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Collection of free web services. No registration required. Wizards available at:

How to use the webservices?

There's two possibilities:

  • check the wizards at and generate simple code pieces you need
  • download the library from this repository

Using a webservice

You can use a webservice from PHP just like that:

//lets convert image from JPEG to PNG using "image_convert"
$url = '';

//call API method
$data = json_decode(file_get_contents($url));

//fetch converted image
$image = file_get_contents($data->image);

//save fetched image to disk
file_put_contents('output.png', $image); 

Or you can use a very simple PHP library rest7.php

Example 1: converting image from PNG to DDS

include 'rest7.php';

//load an image from file:
$im = imagecreatefrompng('test.png'); //using a resource, or:
$im = ''; //using an URL or:
$im = 'dir/test.png'; //using a local file

//convert to DDS
$dds = convertImage7($im, 'dds');

if (!$dds)
	echo 'Conversion failed';
	//save to file
	file_put_contents('', $dds);

Example 2: checking if image was upscaled

include 'rest7.php';

//load an image from file:
$im = imagecreatefrompng('test.png'); //using a resource, or:
$im = ''; //using an URL or:
$im = 'dir/test.png'; //using a local file

$res = imageUpscaled7($im);
if ($res === false)
	echo 'Function failed';
else if ($res)
	echo 'Image was upscaled';
	echo 'Image was not upscaled';

And if you just want to load images in different format you can use imagecreatefromfile7.php

Example 1: converting image from PNG to DDS

include 'imagecreatefromfile7.php';

$im = imagecreatefrompsd('image.psd');
imagepng($im, 'output.png');

Available API webservices


  • image_convert (convert an image from one format to another, eg. convert from PNG to GIF)
  • image_filter (apply a filter to an image, eg. make it grayscale)
  • image_upscaled (checks if an image was upscaled)
  • png_lossless (losslessy converts a PNG image into a smaller PNG)
  • png_lossy (convert a PNG image into a smaller PNG using lossy compression)
  • jpeg_optim (removes all metadata from JPEG images, including thumbnails and EXIF)
  • gif_lossy (convert a GIF image into a smaller GIF using lossy compression)
  • raster_to_vector (converts a raster image into a vector image, eg. PNG-->SVG)
  • visual_hash (calculates visual hash of an image; visual hashes can be used to compare images visually)


  • currency_convert (converts various amounts of money between currencies, eg. EUR-->USD)


  • file_hash (calculates hash and checksum values, eg. MD5, CRC32)


  • text_transform (transforms text, eg. makes text uppercase)
  • text_hash (calculates hash and checksum values, eg. MD5, CRC32)


  • html_to_image (converts HTML document into an image)
  • html_to_text (converts HTML document into text)
  • html_to_pdf (converts HTML document into PDF)


  • wikipedia_search (finds articles)
  • wikipedia_page (returns a wikipedia article in HTML or plaintext format)


  • pdf_images (extracts images from a PDF document)
  • pdf_info (returns information about a PDF document, including used fonts)
  • pdf_split (extracts a single page from a PDF document)
  • pdf_to_html (converts a PDF document to an HTML page)
  • pdf_to_image (converts a PDF document into an image)
  • pdf_to_text (converts a PDF document into plaintext)

Available PHP functions in rest7.php

Not all API methods are available as PHP functions in rest7.php

Currently available are:

  • imageUpscaled7($image)
  • convertImage7($image, $outputFormat = 'png', $returnURL = false)

Available PHP functions in imagecreatefromfile7.php

Not all API methods are available as PHP functions in imagecreatefromfile7.php

Currently available are:

  • function imagecreatefromcin($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefromsct($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefrompix($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefrommtv($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefromjbg($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefromdpx($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefromdcx($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefromrla($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefromfts($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefromtga($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefrompbm($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefrompnm($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefromppm($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefrompgm($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefrompcx($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefrombmp($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefromico($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefrompsd($fileName)
  • function imagecreatefromdds($fileName)