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Release Notes for REST Assured 1.4.5


  • Better support for cookies:
  • You can now create multi-value cookies using e.g.

    given().cookie("cookieName", "value1", "value2"). ..

    This will create two cookies, cookieName=value1 and cookieName=value2.

  • Fixed a serious issue with the cookie parsing that caused cookie attributes to be parsed as a new cookie (issue 130).
  • Support for getting detailed cookies using the Response.getDetailedCookies() method. You can also get a single detailed cookie using the Response.getDetailedCookie(java.lang.String) method. Detailed cookies contains e.g. comment, path and expiry date.
  • Creation of detailed cookies:

    Cookie someCookie = new Cookie.Builder("some_cookie", "some_value").setSecured(true).build();
  • Better support for headers: You can now create multi-value headers using e.g.

    given().header("headerName", "value1", "value2"). ..

    This will create two headers, headerName=value1 and headerName=value2.

Non-backward compatible changes

Other notable changes

  • Added support for serializing objects to a parameter if the content-type is set:

            queryParam("category", "Games").
            formParam("object", new GameObject(..)). // GameObject will be serialized to JSON
  • Added support for mapping a path to a Java object in JsonPath, e.g:

    Book book = from(JSON).getObject("[2]", Book.class);

    Minor changes

    See change log for more details