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Commits on Jun 03, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt apply dialog form-actions css to .ui-dialog as well. 0a277ad
Philip Arndt parndt remove overlay for now until implemented because things just look wor…
…se with it
Philip Arndt parndt missed one bbff15c
Philip Arndt parndt give dialog_container an alternative class to use when there's more t…
…han one.
Philip Arndt parndt cursor should be pointer when a label is for something 1519393
Philip Arndt parndt prevent this blowing up when eval fails or something d5b0bfc
Philip Arndt parndt uniq is not required 4fc880e
Philip Arndt parndt Redundant test removed 69046a1
Philip Arndt parndt we don't need to say to what, the user should know. ba448e7
David Jones djones got some feedback on wording 048e0cd
David Jones djones Merge branch 'master' of 732c583
Commits on Jun 04, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Further ensure that only the right paths are downloaded (thanks to nr…
Philip Arndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of ccdc422
stevenheidel Added tutorial site to the README 450315b
Philip Arndt parndt yield not render 3ad5131
Philip Arndt parndt reshuffle scripting 0c92a5c
Philip Arndt parndt don't format block until tested. 9a312dd
Philip Arndt parndt turns out it was CSS caching that IE doesn't like.. 37ccec8
Philip Arndt parndt otherwise it renders cache/file.js.js c5cfa20
Commits on Jun 06, 2010
Earle Clubb eclubb Fixed indentation. a3957c4
Earle Clubb eclubb Fixed some problems with error fields.
- Added !important to CSS for fieldWithErrors class to prevent red border
  from being overridden.
- Add fieldWithErrors class to wymeditor iframe so background-color gets
  set properly.
Commits on Jun 08, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt added shim for html5 placeholder support for uncool browsers baebf1e
Philip Arndt parndt now the placeholder shim calls itself just by being included in the p…
…age, which makes more sense.
Philip Arndt parndt Add the notion of scoping to refinery settings. Right now everything …
…is just using nil to maintain backward compatibility.
Philip Arndt parndt hook wymiframe up to a fast controller to remove overheads e316e15
Philip Arndt parndt namespace the fast controller 97d5e88
Commits on Jun 09, 2010
Hal Spitz hms Changed the logic for triggering Google Analytics to be a little smar…
…ter about what triggers it. Currently any value other than the fake UA-xxxxxx-x triggers the analytic call. Now, it at least requires a string that's not empty. I put this in because once you set the real value, say for testing, and then clear it, the end user won't remember the fake 'non-trigger' value anymore
Hal Spitz hms Changed the logic for triggering Google Analytics to be a little smar…
…ter about what triggers it. Currently any value other than the fake UA-xxxxxx-x triggers the analytic call. Now, it at least requires a string that's not empty. I put this in because once you set the real value, say for testing, and then clear it, the end user won't remember the fake 'non-trigger' value anymore
Philip Arndt parndt we can just check one time c323901
mgutz ignore vim temp files eb4c4ce
Philip Arndt parndt fix cruft 6d03d32
Philip Arndt parndt some seem to need this here and it doesn't really hurt to do it so he…
…re we go.
Philip Arndt parndt well that was a mistake 546d67b
Philip Arndt parndt fix page parts blowing up with non word characters 5e34ff2
Philip Arndt parndt reduced tl;dr factor of comment 571e9ca
Philip Arndt parndt Add in some pretty interesting caching into the pages and menu system…
… of Refinery. This needs testing in production mode to sample some real usage before it can be fully relied on but it shows promise.
Philip Arndt parndt Make the caching conditional to a setting which defaults to true (fas…
…t by default, set it to false if you're unhappy e.g. if you have any dynamic content on your pages)
Philip Arndt parndt cosmetically it looks better if this happens sooner. 7bfd481
Philip Arndt parndt only cache when not logged in otherwise things like site bar are adve…
…rsely affected.
