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RestFB Changelog

2.10.0 (September 15, 2018)

  • Issue #908: Deployment improved
  • Issue #909: Connection should construct next & prev page URLs from cursors as a fallback
    Thanks to @mrhota for the hint

2.9.0 (August 21, 2018)

  • Issue #902: Report parameter values when throwing
    Thanks to @pkoivisto for the PR
  • Issue #905: publish_video permission added
    Thanks to @mekya for the hint
  • Issue #904: Changes for the new "recommendations" feature

2.8.0 (August 3, 2018)

  • Graph API 3.1
    • Issue #899: basic support
    • Issue #900: LiveVideo replace type with source field

2.7.0 (July 8, 2018)

  • Issue #892 - LIKES_ADD missing for user object in webhook
    Thanks to Mikhail (Facebook DM) for the hint
  • Issue #893 - Add user webhook change value that contains a link to a page

2.6.0 (June 1, 2018)

  • Issue #889 - switch to java 7
  • Issue #890 - replace old custom base 64 implementation
  • Issue #888 - improved exception logging

2.5.0 (May 4, 2018)

  • Graph API 3.0
    • Issue #885: Basic support
    • Issue #886: Permissions added and cleanup
  • Issue #882: new field to instagram comments/replies
    Thanks to @amanduggal for the hint and PR
  • Cleanup:
    • Issue #881: picture conversion helper added
    • Issue #880: Date mapping added
    • Issue #877: old readonly API removed
  • Issue #876: version 2.5 is deprecated now
  • Issue #879: getCaptions() method throws NPE in Video object when captions is null
    Thanks to @CrWEE for the hint
  • Issue #878: Some OpenGraphRating fields mapped with extra quotation marks
    Thanks to @CrWEE for the hint

2.4.0 (April 6, 2018)

  • Issue #865: Add logging formatter for JUL
  • Issue #868: Support for Instagram Content Publish Scope
    Thanks to @AndreaFalcon for the hint
  • Issue #870: Deserialisation issue with JsonNumber
    Thanks to @ErfanMaybe for the hint
  • Issue #872: Improve deserialisation according to #870
  • Issue #873: Check April 2018 breaking changes

2.3.0 (March 4, 2018)

  • Instagram support

    • Issue #854: add instagram_business_account to Page type
    • Issue #855: create IgUser type
    • Issue #856: IgMedia type
    • Issue #859: webhook objects
    • Issue #857: IgComment type
    • Issue #858: missing connections added
    • Issue #851: Request for support of Facebook Instagram API
      Thanks to @martinmalek for the hint
  • Messenger Platform 2.3 changes

    • Issue #861: Phone and email quick replies
    • Issue #862: Request thread control for the Handover Protocol

2.2.0 (February 20, 2018)

  • Issue #845: Graph API 2.12 enum added
  • Issue #846: Graph API 2.12 - marked field in Event type as deprecated
  • Issue #847: screennames added to Page type
    Thanks to @joelforessottile for the hint
  • Issue #848: old eclipse stuff removed
    Thanks to @ghost for the hint
  • Issue #849: missing id lists added to User type
    Thanks to @JB4GH for the hint
  • Issue #701: Solution for integration testing without make the endpoint urls changeable
  • Issue #850: Add invitable friends to User type
  • Issue #852: Add instagram permissions

2.1.1 (January 28, 2018)

  • Issue #844: fix "bundlor" problem

2.1.0 (January 28, 2018)

  • Issue #834: directories restructured
  • Issue #836: Copyright year changed to 2018
  • Issue #837: canReplyPrivately added to Post type
    Thanks to @dmtar for the hint
  • Issue #838: DefaultFacebookClient.fetchObjects() uses Json array
    Thanks to @grumseren for the hint and analysis

2.0.0 (December 11, 2017)

  • Issue #833: Facebook Messenger - builtin NLP entities added
    Thanks to @RedEagle for the hint
  • Issue #830: Git branches reorganized

2.0.0-rc.4 (December 2, 2017)

  • Issue #791: cleanup
  • Issue #802: Old Version enum values removed

2.0.0-rc.3 (July 13, 2017)

  • Issue #746: Make FacebookPermission enum public

2.0.0-rc.2 (March 28, 2017)

  • Issue #577: Move permissions in one class
  • Issue #642: Use AssertJ in core unit tests
  • Issue #677: Remove obsolete FQL methods
  • Issue #692: Remove Rest API access

2.0.0-rc.1 (December 24, 2016)

