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Release Notes for REST Assured 1.8.0


  • XmlPath and JsonPath have been extracted to their own projects which means that you can use them without depending on REST Assured. See the getting started page for more details on how to start using them.

  • Both XmlPath and JsonPath can now be configured independently. For example you can config custom object serializers and charset etc. JsonPath example:

    JsonPath jsonPath = new JsonPath(SOME_JSON).using(new JsonPathConfig("UTF-8"));

    It's also possible to configure JsonPath and XmlPath statically:

    JsonPath.config = new JsonPathConfig("UTF-8");

See JsonPathConfig and XmlPathConfig for more details.

Non-backward compatible changes

  • Third party dependencies have been updated, download the corresponding distribution zip file from the download page.
  • com.jayway.restassured.exception.ParsePathException was renamed to com.jayway.restassured.exception.PathException
  • JsonPath now throws JsonPathException instead of Groovy's JsonException when parsing invalid JSON documents
  • XmlPath now throws XmlPathException instead of PathException when parsing invalid malformed XML documents
  • ObjectMapperDeserializationContext#getResponse() has been renamed to "getDataToDeserialize()". It no longer returns an instance of ResponseBodyData, it now returns an instance of DataToDeserialize.

Other notable changes

  • Added getPath method to Node and NodeChildren elements in XmlPath which allows you get a subpath using the GPath notation.
  • Improved speed of JsonPath when parsing multiple values
  • Upgraded to Groovy 2.1.2

Minor changes

See change log for more details

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