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Release Notes for REST Assured 3.3.0


  1. Highlights
  2. Minor Changes


  • Added io.restassured.mapper.TypeRef class that allows one to deserialize a response to a container with generic type. For example:

    List<Map<String, Object>> products = get("/products").as(new TypeRef<List<Map<String, Object>>>() {});

    Note that currently this only works for JSON :(

  • Added a artifact called rest-assured-all that can be used if you run into issues with split packages in Java 9+. If so exclude the rest-assured dependency from you build script and instead add (maven example):


    Thanks to Tomasz Gaweda for pull request.

  • Introduces custom listeners on test validation failures. This makes it possible to hook into Rest Assured and get a callback when the test fails with full access to the request/response specification as well as the response. You can do this by implementing the ResponseValidationFailureListener and add it to the new FailureConfig. For example:

    given().config(RestAssured.config().failureConfig(failureConfig().with().failureListeners((requestSpec, responseSpec, response) ->"Rest Assured validation failed!")).when(). ..

    (issue 1093) (thanks to Daniel Dyląg for pull request).

Minor changes

See change log for more details.

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