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+Contributing to Resque
+First of all: thank you! We appreciate any help you can give Resque.
+The main way to contribute to Resque is to write some code! Here's how:
+1. [Fork][1] Resque
+2. Create a topic branch - `git checkout -b my_branch`
+3. Push to your branch - `git push origin my_branch`
+4. Create a [Pull Request]( from your
+ branch
+5. That's it!
+If you're not doing some sort of refactoring, a CHANGELOG entry is appropriate.
+Please include them in pull requests adding features or fixing bugs.
+Oh, and 80 character columns, please!
+The `1-x-stable` branch is what is currently being released as `1.x.y`.
+The `master` branch is what will become 2.0.
+It's suggested that you make your pull request against the master branch by
+default, and backport the fix with a second pull request where applicable.
+We use minitest for testing. If you're working against master, you'll find
+a bunch of tests in `test/legacy`. These are the older Resque tests. Don't
+look at them unless your code breaks them. Consider these black-box acceptance
+tests. We don't like them, but we want to make sure we're not breaking
+A simple `bundle exec rake` will run all the tests. Make sure they pass when
+you submit a pull request.
+Please include tests with your pull request.
+Writing docs is really important. We use yard to generate our documentation.
+Please include docs in your pull requests.
+Bugs & Feature Requests
+You can file bugs on the [issues
+tracker](, and tag them with 'bug'.
+Feel free to ask for features there, too, if you'd like.
+If you have a question or want to discuss something, the Resque mailng list
+might just be the place. [](
+is the address you want, send an email there and it'll take care of you.
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