This is the demo project for APIs of Restbird
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This is the demo project for APIs of Restbird

Getting started

To run the project

  • Download Restbird docker
  docker pull restbird/rest
  • Start Restbird docker and mapping this project directory as Restbird working directory
  docker run -ti --user $(id -u):$(id -g) --net host -v {path-to-project}:/data/restbird restbird/rest

Open your browser to access http://{host-ip}:8080/ , use default user admin/admin to login.

Enter "Rest Project", "Mockserver" and "Task" menu, and test run all APIs directly. You can also download Restbird Debugger VSCode extension to debug test scripts through VSCode.

The default host is set to, so all APIs will request the docker's localhost:8080 which is the listening prot inside container.

Project organization

  • Rest Project

    • Demo_Rest : Demo project of rest APIs, script written in Golang and Python

      • Rest_Golang
      • Rest_Python
    • Restbird API : Contains all Restful APIs of Restbird

      • MockServer
      • RestProject
      • Task
  • Mock Server : Demo project of Mock Server, script written in Golang, Javascript and Python

    • Demo
      • Hello_GoLang
      • Hello_JS
      • Hello_Python
  • Task : Demo project of Task, script written in Golang and Python

    • Demo_Task_Golang
    • Demo_Task_Python