Philip Arndt parndt Scoping code broke the world when migrating and a migration contained…
… something that fired to a setting. Also destroy! shouldn't call update_attributes. Thanks to for pointing this out
Philip Arndt parndt add hook to allow content sections to be rejected from the content_pa…
…ge via :locals => {:hide_sections => [:body_content_title]} for example
Commits on Jun 10, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Store location only when logged in dc947c0
Philip Arndt parndt Move from all files into just one df04794
Hal Spitz hms Even better defensive code -- which handles a real life error that I …
…hand to deal with today
Philip Arndt parndt give images inside links a dotted blue border to indicate that they h…
…ave been linked to
Philip Arndt parndt updated jquery ui, added draggable, fixes GH issue #82 552f8ce
Philip Arndt parndt show what we built jquery ui with 1b215c0
Philip Arndt parndt Fix image and resource pickers - fixes GH Issue #84 26cb3a3
Philip Arndt parndt be more helpful cd53c64
Hal Spitz hms Added a piece of defensive coding to the analytics b66bc2d
Hal Spitz hms Merge branch 'master' of git:// 74d8a6e
Commits on Jun 11, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Only scan content when content isn't blank aa2b1fc
Philip Arndt parndt load not require 08128b5
Philip Arndt parndt fix script and css woes 9ff6199
Philip Arndt parndt hook into new css cb0cb1c
Philip Arndt parndt improve the controller restriction and error_404 processes and tie co…
…ntroller restriction to error_404 which is a more convincing 'maybe that doesn't exist?' for the user
Bo Frederiksen bofrede The charset in the HTTP header says utf-8, so the HTML header must sa…
…y the same.
Philip Arndt parndt looks better b746009
Philip Arndt parndt Completely fix dialogue issue for webkit where the scroll disappeared…
… even after closing the dialogue (we do intentionally hide overflow when dialogue is open).
Philip Arndt parndt lock onto gem versions for decreased risk with production apps and ad…
…d Cucumber (woohoo)
Philip Arndt parndt Added cucumber generated files. Got partially through adding a test f…
…or pages. Let's write some tests folks (please fork + commit tests otherwise they'll take some time..)
Philip Arndt parndt fixes issue with Internet Explorer d533769
Charles Barbier unixcharles fix for rake tasks images:regenerate and images:update with S3 c377989
Charles Barbier unixcharles oops, typo fix rake image:update c301d53
stevenheidel Added cucumber test database b593418
stevenheidel Fixed up this feature a bit. Still getting expected #has_content?(Hom…
…e) to return true, got false (Spec::Expectations::ExpectationNotMetError) for some reason though
Nick Hammond nickhammond add in the same accessor methods available to regular settings as inq…
…uiry settings, update default subject line in outgoing emails
Nick Hammond nickhammond redundant to have site name as the from as well as the subject line 26a84af
Commits on Jun 12, 2010
stevenheidel Login now works, still a problem with the admin pages path 3fa5d3c
stevenheidel Bug with capybara causes 'show me the page' to save in Rails.root ins…
…tead of tmp
Philip Arndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of git:// 0736320
Philip Arndt parndt slight syntax change, if we convert to_s then even a nil becomes '' a…
…nd can be stripped.
Commits on Jun 13, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt add launchy to Gemfile and add cucumber stuff to gemspec 1ca53b7
Commits on Jun 14, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt add json_pure into vendor/cache because some have had trouble install…
…ing under particular ruby versions.
Philip Arndt parndt Removed acts_as_indexed as a plugin and Added acts_as_indexed as a ge…
…m (compiled against parndt branch until changes get merged in)
Philip Arndt parndt reject vendor cache files from the gemspec b79474f
Philip Arndt parndt Moved log out button to the site bar for increased happiness on the a…
…dmin menu and the ability to logout from the frontend. Logging out now returns you to the homepage.
Philip Arndt parndt syntax and placement b29b81c
Philip Arndt parndt Hooked into the new acts_as_indexed syntax by removing the explicity …
…index_file call from each model as this is now handled in an initializer.
Joe Sak joemsak Added hover effect to tree menus for action clarity, removed actions …
…negative margin
Philip Arndt parndt move up by the other tree stuff 211f76e
Philip Arndt parndt regenerate gemspec e84eb68
Philip Arndt parndt Tabs -> Soft Tabs 9e84aa4
Commits on Jun 15, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Updated to enable older applications to update without acts_as_indexe…
…d plugin vs gem problems. Enabled update task to change Gemfile according to any new Refinery requirements.
