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Refactoring of a lot of code.

This commit introduces a lot of changes such as:
  * Types to handle need to be whitelisted by adding them in the
    whitelist.txt file.
  * Providing a way to override the name of a class.
  * Providing a way to override GIR data with .defs data located in
  * Adding methods to Block and DefsFile classes to get information
    from a Block (fields) and add them in an existing DefsFile.
  * Factorizing the IntrospectionParser code.
  * Add utf8 and filename types as registered String types.
  * Removing .defs files that we needed before.

There are still some known issues such as public API not matching the
generated and errors throwing not handle yet.
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respawner committed Aug 13, 2013
1 parent 65cc54e commit bc1eb0237055beeb8a1a6761db58bd32a28df8b1
Showing 531 changed files with 1,803 additions and 37,964 deletions.
@@ -38,7 +38,10 @@
* @author Guillaume Mazoyer
* @since 4.1.2
final class File extends Object
* FIXME: this should not be public.
public final class File extends Object
private File(long pointer) {
@@ -214,7 +214,7 @@ private SwitchPageHandler(SwitchPage handler) {
this.handler = handler;
public void onSwitchPage(Notebook source, long page, int pageNum) {
public void onSwitchPage(Notebook source, Widget page, int pageNum) {
handler.onSwitchPage(source, pageNum);

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