  • new Json parser
    • Issue #321: Replace "" parser with "minimal-json" parser
    • Issue #519: unicode (emoji) fix added to minimal-json (port of #501)
    • Issue #585: improve the JsonAssert util
  • Logging
    • Issue #31: support user-definable logging via slf4j
      Great idea @revetkn
    • Issue #635: rename logger categories
  • Code quality
    • Issue #339: Code quality fix - Collection.isEmpty should be used
      Thanks to @faisal-hameed for this PR
    • Issue #345: Code quality fix - @Override annotation should be used
      Thanks to @faisal-hameed for this PR
    • Issue #344: Code quality fix - Redundant field intializers
      Thanks to @faisal-hameed for this PR
    • Issue #189 and #190: create collections with needed size
      Thanks to @profes for the report and PR
  • Cleanup
    • Issue #299: StoryAttachment changed
    • Issue #257: Post and Comment use same Attachment type
    • Issue #302: Graph API 1.0 support removed
    • Issue #314: Event#getPicture returns Picture instead of String
    • Issue #311: Remove Attribution field from Post type
    • Issue #310: Event venue field has wrong type
    • Issue #323: Remove deprecated classes from Post type
    • Issue #337: Photo#getComments() returns List of comments instead of Comments object
      Thanks to @vido88 for this report
    • Issue #364: Remove inner class MessageTag from Post
    • Issue #80: Exception Generator added
      Thanks to @slumx for the report
    • Issue #195: Likes type improved
    • Issue #113: Event can contain multiple venues
      Thanks to @guychauliac for the PR
    • Issue #367: old inner class comments removed from comment type
    • Issue #402: Page field location should be of type Location
    • Issue #301: deprecated FQL methods removed
    • Issue #609: Remove experimental classes
    • Issue #467: Use Comments and Likes in Photo type
    • Issue #452: fix bug from #448

1.49.0 (December 1, 2017)

  • Issue #824: Sticker field missing from messages
    Thanks to @CrWEE for the hint
  • Issue #825: Add MessagingItem.isAppRoles()
    Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint
  • Issue #826: Should the OpenGraphTemplatePayload have elements instead of buttons?
    Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint

1.48.0 (November 12, 2017)

  • Graph API 2.11
    • Issue #816: 2.11 Version added
    • Issue #817: Webhook sender_name and sender_id is from now
  • Messenger Platform 2.2
    • Issue #819: messaging_type enum added
    • Issue #820: Broadcast API
    • Issue #818: Add media template

1.47.0 (October 29, 2017)

  • Issue #793: Added convenience constants and methods
  • Issue #794: Added pass/take thread control callbacks
  • Issue #797: Convenience messaging item methods
  • Issue #798: Add more is* methods in InnerMessagingItem
  • Issue #796: Added convenient has* methods to MessageItem
  • Issue #803: Set old version values to deprecated
  • Issue #801: Add Open Graph Template to Send API types
  • Issue #800: Support default_action in Generic Template element
  • Issue #799: Add is_test_payment to PaymentSummary
  • Issue #810: Add Stand By webhook callback
  • Issue #809: Add App Roles webhook callback
  • Issue #805: Add object for Messenger Code API
  • Issue #811: Add UserProfile for fetching user information in messenger context
  • Issue #804: Add object representing Messenger Profile API data

1.46.0 (September 28, 2017)

  • Issue #782: Support custom NLP in Messenger
  • Issue #781: Fix Java 7 built on Travis CI
  • Issue #787: Let Travis CI built RestFB with Java 9
  • Issue #784: Prevent nullpointer when null quickReplies in Message
    Thanks to @SijmenHuizenga for the PR
  • Issue #785: ChangeValueFactory tries to convert a string to JsonObject and throws exception
    Thanks to @maurocanuto for the hint and the example JSON

1.45.0 (September 1, 2017)

  • Issue #765: Messenger Platform 2.1: support NLP on messages
  • Issue #779: Ads: Reach Frequency Prediction type is missing

1.44.0 (August 13, 2017)

  • Graph API 2.10 support
    • Issue #760 and #773: basic support added
      Thanks to @jcdavidconde for the hint
    • Issue #763: Webhook updates for event added to factory
  • Messenger Platform:
    • Issue #757: shareable option is missing in Send API
    • Issue #766 : Policy Enforcement Callback
  • Issue #753: Bugfix for uploading video captions
    Thanks to @frank72833 for the hint
  • Issue #769: VideoCaption type added
  • Issue #758: RATINGS_RATING_EDIT added to Webhook types
  • Issue #759: FEED_VIDEO_REMOVE added to Webhook types
  • Issue #752: Add fields missing from AdCreativeLinkData and AdCreativeVideoData
    Thanks to @pkoivisto for the PR
  • Issue #756: Add missing fields for AdCreativeLinkDataCallToActionValue
    Thanks to @pkoivisto for the PR

1.43.0 (July 2, 2017)

  • Issue #741: commentId field added to FeedReactionValue
    Thanks to @thienit5 for the hint
  • Issue #742: TargetingSentenceLine improved
    Thanks to @eipark for the hint
  • Issue #744: add open_graph_story_id to ratings comment
    Thanks to @abid76 for the hint
  • Issue #745: Post.getLikesCount should return 0 if no likes field is found
    Thanks to @bogdanlupashko for the hint
  • Issue #748: Add missing thread_key to PageConversation webhook type
  • Issue #749: Webhook from editing a visitors post maps to FallBackChangeValue
    Thanks to @CrWEE for the hint

1.42.0 (June 9, 2017)