Philip Arndt parndt These gems are required by refinery so it makes sense to put them here 3f9612a
Philip Arndt parndt amend css for buttons d0d271c
Philip Arndt parndt WYMeditors load so much more smoothly now 9459828
Philip Arndt parndt adjust width code db1bc74
Philip Arndt parndt addresses paste issues in gecko + webkit 4c88675
Philip Arndt parndt moved refinery features under a refinery namespace so that they can b…
…e easily overriden without interrupting the application's own features.
Philip Arndt parndt Move web_steps.rb back where it belongs as per cucumber recommendation. ee10524
Philip Arndt parndt Write tasks to copy any new cucumber tests into the application. e15a1d0
Philip Arndt parndt Copy in any features support files, any script files (we've patched f…
…or ruby 1.9.2) and the cucumber environment file if it didn't exist.
Philip Arndt parndt got that statement backwards by mistake, this fixes that a6ebe11
Philip Arndt parndt takes care of updating cucumber database settings too b16f1b9
Philip Arndt parndt Fix problem where upload area was reacting to save as in wymeditor save ac52a85
Philip Arndt parndt round the top right corner of the backend now that logout's gone, mig…
…ht look weird with too many plugins though.
Earle Clubb eclubb Fixed broken help links on fields with errors.
Rails wraps a invalid field (and its label) with a div of class
fieldWithErrors.  Since div is a block element, it causes the help link
to move to the next line.  The fix is to tell Rails to use a span
instead of a div for wrapping an invalid field.

For example:
 <span class="label_with_help">
   <div class="fieldWithErrors">
     <label for="event_pricing_options_attributes_1_cost">Cost</label>
   // Flow is broken.  div above and span below are on different lines.
   <span class="help" tooltip="Number only, no $."> (help) </span>

<span class="label_with_help">
  <span class="fieldWithErrors">
    <label for="event_pricing_options_attributes_1_cost">Cost</label>
   // Flow is ok.  span above and span below are on same line.
  <span class="help" tooltip="Number only, no $."> (help) </span>
Philip Arndt parndt css changes 5784a90
Philip Arndt parndt Moved help tag generation into a helper 54418b6
Commits on Jun 16, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Add the caching back to RefinerySetting as it's the most requested ob…
…ject on most apps
David Jones djones highlighting spans confuses the user b306b31
David Jones djones merged 08a43ef
David Jones djones keep colours closer to our current scheme. Add a nicer click effect t…
…o action buttons
David Jones djones reuse the grey seen on the dashboard b1a35d7
Philip Arndt parndt Clean up any ids assigned by wymeditor in the update phase so that th…
…e html isn't polluted.
Commits on Jun 17, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt hack proves to be more trouble than it's worth. 829bd65
David Jones djones even cleaner and simpler looking page editing screen 277e5dc
David Jones djones simpler wording 75414e1
Philip Arndt parndt We can use pathname here 05ac330
Philip Arndt parndt Use reliable ruby .nil? checks so that it stops recaching on false, '…
…' and [] seeing as .present? is no help there.
Philip Arndt parndt Fixes some issues with widths, css, dialogues 1d72c14
Philip Arndt parndt It makes more sense to check for all? and make it a positive condition 66c73f0
Philip Arndt parndt update task to a more efficient way of doing multiple copies eac91ff
Philip Arndt parndt Fix where web_steps.rb thought it was a directory. 7c3a8be
Philip Arndt parndt include features in gemspec, sort the gemspec list and attach new gem…
Bo Frederiksen bofrede Fixes invalid CSS. e475155
Philip Arndt parndt Fix for ruby 1.9.* aeecdf2
Philip Arndt parndt This can be written in one line too a1bac37
Philip Arndt parndt correct problem with acts_as_indexed not being a plugin anymore but s…
…till being in the gemspec
Philip Arndt parndt copy recursively 4c87631
Philip Arndt parndt ensure file permissions are correct for execution of script/ tasks af…
…ter copying them.
