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1.27.0 (TBD)

  • Update jQuery from 1.3.2 to 1.12.4

  • Fix issue where calling Worker.find, Worker.all, or Worker.working from withing a running job would rewrite the PID file with the PID of the forked worker. This causes a change to the Worker#new API that may affect plugin implementations. See Worker#new and Worker#prepare for details. (@jeremywadsack)

1.26.0 (2016-03-10)

This changelog is a bit incomplete. We will be much stricter about the changelog for the next release.

  • rake: when BACKGROUND, ensure worker.reconnect after daemonizing (@yaauie)
  • worker: when searching workers, Worker#pid properly reflects pid of the found worker instead of the current pid. (@yaauie)
  • Add support for RESQUE_PROCLINE_PREFIX environment variable to prefix procline strings with a static identifier. (@rbroemeling)
  • Resque::Worker logs errors at the correct logging level (@chrisccerami)

1.25.2 (2014-3-3)

  • Respect TERM_CHILD setting when not forking (@ggilder)
  • implementation of backend connection with a hash (Andrea Rossi)
  • require yaml for show_args support (@yaauie)
  • use redis-namespace 1.3 (Andrea Rossi)
  • fix DOCS link in README (@cade)
  • Fix worker prune test to actually run its assertion & cover reality. (@yaauie)
  • Eliminate infinite recursion when Resque::Helpers mixed into Resque (@yaml)
  • use ruby, avoid shelling out. google++ (@hone)
  • Failed Assertions Don't Fail Tests 😡 (@yaauie)

1.25.1 (2013-9-26)

  • Actually require Forwardable from the standard library.

1.25.0 (2013-4-16)

  • Updates fork method so resque-multi-job-forks monkey patching works again. See discussion at for more context (@jonhyman)
  • Use Redis.pipelined to group batches of redis commands. (@jonhyman)
  • Fixed uninitialize constant for the module/class that contains the perform method causing job failures to no be reported, #792 (@sideshowcoder)
  • Fix Resque::Failure::Base.all to have the correct signature. (@rentalutions)
  • Don't close stdio pipes when daemonizing so as to not hide errors. #967 (@sideshowcoder)
  • Fix for worker_pids on Windows. #980 (@kzgs)
  • Only prune workers for queues the current worker knows about. #1000 (!) (@dsabanin)
  • Handle duplicate TERM signals. #988 (@softwaregravy)
  • Fix issue with exiting workers and unintentionally deregistering the parent when the forked child exits. #1017 (@magec)
  • Fix encoding errors with local date formatting. #1065 (@katafrakt)
  • Fix CI for 1.8.7 and 1.9.2 modes due to dependencies. #1090 (@adelcambre)
  • Allow using globs for queue names to listen on, allowing things like listening on staging_*. #1085 (@adelcambre)

1.24.1 (2013-3-23)

  • Adds a default value for per_page on resque-server for plugins which add tabs (@jonhyman)
  • Fix bad logic on the failed queue adapter
  • Added missing require 'time' which was causing occasional errors which would crash workers.

1.24.0 (2013-3-21)

  • Web UI: Fix regression that caused the failure tab to break when using certain failure backends (@kjg)
  • Web UI: Add page list to queues (@ql)
  • Web UI: Fix regression that caused the failure tab to break when clicking on "clear all failures" under certain failure backends, #859 (@jonhyman)
  • Fix regression for Resque hooks where Resque would error out if you assigned multiple hooks using an array, #859 (@jonhyman)
  • Adds ENV["RUN_AT_EXIT_HOOKS"] which when set to 1 causes any defined at_exit hooks to be run on the child when the forked process exits, #862 (@jonhyman)
  • Bump up redis-namespace to 1.2.
  • Remove multi_json, the JSON gem does the right thing everywhere now.
  • Documentation fixes with demo instructions.
  • Fixed encoding for worker PIDs on Windows (@kzgs)
  • Cache value of PID in an ivar. This way, if you try to look up worker PIDs from some other process (such as the console), they will be correct.
  • Add a mutex-free logger. Ruby 2.0 does not allow you to use a mutex from a signal handler, which can potentially cause deadlock. Now we're using mono_logger, which has no locks.

