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Release Notes for REST Assured 4.2.0


  1. Highlights
  2. Minor Changes


  • Introduced the spring-mock-mvc-kotlin-extensions project which allows a nicer experience for Kotlin developers using the spring-mock-mvc module. This allows one to write tests like this:

     class RestAssuredMockMvcKotlinExtensionsTest {
         fun example() {
             val mockMvc =
             val id: Int =
             Given {
                 param("name", "Johan")
             } When {
             } Then {
                     "id", Matchers.equalTo(1),
                     "content", Matchers.equalTo("Hello, Johan!")
             } Extract {

    To use it depend on:


    and import the extension functions from the io.restassured.module.mockmvc.kotlin.extensions package. Thanks to Myeonghyeon-Lee for pull request.

  • Added a new object mapper type that supports the Jakarta EE JSON Binding (JSON-B) specification. By default it will use Eclipse Yasson as the JSON-B implementation. To use it simply include


    in your classpath and then configure REST Assured to use it as its default ObjectMapperType:

     RestAssured.config = RestAssured.config.objectMapperConfig(ObjectMapperConfig.objectMapperConfig().defaultObjectMapperType(ObjectMapperType.JSONB));

    Thanks to Andrew Guibert for pull request.

  • Added ability to blacklist headers so that they are not shown in the request or response log. Instead the header value will be replaced with [ BLACKLISTED ]. You can enable this per header basis using the LogConfig:

     given().config(config().logConfig(logConfig().blacklistHeader("Accept"))). ..

    The response log will the print:

    Request method:	GET
    Request URI:    http://localhost:8080/something
    Proxy:          <none>
    Request params: <none>
    Query params:   <none>
    Form params:    <none>
    Path params:    <none>
    Headers:        Accept=[ BLACKLISTED ]
    Cookies:        <none>
    Multiparts:     <none>
    Body:           <none>

    Thanks to Simone Ivan Conte for the help and initial pull request.

Minor changes

See change log for more details.