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Release Notes for REST Assured 2.9.0

This is a maintenance release but it contains some backward incompatible changes.


  1. Highlights
  2. Non-backward compatible changes
  3. Deprecations
  4. Minor Changes


  • Major improvements of certificate authentication. You can now use a keystore (without truststore) and a keystore and truststore at the same time (see non-backward compatible changes).

Non-backward compatible changes

  • Automatically escapes JsonPath and XmlPath fragments that contains a hyphen and an index lookup operator. For example consider the following JSON document:

{ "some-list" : ["one", "two"] }

Previously you had to escape `some-list` manually if you wanted to get first element out of the list:
JsonPath jsonPath = ...
String firstElement = jsonPath.getString("'some-list'[0]"); // one

Now no explicit escaping is necessary:

String firstElement = jsonPath.getString("some-list[0]"); // one

But this means that if you previously had a JSON document like this:

{ "some-list[0]" : ["one", "two"] }

you would now have to escape it:

String firstElement = jsonPath.getString("'some-list[0]'[0]"); // one

which makes this an (unlikely but still) non-backward compatible change (issue 564).

  • Getting an attribute value from an XmlPath expression that doesn't exists now returns null instead of an empty list (issue #650).
  • Keystore was previously used as a truststore. You must change given().keystore(..) to given().trustStore(..), RestAssured.keystore(..) to RestAssured.trustStore(..) and SSLConfig.keystore(..) to SSLConfig.trustStore(..). Sorry!


Minor changes

  • Added support for composing a Hamcrest matcher with a ResponseAwareMatcher when using a ResponseAwareMatcherComposer
  • Added support for multipart DELETE requests (issue 634)
  • It's now possible to use empty and whitespace path parameters (issue 631)
  • Fixing NullPointerException for GET requests with an empty body (issue 642)
  • Form authentication for fully-qualified URIs now uses the URI specified in the request instead of just localhost (issue 641)
  • Improve escaping for XmlPath's containing colon. For example you can now do like this without manually having to escape anything in the path: x:something.x:y[0] (issue 647)

See change log for more details.

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