1.23.1 (2013-3-7)

  • JRuby and Rubinius are 'allow failure' on CI. This is largely due to Travis weridness and flaky tests.
  • Fix link from "queues" view to "failed" view when there's only one failed queue (trliner)
  • Making all the failure backends have the same method signature for duck typing purposes (jonhyman)
  • Fix log formatters not appending a new line (flavorpill)
  • redirect unauthorized resque-web polling requests to root url (trliner)
  • Various resque-web fixes (@tarcieri)
  • Optional RedisMultiQueue failure backend, can be enabled with FAILURE_BACKEND=redis_multi_queue env var (@tarcieri)
  • resque:failures:sort rake task will migrate an existing "failed" queue into separate failure queues per job queue, allowing an easy migration to the RedisMultiQueue failure backend (@tarcieri)
  • Disable forking completely with FORK_PER_JOB=false env var (@tarcieri)
  • Report a failure when processes are killed with signals (@dylanahsmith)
  • Enable registering of multiple Resque hooks (@panthomakos, @jonhyman)

1.23.0 (2012-10-01)

  • don't run before_fork hook if Resque can't fork (@kjwierenga, @tarcieri, #672, #697)
  • don't run after_fork hook if Resque can't fork (@kjwierenga, @tarcieri, #672, #697)
  • retry connecting to redis up to 3 times (@trevorturk, #693)
  • pass exceptions raised by the worker into the Failure backend (@trevorturk, #693)

1.22.0 (2012-08-21)

1.21.0 (2012-07-02)

  • Add a flag to make sure failure hooks are only ran once (jakemack, #546)
  • Support updated MultiJSON API (@twinturbo)
  • Fix worker logging in monit example config (@twinturbo)
  • loosen dependency of redis-namespace to 1.x, support for redis-rb 3.0.x
  • change '%' to '$' in the 'stop program' command for monit
  • UTF8 sanitize exception messages when there's a failure (@brianmario, #507)
  • don't share a redis connection between parent and child (@jsanders, #588)

1.20.0 (2012-02-17)

  • Fixed demos for ruby 1.9 (@BMorearty, #445)
  • Fixed #requeue tests (@hone, #500)
  • Web UI: optional trailing slashes of URLs (@elisehuard, #449)
  • Allow * to appear anywhere in queue list (@tapajos, #405, #407)
  • Wait for child with specific PID (@jacobkg)
  • #decode raise takes a string when re-raising as a different exception class (Trevor Hart)
  • Use Sinatra's pubilc_folder if it exists (@defunkt, #420, #421)
  • Assign the job's worker before calling before_fork (@quirkey)
  • Fix Resque::Helpers#constantize to work correctly on 1.9.2 (@rtlong)
  • Added before & after hooks for dequeue (@humancopy, #398)
  • daemonize support using ENV["BACKGROUND"] (@chrisleishman)
  • requeue and remove failed jobs by queue name (@evanwhalen)
  • -r flag for resque-web for redis connection (@gjastrab)
  • Added Resque.enqueue_to: allows you to specif the queue and still run hooks (@dan-g)
  • Web UI: Set the default encoding to UTF-8 (@elubow)
  • fix finding worker pids on JRuby (John Andrews + Andrew Grieser)
  • Added distributed redis support (@stipple)
  • Added better failure hooks (@raykrueger)
  • Added before & after dequeue hooks (@humancopy)

1.19.0 (2011-09-01)

  • Added Airbrake (formerly Hoptoad) support.
  • Web UI: Added retry all button to failed jobs page
  • Web UI: Show focus outline

1.18.6 (2011-08-30)

  • Bugfix: Use Rails 3 eager loading for resque:preload

1.18.5 (2011-08-24)

  • Added support for Travis CI
  • Bugfix: preload only happens in production Rails environment

1.18.4 (2011-08-23)

  • Bugfix: preload task depends on setup

1.18.3 (2011-08-23)

  • Bugfix: Fix preloading on Rails 3.x.

1.18.2 (2011-08-19)

  • Fix RAILS_ROOT deprecation warning

1.18.1 (2011-08-19)

  • Bugfix: Use RAILS_ROOT in preload task

1.18.0 (2011-08-18)

  • Added before_enqueue hook.
  • Resque workers now preload files under app/ in Rails
  • Switch to MultiJSON
  • Bugfix: Finding worker pids on Solaris
  • Web UI: Fix NaN days ago for worker screens
  • Web UI: Add Cache-Control header to prevent proxy caching
  • Web UI: Update Resque.redis_id so it can be used in a distributed ring.

1.17.1 (2011-05-27)

  • Reverted exit change. Back to exit!.

1.17.0 (2011-05-26)

  • Workers exit with exit instead of exit!. This means you can now use at_exit hooks inside workers.
  • More monit typo fixes.
  • Fixed bug in Hoptoad backend.
  • Web UI: Wrap preformatted arguments.

