find a permanent solution.
scambra Translate styles in wymeditor 15d7a09
@parndt parndt Merge remote branch 'scambra/master' 323b8f7
@parndt parndt Whitespaaaaaaaace! WHITESPAAAAAAAACE! 76abe06
Commits on Mar 24, 2011
@parndt parndt There is no such thing as cucumer-rails. cucumber-rails exists, however. a7384ee
@parndt parndt Ensure Refinery.root is always accessible. (ht: jamesfid) ad34534
@parndt parndt Don't serve up non-existant translations.js file (ht: rbriank) 5fa4bd8
@parndt parndt Pages now defines how it finds the menu so that if pages is gone ever…
…ything doesn't blow up. We'll move to a NotImplementedError pattern in more places, too.
@parndt parndt Shorten line. b1ad83f
scambra fix applying styles in wymeditor, was breaking on adding title to rules 3a75b2d
Commits on Mar 25, 2011
@parndt parndt Hide the flash completely when the animation is completed. Closes GH-539
@parndt parndt Fix site bar switch link. e735270
@parndt parndt New architecture around how pages functions get into the application …
…controller. I've added hooks that you can use by calling refinery.on_attach do inside your Rails::Engine subclass. Fixed stack level too deep errors.
@parndt parndt regenerated gemspecs b602d17
@parndt parndt The Refinery.root must be a pathname. d0d61d9
@parndt parndt Updated changelog e6060ed