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factory reset

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We can do a factory reset through ssh, serial console or sd card autorun script. When a ssh session or the serial console is available, just run:


SD card autorun script

The system will automatically run autorun file of the sd card's first part if the sd card is mounted. The start-up sequence is /etc/init.d/autorun -> /root/ -> /root/ -> /tmp/run/mountd/mmcblk0p1/autorun. When a sd card is inserted, its first part will be mounted at /tmp/run/mountd/mmcblk0p1/. If your sd card is not automatically mounted, try to format it with sd card formatter.

We can add firstboot to sd card's autorun to perform a factory reset. For example, copy the following script and save it to the sd card's root directory with filename autorun.


if [ ! -f /tmp/run/mountd/mmcblk0p1/reset_once ]; then
    touch /tmp/run/mountd/mmcblk0p1/reset_once
    reboot -f

Serial console

If you re-program a new Arduino sketch to the ReSpeaker's ATmega32U4, you can get the serial console back by re-programming the default sketch

Install drivers

  1. Windows 10, Linux or macOS

    the serial port will be available and no extra driver is required.

  2. Windows XP/Vista/7

Get ReSpeaker's drivers from and Arduino IDE's drivers.

If ATmega32U4 bootloader is broken :(

  1. Wi-Fi connection is available

Get it back through OpenWrt, run:

/etc/init.d/mopidy stop  # stop mopidy if it's running, mopidy-hallo plugin will use SPI
/etc/init.d/alexa stop      # stop alexa if it's running
mt7688_pinmux set ephy gpio
cd /etc/arduino
avrdude -c linuxgpio -p m32u4 -e -U lfuse:w:0xFF:m -U hfuse:w:0xD8:m -U efuse:w:0xCB:m \
-U flash:w:Caterina-ReSpeaker.hex -u -U lock:w:0xEF:m
  1. the worst case - re-program a new bootloader via ICSP pins

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