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+Example of using RestEasy with:
+- JMS
+- Sub Resource Locators
+- custom assembly of root resources
+This project is a facade over JMS. See docs.html for more information on the project
+System Requirements:
+- Maven 2.0.9 or higher
+- Requires JBoss 4.2.x or higher (you'll have to modify the POMs to get it to work with another EE 5 compatible application server)
+- You'll also have to turn off JMS security. In the JBoss deploy directory edit jms/jbossmq-service.xml. Comment out the NextInterceptor attribute and replace it with DestinationManager. See below:
+ <mbean code="" name="">
+ <attribute name="InterceptorClass"></attribute>
+ <depends optional-attribute-name="NextInterceptor"></depends>
+<!-- <depends optional-attribute-name="NextInterceptor"></depends> -->
+ </mbean>
+Building the project:
+1. Edit pom.xml in the root directory. Change the <jbossHome> property to the location of your JBoss installation
+2. In root directoy
+mvn clean install
+This will build a WAR (for resteasy) and run a bunch of unit tests.

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