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Per-request proxy configuration #189

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One of my projects uses a couple of API client gems which are developed on top of rest-client. Everything worked great (thank you btw :-) until I needed to set a proxy for the calls going to one API but not to the others.

Since the proxy is configured via the global setting RestClient.proxy, I figured it would be nice to be able to set the proxy for a specific RestClient::Request (or bypass the globally configured proxy if necessary).

That way, I wouldn't need to resort to "dirty" tricks like this:

old_proxy = RestClient.proxy

  # Change or bypass proxy
  RestClient.proxy = new_proxy

  # Do work
  RestClient.proxy = old_proxy

I added test cases for the new parameter and updated the README accordingly.

Daniel Fernandes Martins Now it's possible to make a request bypassing the global proxy config…
…uration, or use a different proxy when needed.
L2G commented

Excellent, thanks. There's a tickle in the back of my brain telling me that someone else was working on this, too, but maybe that's a false memory. Anyway, this sounds like a worthy new feature.


nice feature, in my application I use multithread queries with different proxies so
I was searching a few days ago BUT couldnt find and used another http client.
I cant wait when this request will be released.


went to check on the status of my PR for thread-safe proxy configuration (#191) and discovered this one!

My PR not only adds support for per-RestClient::Request proxies, but also exposes per-request functionality directly in the RestClient module, which is the primary way RestClient is used.


:+1: we just hit a case where this would be useful


i couldnt wait anymore and Today I had decided to use #191
it seems work well.


I haven't been looking in on this repo for a while, so I'm trying to bang on it this weekend as much as I can.

@L2G L2G was assigned

are you guys going to accept this request?


:shipit: +1 for this


+1 - Is there some blocker on this PR?

@L2G L2G was unassigned by ab
@ab ab self-assigned this
@ab ab modified the milestone: 1.8.0, 1.7.0

Will this ever be merged in?


+1 for this

@ab ab modified the milestone: 2.0.0, 1.8.0
@ab ab closed this
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Commits on May 29, 2013
  1. Now it's possible to make a request bypassing the global proxy config…

    Daniel Fernandes Martins authored
    …uration, or use a different proxy when needed.
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Showing with 45 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +1 −0  README.rdoc
  2. +6 −3 lib/restclient/request.rb
  3. +38 −5 spec/request_spec.rb
1  README.rdoc
@@ -146,6 +146,7 @@ You can:
* specify ssl parameters
* override cookies
* manually handle the response (so you can operate on the response stream than reading it fully in memory)
+* bypass or use another proxy than the one configured globally (see the Proxy section below for more information)
see the class' rdoc for more information.
9 lib/restclient/request.rb
@@ -24,12 +24,13 @@ module RestClient
# * :timeout and :open_timeout passing in -1 will disable the timeout by setting the corresponding net timeout values to nil
# * :ssl_client_cert, :ssl_client_key, :ssl_ca_file
# * :ssl_version specifies the SSL version for the underlying Net::HTTP connection (defaults to 'SSLv3')
+ # * :proxy proxy URL specific for this request, use :none to bypass the global proxy configuration
class Request
attr_reader :method, :url, :headers, :cookies,
:payload, :user, :password, :timeout, :max_redirects,
:open_timeout, :raw_response, :verify_ssl, :ssl_client_cert,
- :ssl_client_key, :ssl_ca_file, :processed_headers, :args,
+ :ssl_client_key, :ssl_ca_file, :processed_headers, :proxy, :args,
def self.execute(args, & block)
@@ -60,6 +61,7 @@ def initialize args
@tf = nil # If you are a raw request, this is your tempfile
@max_redirects = args[:max_redirects] || 10
@processed_headers = make_headers headers
+ @proxy = args[:proxy]
@args = args
@@ -99,8 +101,9 @@ def make_headers user_headers
def net_http_class
- if RestClient.proxy
- proxy_uri = URI.parse(RestClient.proxy)
+ proxy = @proxy != :none ? (@proxy || RestClient.proxy) : nil
+ if proxy
+ proxy_uri = URI.parse(proxy)
Net::HTTP::Proxy(, proxy_uri.port, proxy_uri.user, proxy_uri.password)
43 spec/request_spec.rb
@@ -308,14 +308,47 @@
- describe "proxy" do
- it "creates a proxy class if a proxy url is given" do
- RestClient.stub!(:proxy).and_return("")
+ shared_examples_for "request-specific proxy" do
+ before do
+ @request = => :put, :url => 'http://some/resource', :payload => 'payload', :proxy => '')
+ end
+ it "uses a different proxy for this request only" do
@request.net_http_class.proxy_class?.should be_true
+ @request.net_http_class.proxy_address.should == ''
+ end
+ end
+ describe "proxy" do
+ context "with global proxy configuration" do
+ before do
+ RestClient.stub!(:proxy).and_return('')
+ end
+ it "creates a proxy class if a proxy url is given" do
+ @request.net_http_class.proxy_class?.should be_true
+ @request.net_http_class.proxy_address.should == ''
+ end
+ describe "bypass global proxy configuration for a specific request" do
+ before do
+ @request = => :put, :url => 'http://some/resource', :payload => 'payload', :proxy => :none)
+ end
+ it "creates a non-proxy class" do
+ @request.net_http_class.proxy_class?.should be_false
+ end
+ end
+ it_should_behave_like "request-specific proxy"
- it "creates a non-proxy class if a proxy url is not given" do
- @request.net_http_class.proxy_class?.should be_false
+ context "without global proxy configuration" do
+ it "creates a non-proxy class if a proxy url is not given" do
+ @request.net_http_class.proxy_class?.should be_false
+ end
+ it_should_behave_like "request-specific proxy"
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