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head fork: resolve/refinerycms
Commits on Mar 28, 2011
Tony Collen fix links to crudify docs 73b7ff4
Philip Arndt parndt Seeing as 'bin/refinerycms' is only used for new applications now we …
…don't really need to backup the Gemfile.
Philip Arndt parndt We don't pass a different command to generate! anymore. a82a32d
Philip Arndt parndt Define login as login? only if login is not defined. Makes more sense…
… than a ternary here.
Philip Arndt parndt State true plugin version in register block. 0e27777
Philip Arndt parndt Preliminary support for HTML5 elements in WYMeditor. Currently 'comma…
…nd' is being removed and 'wbr' loses its closing tag.
Philip Arndt parndt Sample adapter should default to mysql2. 02c20a6
Philip Arndt parndt Added 'refinery.before_inclusion' and 'refinery.after_inclusion' (ren…
…amed from 'refinery.on_attach') to hook into Refinery or Rails before or after Refinery's inclusion into Rails (fires inside the Refinery::Application.refinery! method).
Commits on Mar 30, 2011
Nick Hammond nickhammond append the port to the path on the welcome page 9cb21d9
Philip Arndt parndt Update guide to f80522b
Nick Hammond nickhammond wbr is an inline tag, fix typo in css 2eb5576
Nick Hammond nickhammond make labels for all html5 entities, add in styles to the editor e2becfc
Philip Arndt parndt Merge remote branch 'nickhammond/master' 41fec6d
Philip Arndt parndt Not sure why this changed. b51798f
Philip Arndt parndt Looked into it and we can use a few methods on request to handle prot…
Philip Arndt parndt Discourage sudo, show latest version. bfe7dce
Angelo Grossini Fix javascript error when closing the link window 5f76c00
Philip Arndt parndt Added plugin 'seo_meta' to project, replacing our handling of meta ta…
…gs. Sooo meta.
Philip Arndt parndt Document introduction of seo_meta cb74c8c
Philip Arndt parndt 1.8.7 does not accept arguments after a splat (ht: radar) d31d2e7
Philip Arndt parndt Lock to latest versions d889fa1
Philip Arndt parndt wrap up for release. a12c8c0
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