1.16.1 (2011-05-17)

  • Bugfix: Resque::Failure::Hoptoad.configure works again
  • Bugfix: Loading rake tasks

1.16.0 (2011-05-16)

  • Optional Hoptoad backend extracted into hoptoad_notifier. Install the gem to use it.
  • Added Worker#paused? method
  • Bugfix: Properly reseed random number generator after forking.
  • Bugfix: Resque.redis=()
  • Bugfix: Monit example stdout/stderr redirection
  • Bugfix: Removing single failure now works with multiple failure backends
  • Web: 'Remove Queue' now requires confirmation
  • Web: Favicon!
  • Web Bugfix: Dates display in Safari
  • Web Bugfix: Dates display timezone
  • Web Bugfix: Race condition querying working workers
  • Web Bugfix: Fix polling /workers/all in resque-web

1.15.0 (2011-03-18)

  • Fallback to Redis.connect. Makes ENV variables and whatnot work.
  • Fixed Sinatra 1.2 compatibility

1.14.0 (2011-03-17)

  • Sleep interval can now be a float
  • Added Resque.inline to allow in-process performing of jobs (for testing)
  • Fixed tests for Ruby 1.9.2
  • Added Resque.validate(klass) to validate a Job
  • Decode errors are no longer ignored to help debugging
  • Web: Sinatra 1.2 compatibility
  • Fixed after_enqueue hook to actually run in Resque.enqueue
  • Fixed very_verbose timestamps to use 24 hour time (AM/PM wasn't included)
  • Fixed monit example
  • Fixed Worker#pid

1.13.0 (2011-02-07)

  • Depend on redis-namespace >= 0.10
  • README tweaks
  • Use thread_safe option when setting redis url
  • Bugfix: worker pruning

1.12.0 (2011-02-03)

  • Added pidfile writing from rake resque:work
  • Added Worker#pid method
  • Added configurable location for rake install
  • Bugfix: Errors in failure backend are rescue'd
  • Bugfix: Non-working workers no longer counted in "working" count
  • Bugfix: Don't think resque-web is a worker

1.11.0 (2010-08-23)

  • Web UI: Group /workers page by hostnames

1.10.0 (2010-08-23)

  • Support redis:// string format in Resque.redis=
  • Using new cross-platform JSON gem.
  • Added after_enqueue plugin hook.
  • Added shutdown? method which can be overridden.
  • Added support for the "leftright" gem when running tests.
  • Grammarfix: In the README

1.9.10 (2010-08-06)

  • Bugfix: before_fork should get passed the job

1.9.9 (2010-07-26)

  • Depend on redis-namespace 0.8.0
  • Depend on json_pure instead of json (for JRuby compat)
  • Bugfix: rails_env display in stats view

1.9.8 (2010-07-20)

  • Bugfix: Worker.all should never return nil
  • monit example: Fixed Syntax Error and adding environment to the rake task
  • redis rake task: Fixed typo in copy command

1.9.7 (2010-07-09)

  • Improved memory usage in Job.destroy
  • redis-namespace 0.7.0 now required
  • Bugfix: Reverted $0 changes
  • Web Bugfix: Payload-less failures in the web ui work

1.9.6 (2010-06-22)

  • Bugfix: Rakefile logging works the same as all the other logging

1.9.5 (2010-06-16)

  • Web Bugfix: Display the configured namespace on the stats page
  • Revert Bugfix: Make ps -o more cross platform friendly

1.9.4 (2010-06-14)

  • Bugfix: Multiple failure backend gets exception information when created

1.9.3 (2010-06-14)

  • Bugfix: Resque#queues always returns an array

1.9.2 (2010-06-13)

  • Bugfix: Worker.all returning nil fix
  • Bugfix: Make ps -o more cross platform friendly

1.9.1 (2010-06-04)

  • Less strict JSON dependency
  • Included in gem

1.9.0 (2010-06-04)

  • Redis 2 support
  • Depend on redis-namespace 0.5.0
  • Added Resque::VERSION constant (alias of Resque::Version)
  • Bugfix: Specify JSON dependency
  • Bugfix: Hoptoad plugin now works on 1.9

1.8.5 (2010-05-18)

  • Bugfix: Be more liberal in which Redis clients we accept.

