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Commits on Sep 02, 2009
@parndt parndt fix bugs presented in regression testing 6deceb3
@parndt parndt fix paging amount in images controller 207f428
@parndt parndt Reduce width to possibly work in more browsers bd43808
@parndt parndt Add rescue switch to return to normal functionality if this fails 794353f
@parndt parndt syntax oopsie 694a98c
@parndt parndt inline vs block 3281086
@parndt parndt strip replaced images of their width and height attributes so they di…
…splay properly
Commits on Sep 03, 2009
Hernan Fernandez fix css conflict ae605d1
Hernan Fernandez clean link_to dialog 46fbbb0
@parndt parndt build upon the changes commited by hernan (thanks) to open appropriat…
…e link section if a resource is linked to. Also refactored some functionality to make it more railsy. Removed title field from resources as in most cases we have found this field to get in the way and it is not required as the filename can simply be changed before uploading.
@parndt parndt failsafe wasn't working if image got overriden f18cf66
Commits on Sep 08, 2009
@parndt parndt add 'content' alias for 'body' c7f46a3
@parndt parndt Added google group link 100c059
@parndt parndt retrofit support for align=right|left|center|justify for IMG tags. 540ae3e
@parndt parndt ability added for resources upload to be used inside of a dialogue an…
…d ability applied to dashboard 'upload a file' link
Commits on Sep 09, 2009
@parndt parndt linked to in the refinery logo e39dd13
Commits on Sep 10, 2009
@parndt parndt Large update - Added support for CSS Classes to Refinery. These class…
…es are editable via theme.css at which point they can be added for the end user in boot_wym.js as per the example ones already placed in there. Added basic classes for text align and block align (e.g. images). This is a bleeding-edge sort of feature and hopefully works across browsers (feedback would be great). Added clearfix to all content points so that floated elements don't knock out the frontend layout. Included theme.css in application layout and wymeditor iframe. Moved wymeditor iframe to a rails action so that CSS files can be included with random identifiers to help prevent caching them.
@parndt parndt renamed block align to image align 51f2b6c
@parndt parndt change apply class to apply style fb88804
@parndt parndt make the apply style box disappear onclick of a style per feedback ac25c24
@parndt parndt make thickbox follow window resizes da7ab3c
@parndt parndt execute the actual command on the toolbar button instead to hide the …
@parndt parndt non destructive thumbnail search incase this image is referenced more…
… than once on the same page
@parndt parndt only display children if they are in_menu? e688775
@parndt parndt move this check up the chain so as not to render a useless ul 9b3fb58
Commits on Sep 14, 2009
@ryanwood ryanwood Added grid view for image admin 846af06
@parndt parndt took the shiny new image grid view and made use of refinery settings …
…instead of sessions and displayed things a bit differently. Added new 'grid' image thumbnail size.
@parndt parndt These headings were a bit superfluous bd7e61d
@parndt parndt improved the migration and default seed to be strongly typed instead …
…of a string and added grid thumbnail to default seed.
@ryanwood ryanwood Fixed adding an image to a page when using Amazon S3 for storage 8877024
@ryanwood ryanwood Merge branch 'master' of git:// 9c60140
@ryanwood ryanwood Merge branch 'master' of git:// 4a39063
Commits on Sep 15, 2009
@parndt parndt Add a view button to see fullsize image. b060406
@ryanwood ryanwood Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' afedc15
@ryanwood ryanwood Refactored plugin logic. Removed global var $plugins in favor of an e…
…ncapsulated Plugin.registered and class instance vars. Fixed the plugins not loading correctly when switching users.
@ryanwood ryanwood Added Admin User Manager 499e963
@djones djones provide link to public site from backend. Clean up white space and be…
…tter code intentation
@djones djones allow the admin to delete an inquiry even if it hasnt been closed. Ve…
…ry useful for deleting unwanted spam
@djones djones added list of contributors d99800e
@parndt parndt Add conditions support for images insert dialogue so that custom cond…
…itions can be supplied. This then supplies a conditions hash to paginate_images which hopefully avoids XSS (Cross site scripting)
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of c9780af
@parndt parndt expand the list of contributors and fix a typo 785696f
Commits on Sep 16, 2009
@djones djones adding searching for all sections. Refined some of the default settings d860516
@djones djones merging in changes 9690f1d
@parndt parndt remove search indexes 1116211
@parndt parndt Get rid of stinky eval in favour of serialization. Currently handles …
…booleans and integers being read/written properly instead of being turned into strings or one and zero. Any others I forgot?
