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Browser/Client Library for Respoke. Use this library in a JavaScript web app to add individual and group messaging, contact discovery, and voice and video calling to web apps.



npm install respoke




Grab a release from the CDN:

Prebuilt / Bower

bower install --save respoke

Prebuilt and minified versions of respoke.js can be found at


The documentation for this library resides on the Respoke website. Also check out the quickstart guide and other tutorials.

Development Dependencies

We welcome discussion on our community and contributions from the community. To get started contributing back, you'll need to clone this repo and run the following commands.

brew install node
# or
# apt-get install nodejs
npm install -g grunt
npm install


There are two different types of tests within transporter.

  1. Unit tests. These run locally and have no dependencies on external systems.
  2. Functional tests. These require an account with Respoke in order to run

Unit tests

These can be run simply using grunt.

grunt unit

Functional tests

In order to run the functional tests, go to and sign up for an account, and create an application. You then configure spec/test-config.json with your account and application credentials.

    "appId": "",
    "appSecret": "",
    "username": "",
    "password": ""


Respoke.js uses CommonJS to manage its dependencies, and the Webpack module bundler to bundle the library. To create the bundled and minified library suitable for distribution, you can run

grunt dist


webpack && npm run build-stats

If you want to have the source files watched and built automatically when changes are made, run

webpack --watch

If you want the watch task to rebuild faster, you can comment out the uglify plugin in webpack.config.js for the duration of your development.

Code Compliance

This project uses jshint. The configuration for jshint can be found in the repo at .jshintrc and .jshintignore.

npm run jshint

Point your editor to .jscsrc to follow the project's JavaScript Code Style (JSCS) rules.

npm run jscs


Respoke.js is licensed under the MIT license.