1.8.4 (2010-05-18)

  • Try to resolve redis-namespace dependency issue

1.8.3 (2010-05-17)

  • Depend on redis-rb ~> 1.0.7

1.8.2 (2010-05-03)

  • Bugfix: Include "tasks/" dir in RubyGem

1.8.1 (2010-04-29)

  • Bugfix: Multiple failure backend did not support requeue-ing failed jobs
  • Bugfix: Fix /failed when error has no backtrace
  • Bugfix: Add Redis::DistRedis as a valid client

1.8.0 (2010-04-07)

  • Jobs that never complete due to killed worker are now failed.
  • Worker "working" state is now maintained by the parent, not the child.
  • Stopped using deprecated redis.rb methods
  • Worker.working race condition fixed
  • Worker#process has been deprecated.
  • Monit example fixed
  • Redis::Client and Redis::Namespace can be passed to Resque.redis=

1.7.1 (2010-04-02)

  • Bugfix: Make job hook execution order consistent
  • Bugfix: stdout buffering in child process

1.7.0 (2010-03-31)

  • Job hooks API. See docs/
  • web: Hovering over dates shows a timestamp
  • web: AJAXify retry action for failed jobs
  • web bugfix: Fix pagination bug

1.6.1 (2010-03-25)

  • Bugfix: Workers may not be clearing their state correctly on shutdown
  • Added example monit config.
  • Exception class is now recorded when an error is raised in a worker.
  • web: Unit tests
  • web: Show namespace in header and footer
  • web: Remove a queue
  • web: Retry failed jobs

1.6.0 (2010-03-09)

  • Added before_first_fork, before_fork, and after_fork hooks.
  • Hoptoad: Added server_environment config setting
  • Hoptoad bugfix: Don't depend on RAILS_ROOT
  • 1.8.6 compat fixes

1.5.2 (2010-03-03)

  • Bugfix: JSON check was crazy.

1.5.1 (2010-03-03)

  • Job.destroy and Resque.dequeue return the # of destroyed jobs.
  • Hoptoad notifier improvements
  • Specify the namespace with resque-web by passing -N namespace
  • Bugfix: Don't crash when trying to parse invalid JSON.
  • Bugfix: Non-standard namespace support
  • Web: Red backgound for queue "failed" only shown if there are failed jobs.
  • Web bugfix: Tabs highlight properly now
  • Web bugfix: ZSET partial support in stats
  • Web bugfix: Deleting failed jobs works again
  • Web bugfix: Sets (or zsets, lists, etc) now paginate.

1.5.0 (2010-02-17)

  • Version now included in procline, e.g. resque-1.5.0: Message
  • Web bugfix: Ignore idle works in the "working" page
  • Added Resque::Job.destroy(queue, klass, *args)
  • Added Resque.dequeue(klass, *args)

1.4.0 (2010-02-11)

  • Fallback when unable to bind QUIT and USR1 for Windows and JRuby.
  • Fallback when no Kernel.fork is provided (for IronRuby).
  • Web: Rounded corners in Firefox
  • Cut down system calls in Worker#prune_dead_workers
  • Enable switching DB in a Redis server from config
  • Support USR2 and CONT to stop and start job processing.
  • Web: Add example failing job
  • Bugfix: Worker#unregister_worker shouldn't call done_working
  • Bugfix: Example god config now restarts Resque properly.
  • Multiple failure backends now permitted.
  • Hoptoad failure backend updated to new API

1.3.1 (2010-01-11)

  • Vegas bugfix: Don't error without a config

1.3.0 (2010-01-11)

  • Use Vegas for resque-web
  • Web Bugfix: Show proper date/time value for failed_at on Failures
  • Web Bugfix: Make the / route more flexible
  • Add Resque::Server.tabs array (so plugins can add their own tabs)
  • Start using Semantic Versioning

1.2.4 (2009-12-15)

  • Web Bugfix: fix key links on stat page

1.2.3 (2009-12-15)

  • Bugfix: Fixed rand seeding in child processes.
  • Bugfix: Better JSON encoding/decoding without Yajl.
  • Bugfix: Avoid ps flag error on Linux
  • Add PREFIX observance to rake install tasks.

1.2.2 (2009-12-08)

  • Bugfix: Job equality was not properly implemented.

1.2.1 (2009-12-07)

  • Added rake resque:workers task for starting multiple workers.
  • 1.9.x compatibility
  • Bugfix: Yajl decoder doesn't care about valid UTF-8
  • loads RESQUECONFIG if the ENV variable is set.
  • resque-web now sets RESQUECONFIG
  • Job objects know if they are equal.
  • Jobs can be re-queued using Job#recreate

1.2.0 (2009-11-25)

  • If USR1 is sent and no child is found, shutdown.
  • Raise when a job class does not respond to perform.
  • Added Resque.remove_queue for deleting a queue

1.1.0 (2009-11-04)

  • Bugfix: Broken ERB tag in failure UI
  • Bugfix: Save the worker's ID, not the worker itself, in the failure module
  • Redesigned the sinatra web interface
  • Added option to clear failed jobs

1.0.0 (2009-11-03)

  • First release.