  • Issue #730: Add permalink_url to Comment
    Thanks to @ashishnargundkar for the hint
  • Issue #729: Add target_countries to `LookalikeSpec
    Thanks to @graysky for the hint
  • Issue #728: TargetingSentenceLine missing
    Thanks to @eipark for the hint
  • Issue #732: Getter for DebugTokenError added
    Thanks to @ClaudioBull for the PR
  • Issue #733: Spring mapping issue fixed
    Thanks to @bogdanlupashko for the hint
  • Issue #735: Webhook "mention" ChangeValue added
    Thanks to @torbenw for the hint
  • Issue #736: X-Page-Usage and X-App-Usage return JSON instead of percentage String
  • Issue #738: PersistentMenu Invalid keys callToActions
    Thanks to @thienit5 for the hint

1.41.0 (May 17, 2017)

  • Issue #723: AdReportRunFields type added
    Thanks to @eipark for the hint
  • Issue #725: Reactions support for Comments
  • Issue #726: Fetching device access tokens fixed

1.40.0 (April 23, 2017)

  • Graph API 2.9:
    • Issue #713: basic Graph API 2.9 support
    • Issue #714: short_name added to User type
    • Issue #716: engagement added to URL type
    • Issue #715: fields in subscriptions object changed
      This is a breaking change! Check the javadoc
  • Messenger Platform 2.0:
    • Issue #717: ID matching types added
  • Issue #706: multiple photos support added to Webhook type
    Thanks to @GithubMood for the hint
  • Issue #709: Integration test for posting to a group added
  • Issue #708: Fetching users from group integration test added
    Thanks to @saveSession for the hint

1.39.0 (March 26, 2017)

  • Issue #691: Rest API set to deprecated
  • Issue #690: added
  • Issue #696: Version 2.2 set to deprecated
  • Issue #694: Webhook: missing ChangeValues RATINGS_REACTION_ADD/EDIT/REMOVE
  • Issue #697: Missing fields in post.call_to_action added
    Thanks to @nemzsom for the hint
  • Issue #699: updated
    Thanks to @chena for the PR
  • Issue #698 and #702: fetchObjects normelizes IDs
    Thanks to @UbaldoF and @oferfort for the hints
  • Issue #693: Adding setters to the facebook endpoint URL's
    Thanks to @jaguth for the PR

1.38.0 (March 9, 2017)

  • Messenger Platform 1.4 support
    • Issue #680: PersistentMenu added
    • Issue #683: quick replies limit increased to 11
    • Issue #682: locale added to Greeting
    • Issue #681: optional name field added to phone recipient
    • Issue #676: image_aspect_ratio added to GenericTemplatePayload
  • Issue #673: AdStudy type added
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #674: is_canceled added to Eventtype
    Thanks to @DerKeil for the hint
  • Issue #672: snapshot() method added to connection iterator
    Thanks to @DerKeil for the information and the hints
  • Issue #679: call_to_action added to Post type
    Thanks to @CrWEE for the hint
  • Issue #685: child_attachments added to Post type
    Thanks to @nemzsom for the hint
  • Issue #686: comment_id added to FeedLikeValue webhook type
    Thanks to @Glenn-Bergmans for the hint

1.37.0 (February 21, 2017)

  • Issue #660: Leadgen Webhook support added
    Thanks to @pibernardi for the hint and the test data
  • Issue #661: business_management permission added
    Thanks to @eipark for the hint
  • Issue #662: unit test improvements
  • Issue #663: addTo and removeTo in Message type fixed
  • Issue #664 and #665: UserPermission added
    Thanks to @anenkov for the PR
  • Issue #666: isLike method added to Messaging Webhook
  • Issue #667: photo field added to FeedCommentValue
    Thanks to @pcricardo for the hint
  • Issue #669: message field added to FeedPhotoAddValue
    Thanks to @incredibledevs for the hint
  • Issue #671: video field added to FeedCommentValue
    Thanks to @pcricardo for the hint
  • Issue #670: Some code smells removed/fixed

1.36.0 (January 29, 2017)

  • Issue #657: Add equals, hashcode and toString to Send API types
    Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint
  • Issue #655: WorkExperience type added
  • Issue #656: SavedMessageResponse type added
  • Issue #654: OpenGraph types added
  • Issue #652: InstagramUse type added
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #639: LiveVideo type added
  • Issue #650: is_transient field added to error
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #651: License header changed to 2017

1.35.0 (December 16, 2016)

  • Issue #634: FEED_REACTION_EDIT webhook type added
  • Issue #636: FEED_VIDEO_EDITED webhook type added
  • Issue #637: CallToAction object
    Thanks to @haresh208 for the hint

1.34.1 (November 24, 2016)

  • Issue #632: fix error in javadoc
    Thanks to @alexconlin for the PR
  • Issue #631: performance issue with stacktrace during logging
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint

1.34.0 (November 17, 2016)