Philip Arndt parndt Fix idiosyncracies with the design between login and main app 457c52b
Philip Arndt parndt Only create themes directory when it's writably possible 386a890
stevenheidel Ignore the .idea directory for those who are using RubyMine 0767e47
David Jones djones animated tooltips and also make them look better with down arrow and …
…double border
David Jones djones Merge branch 'master' of 295fb02
Commits on Jun 18, 2010
David Jones djones added icon for advanced page options 83deaa2
David Jones djones remove yellow highlight that doesn't match our colour scheme from edi…
…tor toolbar and add a better colour and round the corners slightly
David Jones djones remove borders that dont line up and make the page options layout wor…
…k in FF too
David Jones djones animate in wymeditors be0cbb7
Steven Heidel Added default parameter to distribution domain because this is often …
…a stumbling point for new users of Amazon S3.

Due to the use of .gsub in bin/refinery, no additional changes are needed in order to have this configured automatically when creating a new app.
Philip Arndt parndt Make wymeditor load more seamlessly without jumping around when there…
… is more than one especially.
Philip Arndt parndt make more trendy 081449f
Philip Arndt parndt gotta get the hang of this html_safe thing 2bbb45d
Philip Arndt parndt Redo list css, make nested sortables work properly. 754647d
Philip Arndt parndt Slow down the tooltips and change the way they animate. Also fix GH I…
…ssue #92 -- Thanks, Ygor
Philip Arndt parndt Fixes problems raised in last commit 9c7371a
Philip Arndt parndt and make it tidier b7ea616
Philip Arndt parndt whitespace.. a9c5691
Philip Arndt parndt Make the animations smoother and cooler. 4578ce2
Philip Arndt parndt even better animation quality on remove of tooltip 388c509
Philip Arndt parndt Fix display in IE browsers 49016d5
Philip Arndt parndt Exclude IE from awesome sortability because it can't cope. 00feec2
Philip Arndt parndt Remove features from Internet Explorer users that don't work quite ri…
…ght. Tell the user their browser isn't great.
Philip Arndt parndt Correct capybara ignore 2c5814d
Philip Arndt parndt Cucumber pages test now passes, green looks so good. a55f951
Philip Arndt parndt Add cucumber scenarios for creating valid and invalid pages. ef310d7
Philip Arndt parndt whitespace and update gemspec, tinkered with dynamically loading in r…
…ejects from .gitignore but not working yet.
stevenheidel Corrected syntax error in refinery-update-core that would cause the f…
…ollowing error:

fileutils.rb:1262:in `initialize': No such file or directory - ./public/javascripts/if/File.exist?(File.join(%W(/home/steven/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.8.7-p174/gems/ (Errno::ENOENT)
Steven Heidel Added instruction to run bundle install after update. The entire proc…
…ess of updating the gems and environment should be reviewed as much of it is now deprecated.
stevenheidel Fixes 'can't modify a frozen hash' error which appears when running r…
…ake db:migrate.
stevenheidel Fixes an error where 'undefined method 'scoping' for #<RefinerySettin…
…g>' appeared every time find_or_set was called.
stevenheidel There is no reason this file should be ignored, especially considerin…
…g that the other 2 .example files are both included.
stevenheidel Updated to follow Cucumber philosophy. See… f9fc5d7
stevenheidel Added a (not completely implemented) scenario testing the creation of…
… pages with the same title.
stevenheidel DRY up cucumber by using background to log in user.
Background will be run before every scenario, see .
Commits on Jun 19, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt No longer cache this gem. If you need one because json_pure doesn't c… d70f4ce
Philip Arndt parndt Switch out Hpricot to truncate_html which uses regexp and make conten…
…t page sections html_safe by default. Fix whitespace.
Philip Arndt parndt Don't need to explicitly require the library as bundler handles it b947ed4
Commits on Jun 20, 2010
stevenheidel Completed 'Create Duplicate Page' scenario.
The  'Then I should have a page at...' method is a bit hackety hack, but it works.
