To build voice interface objects

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  1. get_started_with_respeaker

    This is the wiki of ReSpeaker Core V2, ReSpeaker Core and ReSpeaker Mic Array.

    Python 195 74

  2. respeaker_python_library

    To build voice enabled objects/applications with Python and ReSpeaker

    Python 84 65

  3. avs

    python implementation of alexa voice service app, 支持DuerOS

    Python 110 34

  4. seeed-voicecard

    2 Mic Hat, 4 Mic Array, 6-Mic Circular Array Kit, and 4-Mic Linear Array Kit for Raspberry Pi

    C 127 57

  5. respeakerd

    respeakerd is the server application for the microphone array solutions of SEEED, based on librespeaker which combines the audio front-end processing algorithms.

    C++ 19 6

  6. axol_system_image_changelog

    ReSpeaker Core v2 image changelog, TODO and collecting issues.




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