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Selenium iOS Driver

Currently to build the iOS web driver for selenium you must download all the selenium source code (see

This means a ~450MB download just to compile and run the iOS driver. For the purposes of simplified distribution this project allows distribution of just the essential files to compile the app (closer the 20MB total).

Under the driver/ directory is the latest version distributed in this repo.


To build the app for the iOS simulator using the latest iOS SDK installed on your machine run:

rake selenium:iosdriver:build

The build files are then found at driver/iphone/build/.


To update there is a rake task that will pull down the full SVN repo into a hidden directory (.svn-copy/) run a build task (./go iphone_atoms) and then copy the necessary files into the driver/ directory. To run this call:

$ rake selenium:update

If you want to update to a particular tag in the Selenium SVN repository:

$ rake selenium:update TAG=selenium-2.25.0

Output from these commands will be something like:

$ rake updateChecking out the latest revision at
If this is the first time it may take several minutes.
Successfully checked out revision '17708' from SVN.
Successfully generated atoms.h for iOS.
Successfully copied files into repo.

Update complete.

Once the update is complete the driver/ directory is managed by GIT so you can review the changes and commit these. Our approach has been to mention the SVN version in the commits also tagged these commits like so:

This makes it easier to track which SVN version is committed.