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'ryanwood/master' fffe1b2
@parndt parndt Integrated user manager and new plugin architecture nicely into the c…
…ore. Users can now be viewed, added, edited and deleted. Remember to db:migrate and test, test, test.
@parndt parndt this will save some grief when migrating to the new stuff 8efd230
@parndt parndt plugin migrate backwards now works 7b15e06
Commits on Sep 17, 2009
@parndt parndt Updated plugin/engine generator to use the new style of doing things.…
… There may still be a couple of inconsistencies so testing is advised. Generator is run with script/generate refinery singular_plugin_name field1:field_type field2:field_type etc.
@djones djones better documentation on generator 2b069af
@djones djones use wymeditor for the default text_area type that comes from the gene…
@parndt parndt only add string or text fields to acts_as_indexed 8d0df9e
@parndt parndt reintroduce S3 fixes from ryanwood that were accidentally overriden. 6578137
@parndt parndt Changes to ignore file and css. Search index contents should be ignor…
…ed properly now without giving a complaint every time git add * is used.
@parndt parndt change variable naming and remove unnecessary conditional statement 522a6f7
@parndt parndt remove now unnecessary migrations and remove redundant tables from sc…
…hema as they belong to an external plugin - - which we're currently extracting out.
@parndt parndt update the generator for better display and so that wymeditors work o…
…ut of the box
Commits on Sep 18, 2009
@parndt parndt Update generator to render public templates using the generic xhtml w…
…e use for the built in plugins (body_content etc)
Commits on Sep 23, 2009
@parndt parndt make image_fu work without specifying a thumbnail and if the thumbnai…
…l is not specified then still give the browser the width and height optimisations
@parndt parndt update to new syntax 372bb48
@parndt parndt add default value for setting 0722ddc
@parndt parndt MAJOR change to wymeditor - files are now stored in better locations.…
… This change is mainly to support asset servers being used without refinery falling over. Also, though, added a new refinery_icon_tag helper to provide widths and heights to refinery icon images without hardcoding every single one.
@parndt parndt added new rake command rake refinery:override to generate an app dire…
…ctory with subdirectories ready to override core refinery functionality for a specific app.
@parndt parndt add app/views/shared to override folders ccf3a70
@parndt parndt removed image fu call as there may not be an image from the start... 5a9443d
Commits on Sep 24, 2009
@parndt parndt make the submenu controlled by a refinery setting b07d78b
@parndt parndt update example style on the inquiries action box to more accurately r…
…eflect changes made for every site
@parndt parndt update default seed to more accurately reflect real life usage as far…
… as our own sites
@parndt parndt another well used selector f80a574
@parndt parndt add another selector 597c32d
@parndt parndt Added advanced capabilities to page_title method without interrupting…
… current functionality. Harnesses refinery settings to dictate whether page title should display ancestor's titles before it, and if so how they are separated and so on. Options stored as hash in the database.
@parndt parndt I just realised I didn't hook in the css class selector. Removed bang…
… so that it definitely doesn't resave the setting if overriding options supplied.
@parndt parndt Options now make more sense and take into account the ancestors may n…
…ot be present and therefore the main page title style may have to change accordingly. Again, this is all disabled by default but I find this a very useful feature to have without having to override every single refinery core view which contains a reference to page_title method.
Commits on Sep 25, 2009
@parndt parndt added new theme styles for font sizes and now selection of a single w…
…ord works (in safari, firefox - please report all breakages in your browsers) inside wymeditor for applying styles to them. Still not working for links and IE still not supported for most things (especially IE6)
@parndt parndt added text align center style 3b81b2a
Commits on Sep 28, 2009
@parndt parndt fix tooltips in IE8 and remove library we have never used a0fa9d7
@parndt parndt Moved the location of the application controller into the app directo…
…ry to more peacefully accept changes made to the application controller without requiring class injection or overriding. The new application controller simply inherits from a Refinery::ApplicationController which has all of the methods that it had before. This effectively gives developers the ability to extend Refinery's application controller without having to override it and risk losing app integrity in an update to Refinery (this lessens that chance).