  • Messenger Platform 1.3 support
    • Issue #619: Passing parameters via links
    • Issue #620: List Template
    • Issue #621: seq id is deprecated
    • Issue #622: Checkbox plugin support
      Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint
    • Issue #623: messaging_referral event
      Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint
  • Issue #625: Bugfix for logger name issue
    Thanks to @torbenw for the bug report
  • Issue #626: Add toString method to MessageRecipient Impls
    Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint
  • Issue #618: deleteObject support thread settings now
    Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint
  • Issue #574 and #617: Thread settings enums added
    Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint and PR
  • Issue #615 and #616: NotificationTypeEnum added
    Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint and PR
  • Issue #613: fbtrace_id added to FacebookGraphException
    Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint
  • Issue #612: MessageRecipient interface added
    Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint

1.33.0 (October 26, 2016)

  • Cleanup:
    • Issue #602: Readme changed to describe only basic usage
    • Issue #604: Experimental package marked as deprecated
    • Issue #608: unused imports removed
  • Issue #605: more targeting improvements
    Thanks to @matthewbogner for the hint and PR
  • Issue #607: PaymentItem credentials changed to credential Thanks to @barhun for the hint
  • Issue #603: Basic logging change to resolve #31

1.32.0 (October 13, 2016)

  • Graph API 2.8:
    • Issue #589: Feed Targeting
    • Issue #590: User Bios
    • Issue #588: Basic support
  • Graph API 2.7:
    • Issue #517: Add missing field to VideoCopyright
  • Messenger Platform:
    • Issue #594: add sticker_id to MessageItem class and MessagingAttachment class
      Thanks to @Abdelrahman-Hasan for the hint
    • Issue #596: Improve the SendResponse
      Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint
    • Issue #584: add attachment_id and is_reusable to MediaAttachment class
      Thanks to @Abdelrahman-Hasan for the hint
    • Issue #581: Please add a Message#addQuickReplies (multiple)
      Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint
    • Issue #582: Throw exception on adding too many QuickReplies
    • Issue #580: Wrong Date in FlightSchedule leads to error code when sending
    • Issue #592: Messenger documentation bug
      Thanks to @vraffy for the hint
  • Issue #587: Added ChangeValue type FEED_REACTION_ADD
    Thanks to @misternerd for the hint
  • Issue #586: Wrong appsecret_proof created by EncodingUtils
    Thanks to @mchmielarz for the hint
  • Issue #579: Move license files to root
  • Issue #600 and #601: NPE on empty message_tags
    Thanks to @anenkov for the PR
  • Issue #599: add support for interests in post.feed_targeting
    Thanks to @matthewbogner for the hint and PR
  • Issue #597: relevant_until_ts field in FeedTargeting is missing

1.31.0 (September 22, 2016)

  • Messenger Platform Update:
    • Issue #566: new QuickReply types added
      Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint
    • Issue #567: CallButton added
    • Issue #568: ShareButton added
    • Issue #571: Field webview_height_ratio added to WebButton
    • Issue #569: BuyButton added, Payment webhook type added
    • Issue #570: Webview and Extension fields added
  • General Cleanup:
    • Issue #556: log exceptions that can be ignored
    • Issue #559: log more exceptions and use lastIndexOf with Char
    • Issue #557: use isEmpty() instead of size() where possible
    • Issue #561: catch Exception instead of Throwable
    • Issue #564: types should extend AbstractFacebookType
  • Issue #552: Added missing fields to comment attachments
    Thanks to @mnshdw for the PR
  • Issue #544: Add toString() method to webhook classes
    Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint
  • Issue #553: Add SenderAction enum
    Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint
  • Issue #576: Fixed issue MessagingItem.getItem not returning ReadItem
    Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the PR
  • Issue #555: FacebookPermissions scope changed to public
    Thanks to @rhino88 for the PR

1.30.0 (August 15, 2016)

  • Issue #548 and #549: Support for x-page-usage header
    Thanks to @kukido for the PR
  • Issue #543: getCoverPhoto returns Photo-type now
    Thanks to @torbenw for the hint
  • Issue #546: account linking support for webhook
    Thanks to @marceloverdijk for the hint
  • Issue #547: account linking support for send API
  • Issue #542: greeting thread_settings
    Thanks to @uwol for the PR
  • Issue #541: quick replies not working correctly
  • Issue #539: Additional change values for webhook
    Thanks to @CrWEE for the PR
  • Issue #540: fetch device access token with Graph API 2.7 fixed
  • Issue #538: Ad types checked for usage of fields with type object
  • Issue #537: Integration test for likes/fan_count
  • Issue #536: Graph API 2.0 deprecated
  • Issue #535: Targeting rule deserialisation fixed
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint

1.29.0 (July 28, 2016)

