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resque-loner and rspec tests #11

dkharrat opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I'm noticing that the unique keys used to identify jobs are not being removed when running rspec in my app for things that are using resque. I've turned on inline jobs for rspec, which is not supposed to queue them up. Does resque-loner work with inline jobs?


I haven't tried it with the inline jobs - so you're saying that your app's rpsec suite runs jobs inline, and even though they are finished the loner* keys don't get removed from redis? If so, then that's a bug - a pull request would be SWEET :)


pinging @dkharrat


I haven't gotten the chance to really investigate it yet. I'll update this issue as soon as I do get the chance to look at it in more detail, and will post results.


Alright, I'll leave it open then. Thanks!

@jayniz jayniz closed this issue from a commit
@arthurdandrea arthurdandrea disable extensions if Resque.inline? fix #11
if Resque.inline? jobs are executed inline (duh) and there is no concurrency, no resque-loner
@jayniz jayniz closed this in 2aed253
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