Commits on Sep 29, 2009
@parndt parndt fix vertical centering on page 742a434
@parndt parndt update alt tag code on image_fu calls so that it uses the image's alt…
… tag and not the thumbnail's alt tag
Commits on Sep 30, 2009
@parndt parndt We don't really need to have rails in the vendor directory. Just inst…
…all the gem and choose your own version. This will save a lot of time cloning and a lot of bother every time we update the version of Refinery CMS.
@parndt parndt hook up heroku with the gems we use. af24f90
@parndt parndt Move from plugins to gems to both reduce refinery size and optimise r…
…efinery's footprint when running in an environment that can cache memory across apps that share the same gems, e.g. passenger. This will also make upgrading versions easier as you just have to install a later version of the gem.
@parndt parndt seems this may need to be in here instead 18e3a40
@parndt parndt moved the declaration 4b6c676
@parndt parndt added gemspec and modified require statements dfc1cc6
@parndt parndt Set to 2.3.2 9c9eb44
@parndt parndt added new user icons and brought the plugin registration up to date 9c64d4a
@parndt parndt not sure that we need to specify the load order of plugins anymore du…
…e to the new plugin registration process
@parndt parndt Fix case where rake gems:install wouldn't run thus rendering refinery…
… useless unless a specific gem was installed manually. Now, just clone Refinery and run (sudo) rake gems:install to install gem dependencies
@parndt parndt yep, we need to specify the load order. 074b94e
@parndt parndt soft tabs.. 209fdb3
Commits on Oct 01, 2009
@parndt parndt yep, definitely don't need these in this order anymore, hoorah. adb9090
@parndt parndt This is a breaking change. Moving the directory where images are stor…
…ed to suit services like heroku or engineyard or capistrano deploys that use a shared directory for user generated images like this. Run rake refinery:fix_image_paths_in_content to fix your images.
@djones djones added rake task to fix image paths in existing content b4c067b
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of ea9dbfa
@parndt parndt Refinery now supports being distributed as a Gem. This is a rather ma…
…nual process currently and we haven't built any automated tools so get in touch via the google group if you're interested in either developing some automation or learning how to do this manually.
Commits on Oct 02, 2009
@parndt parndt Break the rubygem so that the normal project works. Will fix rubygem …
…later, normal project more important (github's gem server appears down anyway).
@parndt parndt rename gemspec file - perhaps case sensitivity matters.. 5605405
@parndt parndt remove files that we don't want in the gem 787d352
@parndt parndt rename gem to Refinery to match the project name on github better bacddaf
@parndt parndt Gem and main project now work in unison. Now we wait until the github…
… gem server is back up and running.
Commits on Oct 03, 2009
@parndt parndt No longer need db:seed task as this is now supported by Rails. 1ad8f26
@parndt parndt clean up old comments 48bb52e
@parndt parndt protect against image_thumbnails not being a hash and automatically h…
…eal it.
Commits on Oct 04, 2009
@parndt parndt improve thumbnail self-healing code 1d0e7f4
@parndt parndt Move searching? to admin base controller so that controllers can dete…
…rmine whether we're searching refactor search stuff a bit and remove pagination from admin pages controller as we don't actually paginate this collection anymore (Thanks BoomerBrian). Also cleaned up a few 'magic numbers' lying around that were used for pagination. Also improved Refinery::LinkRenderer so that we can display two will_paginate instances on the same page and specify parameters to ensure they don't interfere with eachother.