  • Issue #391, #532 and #533: LifeEvent type added
    Thanks to @quangpld for the PR
  • Issue #522: TargetingProductAudienceSubSpec setRule not visible outside package
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #525: Add Quick replies support to Send API
    Thanks to @alexdlaird for the PR
  • Issue #524: Message object should contain a metadata field
    Thanks to @alexdlaird for the PR
  • Issue #523: AdsImageCrops deserialization doesn't work
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #528 and #527: Removed product from com.restfb.types.Payment
    Thanks to @fmachado for the PR
  • Issue #526: jsonObject.keys() as String-typed Iterator
    Thanks to @leandroutn for the hint
  • Issue #529: cleanup - Add unittests to utils package
  • Issue #531: Missing field publisher_platforms in Targeting class
    Thanks to @huymluu for the hint
  • Issue #530: Webhooks: add unhide for all HIDE-able elements

1.28.0 (July 18, 2016)

  • Issue #513: More Webhook ChangeValue types added
    Thanks to @gnagy for the PR
  • Issue #501: Error when sending smiley fixed
    Thanks to @bqcuong2212 for the hint
  • Issue #496: TargetingProductAudienceSubSpec serialization
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #518: Deserializing Lookalike Custom Audience fails
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #511: Adding read-receipt item to web hook.
    Thanks to @alexdlaird for the PR
  • Issue #514: Graph API 2.7 support
  • Issue #516: Graph API 2.7 - Add missing fields to Video type
  • Issue #516: Graph API 2.7 - Add missing is_webhooks_subscribed field to Page type
  • Issue #512: Append classDefinition to ChangeValueFactory log warning message
    Thanks to @gnagy for the PR

1.27.0 (July 12, 2016)

  • Issue #509: Marketing API - form leads added
  • Issue #508: creative_id field removed from AdCreative
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #507: AdCreativeLinkDataCallToAction value cannot be deserialized
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #506: Add a Gitter chat badge to
  • Issue #505: MessagingItem"` timestamp field is always null
    Thanks to @alexdlaird
  • Issue #504: Messenger fallback attachments
    Thanks to @alexdlaird for the PR
  • Issue #503: Location Attachment and Receipt Template Improvements; Airline Templates
    Thanks to @alexdlaird for the PR
  • Issue #502: Fallback Attachment Fails Parsing (String, Not Object)
    Thanks to @alexdlaird
  • Issue #500: EVEN MORE Attachment Improvements (Plus Some Message Attributes)
    Thanks to @alexdlaird
  • Issue #498: Custom Audience missing lookalike specific fields
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #497: When creating catalog, you need undocumented password field
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint

1.26.0 (June 30, 2016)

  • Issue #495 and #493: Messenger Attachment Improvements
    Thanks to @alexdlaird for the PR
  • Issue #494: Incorrect Javadoc throws declaration
    Thanks to @eebbesen for the PR
  • Issue #491: is_echo field added to MessageItem
    Thanks to @alexdlaird for the PR
  • Issue #490: SendResponse added as Send API Response
    Thanks to @alexdlaird for the hint
  • Issue #487: product catalog management API added
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #486: more comples structure for rule field
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #484: TargetingProductAudienceSubSpec.retetionSeconds changed
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #483: convenience constructor added to IDName
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #482: Missing Search API types added
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #481: Url class OGObject is missing image
    Thanks to @Enalmada for the hint
  • Issue #480: Sonar URL changed
  • Issue #479: missing fields in AdCreative type
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #478: Error while reading AdGroup
    Thanks to @hkroger for the hint
  • Issue #476: Sonar - fix connection issues
  • Issue #475: Sonar - xml indentation changed to 2 chars
  • Issue #472: setting welcome message for messenger bot
    Thanks to @bqcuong2212 for the hint

1.25.0 (June 6, 2016)

  • Issue #460: Issue with TOS fields in AdAccount
    Thanks to @hkroger
  • Issue #461: Page is missing owner_business
    Thanks to @hkroger
  • Issue #462: Retrieve business userpermissions
    Thanks to @hkroger
  • Issue #463: Provide JsonObject to Map<String, T> conversion
  • Issue #464: Custom/Lookalike Audience managment
    Thanks to @hkroger
  • Issue #468: getter/setter test base class improved
  • Issue #469: sonar analysis added to travis.yml
  • Issue #470: pom.xml improved - formatting and minor changes
  • Issue #471: logging changed, String.format is used

1.24.0 (May 22, 2016)

  • Issue #458: FundingSourceDetails causes an exception
    Thanks to @hkroger
  • Issue #457: getLoginDialogUrl does not support reauthentication
    Thanks to @hkroger
  • Issue #456: add "hide status" to webhook types
  • Issue #455: Add rate limiting header
  • Issue #454: Post: story tags are missing
  • Issue #453: likes field in Page my be a list instead of long
    Thanks to @vido88
  • Issue #451: Successful login redirect contains "expires_in" instead of expires
    Thanks to @Mobe91
  • Issue #448: PageRating missing fields / failing parsing
    Thanks to @ronaldheft for hint and PR

1.23.0 (May 1, 2016)

