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Reusable style elements for Respoke web properties
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styles for Respoke web properties

This repo has shared styles for Respoke websites.

# this format tells NPM to use
npm i --save-dev respoke/style

Stylesheet usage

Be sure to add the include paths to the SASS configuration in your build process. Otherwise you will need to provide the full path to the file you wish to import.

var sass = require('gulp-sass');
var respokeStyle = require('respoke-style');

gulp.task('sass', function () {
    return gulp.src('styles')
            includePaths: respokeStyle.includeStylePaths()
@import 'base';

.my-content {
    color: $text;

The basic usage is to just include the base.scss file which includes all the components, helpers, bourbon, neat, config options, and base element styles. (See example above).

To use Bourbon, Neat, and Respoke variables and helpers without the added cruft of the actual styles then just import respoke-style.scss.

@import 'respoke-style';

.my-content {
    color: $text;

.my-button {
    @include button-dark;

SassDoc generation

To generate the SassDoc run the gulp task and open the generated html file.

gulp sassdoc && open sassdoc/index.html

Jade template usage

To include the provided mixins for Jade just include the mixins.jade file at the top of your template.

@include node_modules/respoke-style/mixins

doctype html
        p Some custom paragraph text

To include a shared template you will need to provide the Jade helpers to the template compilation method either globally or locally. There is a renderSharedTemplate method that will output the compiled shared template. It can take an option second locals object to pass variables.

var jade = require('gulp-jade');
var respokeStyle = require('respoke-style');

gulp.task('jade', function () {
    return gulp.src('templates')
            locals: respokeStyle.templateLocals
doctype html
        != renderSharedTemplate('head')
        p Some custom paragraph text

        != renderSharedTemplate('footer')


These are files you may want to reuse. You will probably want to copy them during your build. See the example Gruntfile copy task.

./assets/ ./assets/images/ ./assets/js/

Exported paths

See the list of exported asset paths in ./index.js.

You can use these paths as local variables for your SCSS and Jade, or in your build script. See the example Gruntfile.

var respokeStyle = require('respoke-style');

assetPaths = respokeStyle.paths.assets
assetPaths = respokeStyle.paths.styles
assetPaths = respokeStyle.paths.templates

Your project structure

When you copy the ./assets to your local project, you must serve the ./assets/js/ folder at the root of your website such that it is at the /js/ path (required by ./templates/head.jade).

Example Gruntfile

See ./SampleGruntfileUsage.js for an example of building the Respoke styles into one of your projects.

Style guide

To view the style guide run the gulp task and open your browser to http://localhost:1236.

gulp style-guide
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