@parndt parndt Update gemspec for deleted files. Must automate this. dc1cc08
@parndt parndt remove database rake file as no more functions inside it d6efecb
Commits on Oct 05, 2009
@parndt parndt rename gemspec file to match new repository name 7677627
@parndt parndt match new repository name ba00b02
@parndt parndt rename project name inside gemspec file c511b07
@parndt parndt reference new gem name b2af25d
@parndt parndt add rescue state to thumbnails setting for when the database isn't pr…
…imed and register users then activate to avoid invalid transition
@parndt parndt bump version to 0.9.1 e707e8a
@parndt parndt added privacy link that isn't enabled by default. aa21287
@parndt parndt remove pagination by overriding index method 5428ed3
Commits on Oct 06, 2009
@parndt parndt tiny tweak to min height on html for refinery backend so that the bac…
…kground is more likely to display well on safari
@parndt parndt Add min height to body too. 213bee9
@parndt parndt Remove any dir/.. in REFINERY_ROOT which are ugly and useless. d5ae9f9
Commits on Oct 07, 2009
@parndt parndt update to latest prototype library 050dd83
@parndt parndt I keep clicking on the site name in Refinery to try to go back to the…
… dashboard so I've made it a feature.
Commits on Oct 08, 2009
@parndt parndt more efficient code to find the REFINERY_ROOT 03ce7be
@parndt parndt add in some useful css classes for putting a label inline with a link…
… that may be a link image
@parndt parndt bump version up a notch to reflect recent improvements db2b940
@parndt parndt update rails gem requirement to 2.3.4 and add in a stub for has_frien…
…dly_id to prevent it whinging when the gem is not installed when it should instead be worrying about telling the developer to install the gem with rake gems:install
@parndt parndt update version to 0.9.2 eaf0d46
@parndt parndt fix bug with using instance_methods vs using methods to detect whethe…
…r friendly_id is present
@parndt parndt remove line that was being used for gem testing 2577fce
@parndt parndt bump version to 8ac07b3
Commits on Oct 11, 2009
@parndt parndt Fix an issue where regular expressions were too loose and match other…
… tabs (in their default non specified form). Tidied up the regular expressions for the core plugins with a specified menu_match ones too.
@parndt parndt support a default menu_match for plugins with more than one word in t…
…he title by substituting spaces for underscores and then downcasing.
Commits on Oct 12, 2009
@parndt parndt preselect a tab to be activated as the first one by index. 5a7b9ed
@parndt parndt optimized the loading (flickering) of ui editors and now they work in…
… Firefox with Firebug disabled.
@parndt parndt reuse variables already created rather than another function call. 90ba007
@parndt parndt bump version to 0.9.3 reflecting recent fixes and improvements e14f1e8
@parndt parndt Set correct date on gemspec cf54e00
@parndt parndt remove the default ability to create new page parts as this is more o…
…f the exception and not the rule.
@djones djones Adding image rake task to update new thumbnails only. Useful when you…
… added a new thumbnail size and dont have to regenerate all thumbnails again.
Commits on Oct 15, 2009
@parndt parndt Major update - page parts can now be added and deleted gracefully if …
…the option is enabled in settings for 'new_page_parts'. Abstracted out the admin base controller and the application helper and 'subclassed' these in the app directory to make it easier to override and extend Refinery. Made the core searching filter by conditions and order by specified order which resolves an issue with the Image grid view searching.
@parndt parndt increase selector range e16f7a3
Commits on Oct 16, 2009
@parndt parndt Wrap the site name in quotes so that a multiple word name still works…
… just fine on actionmailer. If mail still doesn't work for you check out this about rails 2.3.4
Commits on Oct 18, 2009
@parndt parndt Display the required gems in README dbcfe2a
Commits on Oct 19, 2009
@parndt parndt :new_part must specify @page.new_record? to determine whether this is…
… a new record. Issue identified by
@parndt parndt update version to 4499481
Commits on Oct 20, 2009
@parndt parndt change syntax of inquiry_mailer to support proper way of doing this a…
…ccording to the docs and also added a new reply_to call for confirmations which allows the recipient to reply directly to the website owner (the first address to be notified)
Commits on Oct 29, 2009
@parndt parndt Fixed GH Issue #20 where rake db:schema:load wouldn't work. Removed b…
…lurb from news items and used a smarter truncation system instead to avoid having to duplicate content. Now shows 25 in the list of activity by default (seed file). Now uses updated friendly_id version of 2.2.2
@parndt parndt Only show draft pages (not when a user is logged in with…
… access to the pages plugin.
