A generic chrome extension which enables screen sharing in chrome on the respoke platform
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Respoke Sample Chrome Extension

This Chrome extension adds screen sharing capabilities for Chrome to the Respoke.js library for Respoke. Since this is a Chrome extension, it must be modified to match your app's domain name and then published to the Chrome Web Store.


Fork this code to your own repo and then make the following changes.

  1. Rename manifest.json.sample to manifest.json.
  2. Open manifest.json and change the title to the name of your web app.
  3. In the permissions list, list the domain names, ports and protocols that this extension should be enabled on. Here is Google's documentation, but it should be as easy as adding one or more URLs with "https://", your domain name, and an optional path like "/mysubdir/*"

NOTE: You must use SSL for screen sharing in chrome, so HTTP URLs will not work. You may use a wildcard to specify multiple subdomains, like "https://*.example.com."

    "permissions": [

The tabs permission allows you to load the extension after an inline installation.

  1. Add these same entries in the content_scripts section inside the matches list.
    "content_scripts": [{
        "matches": ["https://localhost:8080/*", "https://*.example.com/*", "https://example.com/video/*"],
        "js": ["content.js"],
        "run_at": "document_end"

That's all! Now just publish your Chrome extension and prompt your users to install it.

Inline install

Inline installation can only occur due to a user action, such as a click on a button that you (as the developer) control.

function clickExtension(e){
  chrome.webstore.install('https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/<chrome-extension-app-id>', function(){
      console.log('Successfully installed Chrome Extension');
  }, function(err){
      console.log('Error installing extension in chrome', err);

To allow inline installation, a special link element must be present on the page.

<link rel="chrome-webstore-item" href="'https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/<chrome-extension-app-id>'">

When is the extension loaded?

Due to the nature of the extension extending the respoke.js library, it has to load after the library; at document_end. This means that it runs after all of your Javascript too.

That means that having a block of javascript, as below, won't tell you if the extension is installed/loaded.

if (!respoke.needsChromeExtension || respoke.hasChromeExtension) {
    //remove our install button

This is because the respoke.js library loads, then your javascript runs and then the extension tells the respoke.js library that it's available.

To get around this, the respoke.js library fires an event when any respoke enabled extension loads.

respoke.listen('extension-loaded', function(data){
    console.log('extension loaded', data);
    if (!respoke.needsChromeExtension || respoke.hasChromeExtension) {
        //remove an inline installation button

The extension-loaded event will fire for any kind of respoke based extension, with data to tell you which extension. In this case, the data looks like this:

    type: 'screen-sharing'


Respoke Screen Sharing Chrome extension is licensed under the MIT license.