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Hierarchical Memo & Task web-app
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Uranus is a hierarchical Memo & Task app.
In order to use Uranus, please install Docker in advance.

Getting Started

git clone
cd uranus
docker-compose up -d


  • Switch mode from Memo to Task, and vice versa
  • Create new item
  • Add new item
  • Edit item
  • Exchange item with above one
  • Delete item
  • Clear all items
  • Check item, and strike through it asynchronously (Task only)


If you want to build Uranus from source code, please install Maven in advance.
First, uncomment build tag in docker-compose.yml and remove images.

docker rmi resotto/tomcat:1.0
docker rmi resotto/postgres:1.0

Second, build Uranus with Maven.

cd ap
mvn package

Now, you just run containers.

docker-compose up -d



GNU General Public License v3.0.

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