  • Graph API 2.6 support
    • Issue #435: missing field content_tags in Video type
    • Issue #438: missing PageLabel type
    • Issue #441: Messaging webhook types (Messenger Platform)
    • Issue #443: Send Api types (Messenger Platform)
    • Issue #445: Device Login URL changed
      Thanks to DigitalXXL
  • Issue #444: bugfix - corrupted Parameter name
    Thanks to @rheylen
  • Issue #439: cleanup - change boolean to Boolean
  • Issue #440: Adding xmpp_login extended page permission
    Thanks to @alexdlaird for PR

1.22.0 (April 13, 2016)

  • Graph API 2.6 support
    • Issue #433: PageAdminNote type is missing
    • Issue #431: Pages type likes renamed to fan_count
    • Issue #430: Post reactions
    • Issue #428: Video type has field live_audience_count
    • Issue #427: Video type new field live_status type
    • Issue #426: new permission pages_messaging_phone_number
    • Issue #425: new permission pages_messaging
    • Issue #437: reactions added to Video and Photo type
    • Issue #424: Version enum
  • Issue #423: Missing page post values in webhook type
    Thanks to @volkenborn for providing some JSON files
  • Issue #419: add missing permission pages_manage_instant_articles
  • Issue #418: Improve GraphResponse type
  • Issue #415: Missing getVideoData() on `com.restfb.types.Message.Attachment
    Thanks to @lalitg14 for the hint and the JSON

1.21.1 (April 2, 2016)

  • Issue #409 and #410: Handled missing rating, is_draft, language fields in PageRating
    Thanks to @venilnoronha for bug report and PR
  • Issue #411: Custom RestFB tags added to javadoc

1.21.0 (March 28, 2016)

  • Issue #390: Notification type added
  • Issue #403: Missing fields in Message Attachment
  • Issue #404: Integration test for posting a image to a group
    Thanks to @kfredy for question
  • Issue #405: Missing field shares added to Message type
    Thanks to @ajeetsk for hint
  • Issue #407: Build files updated

1.20.0 (March 4, 2016)

  • Issue #377: Check the permissions
  • Issue #379: Missing fields in AppRequest type
  • Issue #380: Missing fields in Event type
  • Issue #381: Missing fields in Group type
  • Issue #382: Missing fields in Message type
  • Issue #383: Missing fields in Photo type
  • Issue #384: Missing fields in User type
  • Issue #385: Missing fields in Page type
  • Issue #388: Missing fields in Conversation type
  • Issue #389: Missing fields in PageCallToAction type
  • Issue #392: Deprecated types marked
  • Issue #393: Missing fields in Post type
  • Issue #394 and #395: PageRatings are outdated
    Thanks to @anenkov for PR
  • Issue #396 and #397: Comments misses can_comment field
    Thanks to @anenkov for PR
  • Issue #398: Missing parent_id field in Post type
    Thanks to @vido88
  • Issue #400: duplicate type field in several types
  • Issue #401: Webhooks Fields update
    Thanks to @cmmoran

1.19.0 (February 5, 2016)

  • Issue #375: "private message page replies" support added
  • Issue #369: Translation type added
  • Issue #370: PlaceTag type added
  • Issue #371: deprecation information for permissions add
    Thanks to @lomon for hint
  • Issue #368: Milestone type added
  • Issue #373: User fields missing
    Thanks to @lomon for hint
  • Issue #366: Application type missing fields added
  • Issue #358: Payment type added
  • Issue #343: Webhook types added
  • Issue #363: example code moved to repository
  • Issue #362: badge added
  • Issue #356: PageCallToAction type added

1.18.1 (January 4, 2016)

  • Issue #355: copyright year changed to 2016
  • Issue #354: changelog syntax changed to markdown

1.18.0 (December 20, 2015)

  • Issue #352: access to Facebook HTTP debug headers and HTTP headers in general
    Thanks to Alex Conlin for input
  • Issue #351: last used time field added to Page-type
  • Issue #340: Parsing `yyyy-MM-dd produces wrong date
  • Issue #338: wrong date format for Work type fields startDate and endDate
    Thanks to @PetrF0X for input
  • Issue #336: Album type - fillPicture method uses wrong type for mapping the image
  • Issue #335: Access post likes summary has_liked and can_like values
    Thanks to @jarylchong for input
  • Issue #186: Page rating type rewrite
    Thanks to Ron Heft for input

1.17.0 (November 26, 2015)

  • Issue #328: Facebook Exception provides access to raw error json
    Thanks to Fran Sanchez for input
  • Issue #330: Bugfix: place field in Event-type changed to Place-type
    Thanks to Matthew Gillingham for input
  • Issue #331: album field and other fields added to Photo-type
    Thanks to @tsurelad for input
  • Issue #333: comments and more fields added to Album-type
    Thanks to Paolo for input

1.16.0 (October 22, 2015)

  • Issue #317: Marketing API improved
  • Issue #324: message_tags field added to Post-type
    Thanks to Miguel Sandim for input
  • Issue #325: missing fields added to Comment-type
    Thanks to Miguel Sandim for input
  • Issue #322: missing fields added to Video-type
    Thanks to @aonischenko for input

1.15.0 (October 8, 2015)