Commits on Oct 30, 2009
@parndt parndt Added function called content_fu to parse content for attachment_fu g…
…enerated images and substitute them for a thumbnailed version of themselves. Only works with non tampered filenames (i.e. the original inserted into a page using the pages WYSIWYG editor). Updated some gem sources.
@parndt parndt update runtime dependencies 5a28298
Commits on Nov 04, 2009
@parndt parndt Major Release: Changed the way we store CSS & JS files by moving core…
… ones into refinery directories which the non-core (i.e. overridable by developer) versions @import [in the case of CSS files]. Removed some unncessary files. Moved search to the Actions area on the Refinery backend. Redesigned the login screen. Added 'bin' directory with ruby commands that can be run if using Refinery from a gem to create a new Refinery instance and update it to later versions with minimal hassle. And of course, fixed some bugs.
@parndt parndt update logic on refinery-update-core command to include rake tasks (a…
…nywhere) and database migrations (from db/migrate directory). Removed some now unncessary migrations. Bumped version to to illustrate this change.
@parndt parndt Add example refinerycms gem freeze statement af680f8
@parndt parndt fix link to stylesheet 6128bec
@parndt parndt Move CSS that shouldn't have been in formatting but in application CS…
…S file. Move the page title outside of any content blocks so that it makes more logical sense in terms of positioning. Added new refinery core application.css file.
@parndt parndt It'd help if the new application css file was included in the gemspec. cd4b8e4
@parndt parndt Add a header partial for easier overriding of the header without havi…
…ng to override the entire layout. Added better CSSable containers header_content and footer_content
@parndt parndt update logos with new transparent versions of different sizes. 9f2748d
@parndt parndt Place the page_title in the new position in the core plugins that ref…
…erence it too.
Commits on Nov 05, 2009
@parndt parndt update default seeds to make more sense, extended the refinery binary…
… installer tasks to be far more flexible (now sets up the database name using the app's path).
@parndt parndt README can be simpler. 8f77b0a
Commits on Nov 09, 2009
@parndt parndt Add some more selectors which will make things display better in dial…
Commits on Nov 10, 2009
@parndt parndt Add image_picker partial and resource_picker partial which can be hoo…
…ked into from anywhere in the Refinery backend. Added requirement for the gem 'slim_scrooge' which seems to optimise queries to make Refinery even faster. Added an indexer rake task to determine indexes that are missing that should be present which has been run and a new migration is present with the result of this task which should be run with rake db:migrate task. Updated the refinery executable in the gem to ensure a particular file isn't present in an installed version of Refinery. Updated resource route to handle new insert dialog (for resource_picker).
@parndt parndt Bug fixes for the release -- bumped version to f56ac7a
Commits on Nov 16, 2009
@parndt parndt Disable the 'Done reordering' button until the reordering request com…
…pletes. Works with all current reordering controls that hook into this code.
@parndt parndt Added save & continue editing button for pages and wired this in crud…
….rb so anyone can follow a similar approach. May be added to more core plugins in the future.
@avit avit Response code for missing pages should be 404.
Signed-off-by: Philip Arndt <>
@avit avit Handle only supported (html) format
Signed-off-by: Philip Arndt <>
@parndt parndt whitespace 1c72bf1
@parndt parndt whitespace f06ba81
@parndt parndt Fix Issue #22 1be3ff4
@parndt parndt Bump version to 8cc69c3
Commits on Nov 17, 2009
@parndt parndt Fix edge case when running refinery task 3a8b48b
@parndt parndt Fix bug where redirecting to first child would crash out due to new r…
…espond_to code
Commits on Nov 18, 2009
@parndt parndt Updated images and resources plugin to group files by date uploaded i…
…n list view if a refinery setting is set to true to allow them. Fixed the HTML Truncation on the news section by adding a third party library and integrating it into the Refinery core. Updated WYMeditor to fix an issue where highlighting a link would not recognise it as a link when using dialogues (only for mozilla browsers currently -- Safari already worked). Improved refinery-update-core task by allowing it to hook into the environment file to add any new gems used by Refinery. Added dependency to Hpricot gem for use with the HTML parser (hpricot version 0.8.1).
