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AVS(Alexa Voice Service) Guide

This guide will show you how to build an AVS device based on the ReSpeaker Core V2.


Now we have two options to build such AVS device:

  • With open-sourced solution
  • With close-sourced solution

The open-sourced solution utilizes the algorithms from webrtc, speex projects. It aims for the users/hackers who want to go deep into the algorithms, e.g. algorithms research. The close-sourced solution may give less control to users, but it already has powerful algorithms builtin, such as: noise suppression, beamforming, echo cancellation, auto gain control.

1. Prerequisites

  • Latest system, otherwise you'll be given some errors of missing software packages
  • Network has been configured
  • Serial console / SSH
  • Familiar with VNC operation

2. Open-sourced Solution

2.1 Install AVS Library (Python)

respeaker@v2:~$ pip install avs

This will also install the following executables into ~/.local/bin: alexa-audio-check, alexa-auth, dueros-auth, alexa-tap and alexa.

Check the audio configuration via:

respeaker@v2:~$ ~/.local/bin/alexa-audio-check

This script calculates the RMS of the sound recorded by the microphones.

2.2 Authorize Alexa

Connect to the board via VNC. In the VNC desktop, open terminal and execute:

respeaker@v2:~$ ~/.local/bin/alexa-auth

This script will open the web browser automatically, the web browser will display a login page. Sign in with your Amazon account:


Now you can close the VNC client. The following commands can be executed in the SSH (If you prefer the VNC desktop, the terminal in VNC desktop also works).

2.3 Alexa Tap to Play

respeaker@v2:~$ ~/.local/bin/alexa-tap

Wait until you see on_ready in the log printing. Press enter and talk to Alexa.

2.4 Alexa Hands-Free via Snowboy

sudo apt install libatlas-dev                # required by snowboy
git clone
cd respeaker_v2_eval
pip install --no-deps snowboy*.whl           # install pre-build snowboy
pip install webrtc_audio_processing*.whl
pip install voice-engine

Say snowboy to trigger the conversation with Alexa.

With light effect:

pip install pixel-ring

2.5 Related Libraries

3. Close-sourced Solution

The quickest way to experience the close-sourced solution is to run the out-of-box demo.

This solution consists of the following components:

The OOB demo combines librespeaker, respeakerd and the Python version AVS client.

Another AVS client implementation is the C++ version from the Amazon official, which is more robust and more compatible with the AVS API. We have done some mod to let it work with respeakerd. The main idea is, pass the events through D-Bus, the events include: wakeword detected, all states that a LED ring UI requires. The wake word detected event is emitted by the respeakerd, and will be received by AVS C++ SDK and the LED ring server application. The states events are emitted by the AVS C++ SDK, and will be listened by the LED ring server application. Here's the guide of how to compile and run the AVS C++ SDK, and how to configure respeakerd to work with each other.