  • Issue #315 and #316: Graph API 2.5 support
  • Issue #122: Enum support added to DefaultJsonMapper
    Thanks to @MusikPolice for the input
  • Issue #159: Marketing API support added
    Thanks to @yange for the input
  • Issue #218: Value methods for PageSettings
  • Issue #289: Osgi bundle
    Thanks to @skaluva for the PR
  • Issue #289: integration test for /me/likes
  • Issue #303: LICENSE added to root
  • Issue #304: Missing fields added to Location type
  • Issue #305: facebook-api-version HTTP header is logged
  • Issue #307: Missing fields added to Insight type
  • Issue #308: DefaultJsonMapper test coverage improved
  • Issue #309: Cleanup - formatting and imports
  • Issue #312: Event.getPicture() fixed
    Thanks to @OhGhie4iew
  • Issue #313: CoverPhoto added to User type
  • NoIssue: documentation improved on website

1.14.1 (September 1, 2015)

  • Issue #252: strange events behaviour
    Thanks to Paul Myburgh
  • Issue #277: version enum changed - `LATEST added
    Thanks to @skaluva
  • Issue #286: likes field in Comment type changed
    Thanks to Bogdan Neacsa

1.14.0 (July 18, 2015)

  • Issue #273: Normalize license header
  • Issue #271: Add devices field to User-type
  • Issue #270: Graph API 2.4 - Video-type new fields
  • Issue #267: Wrong mapping for (Feed)Targeting
    Thanks to @Karnifexx
  • Issue #266: general Graph API 2.4 support
  • Issue #265: PR - Blank URL in BatchRequest
    Thanks to @ehrmann
  • Issue #260: ProfilePictureSource for Page-type
  • Issue #246: Commens/Likes added to Video type (incl special count method)
    Thanks to @anenkov

1.13.0 (July 8, 2015)

  • Issue #261: targeting field missing in Post-type
    Thanks to @Karnifexx
  • Issue #262: mapping exception when using Post with feed_targeting and target city
    Thanks to @Karnifexx
  • Issue #263: full_picture field missing in Post type
    Thanks to @CannyDuck

1.12.0 (July 5, 2015)

  • Issue #258: Device Access Token support added
  • Issue #256: Using FeedTargeting wrapper when posting
    Thanks to @Karnifexx
  • Issue #249 and #248: PR Post is hidden wrong place
    Thanks to @2bitoperations
  • Issue #247: Inefficiency in DefaultFacebookClient
    Thanks to @lawrence-dol
  • Issue #245: FacebookClient (interface) publish method missing
    Thanks to @lawrence-dol
  • Issue #243: appsecret_proof integration tests
  • Issue #220: Webhooks (RTU) subcription high level API
    Thanks to @FrancoisThareau
  • Issue #207: Graph API 2.3 video playlist support

1.11.0 (May 28, 2015)

  • Issue #221: Add feed_targeting object and addfield to Post type
  • Issue #226: Cleanup
  • Issue #227: Mark Version 1.0 as deprecated
  • Issue #228: Update example code
  • Issue #229: Add scopes field to DebugTokenInfo-type
  • Issue #230: username field in User type is deprecated
    Thanks to @ashrithg
  • Issue #231: Added hours field to Page response
    Thanks for the pull request to Mattias Holmqvist
  • Issue #235: Add more fields to DebugTokenInfo-type
    Thanks to @fern
  • Issue #236: Bugfix: obtainUserAccessToken will not validate code in fb_signed_request
    Thanks to @frett
  • Issue #237: Comments regarding location and venue deprecation added
    Thanks to @Blarff

1.10.1 (April 24, 2015)

  • Issue #223: access token parsing for Graph API 2.3 added
    Thanks to @SmokyBot
  • Issue #224: javadoc improvement regarding how some fields are filled
    Thanks to @munwaikong

1.10.0 (April 22, 2015)

  • Issue #219: is_hidden and is_published fields added to Post-type
    Thanks to Karnifexx
  • Issue #215: FB error without "type" not handled properly
    Thanks to @tonyd
  • Issue #214: Connection cursor broken
    Thanks to @slumx and @naneunga
  • Graph API 2.3 support
    • Issue #200: Graph API 2.3 hint
      Thanks to Aurelie Vache
    • Issue #201: add new API Version to enum
    • Issue #202: add user_posts permission
    • Issue #203: Graph API debug mode
    • Issue #204: add field admin_creator to Post-type (Page Post only)
    • Issue #205: new page fields
    • Issue #206: new page settings
    • Issue #208: Page featured videos collection
    • Issue #209: published field added to Video-type
    • Issue #210: Video custom thumbnail
    • Issue #211: Video new fields
    • Issue #212: read_friendlists permission is read_custom_friendlists
    • Issue #213: publish_pages permission

1.9.0 (March 25, 2015)

  • Issue #196: Logout Url Builder added
    Thanks to Fagner Brack
  • Issue #193: AdVideo support merged
    Thanks to @maczam
  • Issue #192: ETag thread safety
  • Issue #191: cursor support added
    Thanks to @oferfort
  • Issue #187: Findbugs and Intellij inspection fixes
    Thanks to Damian Pawlowski
  • Issue #106: ETag support added
  • Issue #52: ScopeBuilder added
    Thanks to Broc Seib for the input