@parndt parndt Fix bug that was preventing the truncation passing all of its argumen…
…ts to super.
@parndt parndt Fix bugs in truncation helper where it wouldn't properly detect that …
…preserve_html_tags was requested
Commits on Nov 19, 2009
@parndt parndt unified the form-actions part of the form by splitting the parts up i…
…nto partials. Fixed Issue #23 and Issue #24. Save and continue is now something that you can easily place on any admin form and runs using AJAX so that the page doesn't refresh ala Issue #24. Fixed an issue where tooltips were being created multiple times by wymeditor. Fixed a select tag issue in Firefox where the padding that was added was distorting the display.
@avit avit Cleaned up file list in gemspec
Files on separate lines makes it easier to track diffs.

Signed-off-by: Philip Arndt <>
@avit avit Added rake task to convert tabs and strip whitespace
Signed-off-by: Philip Arndt <>
@avit avit whitespace: global cleanup
Signed-off-by: Philip Arndt <>
@parndt parndt tabs to spaces in JS+CSS+HTML files 7addb51
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'avit/master' 16336c3
@parndt parndt updated version and date 1239858
@parndt parndt Improved the appearance of the images form in/out of dialogs and the …
…recent activity list for long time_ago_in_words results
Commits on Nov 23, 2009
@parndt parndt Remove logger statements and specify the exact gem we want. e142b91
@parndt parndt Support onpaste for firefox and make it format a block if content is …
…pasted like it does already on keyup
@parndt parndt cleanup files a bit 9f66a86
@parndt parndt Release little, release often. 538c46a
Commits on Nov 24, 2009
@parndt parndt Fix a case where the wymeditor fields were not getting updated proper…
…ly when using save and continue. Moved continue_editing javascript to admin.js and we are using jQuery for many of the functions inside admin.js now.
Commits on Nov 25, 2009
@parndt parndt Don't load slim_scrooge when running on mswin 72f77da
@parndt parndt Finally fix the issue where if Refinery is subclassed in any way in d…
…evelopment mode then it would present a nice 'A copy of ClassName has been removed from the module tree but is still active' message. Now engines are reloaded every time so subclassing/overriding internals should work just fine. No change when running in test or production mode.
Commits on Nov 27, 2009
@parndt parndt Put init.rb files in their correct directories (under rails/) because…
… this works if they're engines or whether they're in a gem. Added new refinery-override task which allows the developer to easily override rails core components.
@parndt parndt Add new content page partial which pages can render for easier overri…
…ding of the global markup.
@parndt parndt use the new content page partial. a00c9f0
Commits on Nov 30, 2009
@parndt parndt Added a page container for the page to sit in to provide more flexibi…
…lity for CSS.
@parndt parndt Added down for maintenance page and refinery setting to allow the fro…
…ntend to be taken down for maintenance. Updated Rails requirement to 2.3.5 to keep things up to date.
@parndt parndt Add paragraph tags 4e7616e
@parndt parndt added migration to gemspec 4d3ec94
@parndt parndt set a minimum and maximum width on the time_ago field in refinery bac…
…kend for recent_activity. Also cleaned up the file.
@parndt parndt increase max width and use a shorter truncate 556a943
@parndt parndt ensure the session and users controllers don't get taken down for mai…
@parndt parndt accurately match the gems in the environment file when using refinery…
…-update-core in a gemified project.
Commits on Dec 01, 2009
@parndt parndt Updated gems in readme dd0b900
Commits on Dec 02, 2009
@parndt parndt get rid of debug statement f3e84cb
@parndt parndt provide helpful feedback on why a page can't be destroyed if it can't…
… be destroyed and provide a method for getting rid of a page using destroy with a bang.
@parndt parndt fix indentation on s.files 9af399c
Commits on Dec 03, 2009
@parndt parndt Version bump to 0.0.0 12e6673
Commits on Dec 06, 2009
@parndt parndt switch to jeweler for the gem building 74284bf
@parndt parndt Change to using the proper plugin e577217
@parndt parndt add this to css 49cfb66
@parndt parndt Added option to image picker to allow a link to toggle the display of…
… the image.