Joshua Davey jgdavey Fix image selection bug for Safari b994681
Joshua Davey jgdavey Relabel and slightly refactor the image dialog size selector
The rationale here is that CSS values are easier to understand than
having to do a bunch of mental math with the 'modifier' values.

Also, this provides a little more UI help text display the label
of the thumbnail in the box, and having the raw pixel values in the
Joshua Davey jgdavey WYMeditor: Allow the container buttons to be customized, just like th…
…e ClassesItems (Apply Styles menu)
Philip Arndt parndt Fix a passive few runtime errors d3e31f5
Philip Arndt parndt More obvious size selection 764bded
Philip Arndt parndt Added help descriptions for each of the default settings in Refinery. 04a2f9b
Philip Arndt parndt Add help to the refinery settings form bf60de7
Commits on Jun 21, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Refactor JS, make tabs look normal by default, make dashed border aro…
…und selected images in wymeditor, start on making cornering happen without JS if supported (bottom / top syntax invalid for now)
Philip Arndt parndt fix diff and implement native CSS rounding where it is implemented in…
… admin.js
Commits on Jun 22, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Provide a hook to disable the prompt for the continue editing dialogu…
…e on site bar switch to website.
Philip Arndt parndt Make the form tell us whether changes have been made so that we don't…
… have to prompt all the time
Philip Arndt parndt Mozilla tells us the image is selected already 65a727f
Philip Arndt parndt Add feature files for the other features that are not covered by cucu…
…mber yet
Philip Arndt parndt consistency e over evt 7ea069d
Philip Arndt parndt Support setting scoping using []= method e3d3d3a
Philip Arndt parndt Slight refactor, check against blank site name too. 36f0d04
Philip Arndt parndt Add descriptions to the features d63bf70
Joe Sak joemsak Updated readme for themes. It said to use /images/themes but really y…
…ou're supposed to use /theme/images
Philip Arndt parndt Don't cache when there's no pages 26b92c1
Philip Arndt parndt features are .feature not .rb d1da30e
Philip Arndt parndt Fixed issues with how wymeditor gets overriden and fixed a CSS issue …
…(CSS Issue fixes GH Issue #94)
Philip Arndt parndt Provides a smart upgrade path for public/javascripts/admin.js 7a9de25
Joe Sak joemsak Typo fix in site bar css 251e203
Philip Arndt parndt Ensure initializers are copied but only if they don't already exist w…
…hich preserves modifications by the user.
stevenheidel Fixed small typo for the manage users feature. 1050074
stevenheidel Copy .gitignore over on new gem installations. bc31ac7
Philip Arndt parndt Bring in the acts_as_indexed config file ourselves because acts_as_in…
…dexed can load it too late due to our vendor/ architecture.
Philip Arndt parndt Copy acts_as_indexed_config.rb file into config unless it's already t…
Philip Arndt parndt regenerate gemspec c3c54ae
Commits on Jun 23, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Try without specifying acts_as_indexed here 6a502c2
Philip Arndt parndt Disable resource caching by default on s3 backends. 2e8418f
Philip Arndt parndt use resource caching when the javascripts cache directory is writable 34cc5dd
Philip Arndt parndt Remove line break f0d9a55
Philip Arndt parndt line up width with backend width 0315f0f
Philip Arndt parndt Use .children instead of setting parent_id 8fb428a
Commits on Jun 24, 2010
Amanda Wagener awagener Allow hashes to be used as a RefinerySetting without being a scoping …
Commits on Jun 25, 2010
stevenheidel Prevents all refinery setting help texts from being shown upon 'Creat…
…e New Setting'. Thanks to joemsak for pointing this one out.
Commits on Jun 28, 2010
stevenheidel Add a restricted column to refinery settings. 5bea059
stevenheidel Implemented the restricted value of Refinery Settings.
Only the superuser can change the value of restricted, and if restricted is set to true then regular users cannot edit/delete that particular setting. However, this could still have bugs.
stevenheidel Required is not the same as Restricted, not the same at all. Restrict…
…ed is the correct answer however.
stevenheidel This syntax makes more sense for excluding restricted settings from r…
…egular users.
stevenheidel At this point, things are getting out of hand. dbd6e72
Philip Arndt parndt We don't use hpricot anymore. e74d3c8
Philip Arndt parndt Check for presence before titleize because otherwise we get NilClass …
…in the title.
