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Commits on Apr 28, 2011
@parndt parndt Fixed spelling mistake skiped -> skipped and allowed all of the core …
…attributes on all of the new 'HTML5 tags' which fixes #635
Commits on Apr 29, 2011
@parndt parndt whitespace 50fd11a
@parndt parndt Allowed data- attributes in WYMeditor tags using HTML view e.g. data-…
…validator='string' or data-tooltip='Here is a nice description of my element for use with some javascript'.
@joeellis joeellis Small code change to update the find_all_events code sample to the ne…
…w Rails 3.0 arel syntax
@parndt parndt Merged pull request #642 from joeellis/patch-2.
Small code change to update the find_all_events code sample to the new Ra
@parndt parndt If using mysql then restrict mysql2 to 0.2.x range when generating a …
…refinerycms based application. This is because MySQL 0.3.x is for >= Rails 3.1
@parndt parndt Prepare next version of Refinery for a likely new release today to fi…
…x MySQL2 issues on generate.
Commits on Apr 30, 2011
@srawlins srawlins Fixing issue 645. This change wraps the Ruby executable (and its abso…
…lute path) in quotes, as well as the entire command passed to Windows's CMD, if we're using Windows. `cmd /?` explains why those quotes are needed (it's lengthy).
@jpablobr jpablobr Raw html strings in shared partials should use 83146bd
@parndt parndt Merged pull request #647 from jpablobr/master.
Raw html strings in shared partials should use #html_save.
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #646 from srawlins/patch-1.
Fixing issue 645
Commits on May 01, 2011
@parndt parndt Specified future RefineryCMS versions in Gemfile. db483cc
@parndt parndt /registrations is now /users because it's far more appropriate. Devis…
…e safely upgraded to 1.3.x
Commits on May 02, 2011
@parndt parndt Replaced double quotes with single quotes where double quotes weren't…
… required.
@parndt parndt Ensure that everything added to before_inclusion and after_inclusion …
…exists and is callable.
@parndt parndt Make better use of refinery.before_inclusion in the authentication en…
@parndt parndt We don't need to manually require base, core or settings engines. The…
…y are required by the modules that require them that we already load.
@bitflut bitflut Refactor devise authentication_keys overwrite from devise initializer…
… to user model for better compatibility with devise standard configurations
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #649 from bitflut/master.
Fix for issue #648
@parndt parndt Remove old commented out code that we won't implement. b00e46f
@parndt parndt Minor speed improvements. 1c614d9
@parndt parndt Only need to require refinerycms-base when we're not requiring the en…
…tire stack already.
@veeti veeti Added Finnish translation files bcaf7d9
@veeti veeti Added Finnish translation for WYMEditor 7805178
Commits on May 03, 2011
@mhaylock mhaylock Fix image/resource picker redirect. Should fix GH-652. 04b9dfb
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #650 from rojekti/i18n_fi.
Added a Finnish translation
@parndt parndt Oops I did more and forgot to release earlier. 349189b
@parndt parndt Give the default frontend locale precendence in the list of locale fl…
…ags next to a page's title.
@parndt parndt Regenerated javascript translations with new Finnish one. cbe5dca
@parndt parndt New gemspecs for and for Finnish support files. db8cd71