@parndt parndt prevent rows being added to the user_plugins table if the user_id is …
@parndt parndt provide some protection where the home page is nil 19489a7
@parndt parndt Update rails_indexes plugin to use new fork which provides better out…
…put when no models found.
@parndt parndt provide the ability for lib/tasks to run within vendor/plugins when t…
…he project is installed from a gem and remove the require statement from the indexer rake task as this is now redundant.
@parndt parndt Load in all of the tasks from vendor plugins if the project is runnin…
…g in a gem and no longer do we need to create a lib/tasks directory or copy any tasks into the destination project. PLEASE ENSURE REFINERY CORE TASKS IN lib/tasks THAT WERE PREVIOUSLY COPIED ARE REMOVED.
@parndt parndt bump version eea837f
Commits on Dec 07, 2009
@parndt parndt slim_scrooge was updated to accomodate Ygor's request for Windows so …
…use this new version and remove the no-windows constraint (commented out for now).
@parndt parndt Add the notion of a superuser which is usually the first user created…
…. There's also a new migration to support this, ensure you run it.
@parndt parndt make use of new CSS class .page_not_live 9e8a6bb
@parndt parndt update gem requirements 5a42ddb
Commits on Dec 08, 2009
@parndt parndt fix paste from word (webkit+gecko tested) ceb2c0a
@parndt parndt version bump be8c523
@parndt parndt Don't display sections if they're empty. 10cf7e1
@parndt parndt Update refinery-update-core task to include the refinery wymeditor. 13aa452
Commits on Dec 09, 2009
@parndt parndt Don't load up draft pages or pages that are hidden in the top_level p…
Commits on Dec 10, 2009
@parndt parndt Allow the application to access rake tasks belonging to gems used by …
…Refinery. Should fall back to the original way of doing things if there's a problem with it.
@parndt parndt Only output warnings on production logging. Disable this per-site if …
…you want.
Commits on Dec 14, 2009
@parndt parndt added location in admin layout's head for developers to inject anythi…
…ng they want. E.g. this could be used to inject custom_wymeditor_boot_options which are now supported by boot_wym, say for changing the wymeditor skin or specifying more items for the CSS option.
Commits on Dec 16, 2009
@parndt parndt People don't really need jeweler 5c2b49a
@parndt parndt reduce the size of admin tabs by a little bit (they didn't need to be…
… that big)
@parndt parndt Make the default menu_match field exist when using generator and make…
… it really accurate
@parndt parndt Set the position field to the maximum position + 1 when creating a ne…
…w object if the position field exists
@parndt parndt version bump 91986ac
Commits on Dec 18, 2009
@parndt parndt Doesn't seem like we need unicode gem anymore, can everyone confirm t…
…his please?
@parndt parndt create some more graceful effects using jQuery instead of prototype (…
…this is the way we're heading for everything that's currently prototype)
@parndt parndt Added resource caching for admin layout (for now) which is disabled b…
…y default and controllable via refinery setting
@parndt parndt put in place new google analytics code using the asynchronous methods… d9d5fdc
@parndt parndt bump build version f2e255d
@parndt parndt being careful about placement of analytics.. apparently <link /> tags…
… may break it so putting it before those. (Thanks Sam)
Commits on Dec 20, 2009
@parndt parndt support flashvars in an embed code 2561247
Commits on Dec 21, 2009
@parndt parndt Paste from word now pastes in the right direction and replace_me_with…
…_wym-123123123 tags now get removed properly on save
@parndt parndt This fixes the issue where Internet Explorer browsers are presented w…
…ith a basic auth dialogue rather than the xhtml one that they *can* accept but don't think they can.
Commits on Dec 22, 2009
@parndt parndt specify urls for when the action fails to be picked up by javascript 6e73786
@parndt parndt no longer supporting lightbox in core 14ee00a
Commits on Dec 23, 2009
@parndt parndt move jquery out of the folder it was in, seemed superfluous, and migr…
…ated another function to jquery.
@parndt parndt fix init_tooltips so that it works properly with jQuery f4e0370
@parndt parndt version bump 142bc37