Philip Arndt parndt One and the same thing. 8a2ebb6
Philip Arndt parndt Prevent locking up on the frontend truncation by cutting inquiries do…
…wn to an acceptable and reasonable size.
Amanda Wagener awagener Added roles to users; restricted refinery to only users with the 'Ref…
…inery' role
Philip Arndt parndt Fix upgrading to this version c14b43f
Philip Arndt parndt Remove overcomplicated return to logic and just use @page instead. Ov…
…erride if you want to add additional objects that can be returned to but this may get configurable later.
Philip Arndt parndt explicitly require truncate_html plugin in the html truncation helper. d2d9b76
Philip Arndt parndt @page may not exist so we need to rescue that by checking for its pre…
…sence first.
Commits on Jun 29, 2010
Philip Arndt parndt Make the default inquiries fields mildly more exciting. 6fa296e
Philip Arndt parndt Move functionality out of the view and into the helper d4c9fa4
Philip Arndt parndt Ensure that the cucumber environment has its own database (problem sp…
…otted by awagener)
Philip Arndt parndt Fix bad positioning of HTML and CSS fb7d353
Philip Arndt parndt Big thanks to evanphx -- now Refinery runs green on rubinius. 1a99377
Philip Arndt parndt Added to run as a rack app 3ddc6d3
Amanda Wagener awagener Switched cucumber user logins to use factory girl 99a0e89
Philip Arndt parndt add new gem requirements c393f82
Philip Arndt parndt Added callback proc support to settings, unused as yet. 775aeb2
Amanda Wagener awagener Switched cucumber user logins to use factory girl f6dd315
Amanda Wagener awagener Moved check whether to display site bar to site bar partial; added te…
…sts for this
Amanda Wagener awagener Switched cucumber user logins to use factory girl 6b15460
Philip Arndt parndt Added callback proc support to settings, unused as yet. 1efec7f
Amanda Wagener awagener Cucumber tests for creating the initial user 71064a1
Joe Sak joemsak Added explicit height to table insertion dialogue for WYM c392866
Commits on Jun 30, 2010
stevenheidel .gems file is no longer needed on Heroku as bundler is used instead. …
…As well, this particular .gems file causes problems due to the fact that comments are not allowed.
Philip Arndt parndt new schema file? f1bf5fe
Joshua Davey jgdavey Allow original size to be used in image insertion. Useful especially …
…for really small images.
Joshua Davey jgdavey Shrink height of dialogs a bit; things were getting too crowded 61456e2
Earle Clubb eclubb Ignore VIM .swo files. 55355c3
stevenheidel Updated Gemfile to use latest version of RMagick. This is required fo…
…r Rubinius as all previous versions create an error.
stevenheidel Refactored User feature, this is a cucumber convention ac8daef
stevenheidel Initial generation of rspec for testing 5abb866
stevenheidel Specdoc is a much nicer format, it also gives you semi-good documenta…
…tion of the capabilities and features
stevenheidel The very first refinery spec works as advertised cbb51d2
stevenheidel Updated schema 6a7325b
stevenheidel Initial generation of rspec for testing 7d07bf7
stevenheidel Specdoc is a much nicer format, it also gives you semi-good documenta…
…tion of the capabilities and features
stevenheidel Some of the old habits still linger within the rspec-rails generator 4378915
stevenheidel Added test-unit to the bundle 5e3e945
Philip Arndt parndt whitespace b452ca9
Philip Arndt parndt and yet again whitespace 4716bb2
Philip Arndt parndt Remove .gems from gemspec and ensure files exist before specifying th…
…em in the gem.
Philip Arndt parndt make use of widest a2930f3
Philip Arndt parndt Add |c| block to proc 3a36fe7
stevenheidel This way is required for most of rspec's special features to work 42777de
Philip Arndt parndt Remove cache folders from the gemspec fe3ecbd
Philip Arndt parndt Fix image test for new number of items 7379ce2