1.8.0 (February 13, 2015)

  • Issue #93: obtain user access token method added
    Thanks to Johno Crawford
  • Issue #173: http delete added
    Thanks to Eric Hydrick
  • Issue #176: DefaulFacebookClient - missing constructor added
    Thanks to Denis Bardadym
  • Issue #177: age-range field added to User type
  • Issue #179 + #171: restfb website moved to gh pages
    Thanks for the input to Marcel Stör
  • Issue #181: binary post Integration test added
    Thanks to Rick Fischer

1.7.1 (January 16, 2015)

  • Issue #149: can_hide and is_hidden fields added
    Thanks for input, code snippets and review to Aurelie Vache
  • Issue #154: deprecated constructors flagged with annotation
  • Issue #155: version 1.7.1 prepared
  • Issue #156: Version Enum fixed
    Thanks to Aurelie Vache
  • Issue #158: experimental high level API added
  • Issue #160: old FQL query and multiquery method set to deprecated
  • Issue #161: object field added to Comment-type
  • Issue #164: additional details added to facebook exception
    Thanks to Chandler
  • Issue #166: Copyright updated
  • Issue #168: User.Education can handle String-only year
    Thanks to @suryaganeshv
  • Issue #169: unittest fixed for java 8

1.7.0 (November 7, 2014)

  • Issue #7: speed up date parsing, DateFormatStrategies added
    Thanks for input and code review to @inthepocket, Marcel Stoer, Mike Hazelwood, Peter Vahlstrup
  • Issue #139: performance boost section added to website
  • Issue #58: JsonArray serializable
    Thanks to @EpiXl33t, @rackom
  • Issue #44: DefaulWebRequestor should not close binaryAttachment stream
    Thanks to Marcel Stoer
  • Issue #138: Thread-type added
  • Issue #145, Issue #146, Issue #150: Graph API 2.2 support added
  • Issue #133: comments and likes total count API unified
  • Issue #143: API Versioning added to other endpoints
    Thanks to @munwaikong
  • Issue #48: make types mutable
    Thanks to Courtney Robinson, Broc Seib, Marcel Stoer
  • Issue #144: API check util added
  • Issue #136: integration test configuration enhanced
  • Issue #130: URL-type replaced by a current URL-type implementation

1.6.16 (September 22, 2014)

  • Issue #131: lombok library added to generate getter automatically
  • Issue #129: deleteObject bug using Graph API 2.1 fixed
    Thanks to @Rekoe
  • Issue #128: total count added to connection
    Thanks to @alfredoivan
  • Issue #99: obtaining extended access token via Http GET
    Thanks to Venkateswaran S
  • Issue #82: Review-type added
    Thanks to @bhargavr
  • Issue #73: Missing field added to Group, Metadata, Page, Post
  • Issue #72: Likes and Comments count fixed in Post object
  • Issue #71: fetchObjects fails if non of the ids exist fixed
    Thanks to @oferfort
  • Issue #21: User.Picture-type added
  • Issue #19: Logging documentation improved, example refreshed
  • Issue #15: empty list json issue fixed
    Thanks to Shaya Potter
  • Issue #12: example build.xml modified to find the restfb.jar
    Thanks to Shaya Potter
  • Issue #3: DeAuth-type added
  • lot of unittests added
  • integration tests added

1.6.15 (August 29, 2014)

  • Issue #119: basic support for Facebook API versioning added (unversioned, v1.0, v2.0, v2.1)
  • Issue #121: category_list field added to Place-type
    Thanks to Quentin Rousseau
  • Issue #109: Photo.Tag x and y changed to Double
    Thanks to Peter Vahlstrup
  • Issue #110: Backdated time and granularity added to Photo-type
    Thanks to Peter Vahlstrup
  • Issue #107: website field added to Page-type
    Thanks to Damian Pawlowski
  • unit test reorganized, mvn test is working now correctly
  • some unit test added to check some issues

1.6.14 (January 27, 2014)

  • Fix for regression in 1.6.13 where one DefaultFacebookClient constructor override would ignore the supplied WebRequestor and JsonMapper and instead use the default implementations.
    Thanks to AlekseiS

1.6.13 (January 25, 2014)

  • Support for appsecret_proof functionality.
    Thanks to Daniel Piet and Mike Champion.

  • Now support signed request parsing with new FacebookClient.parseSignedRequest().
    Thanks to Josef Gierbl for the patch.

  • Support for specifying content type for binary attachments.
    Thanks to UglyTroLL.

  • Added can_comment and parent fields to Comment-type.

    Post.getCount() is now Post.getTotalCount() per July FB API changes.
    Please request '{id}/comments?summary=true' explicitly if you would like the summary field which contains the total_count
    Thanks to Jens Peters for the patch.

  • FacebookGraphException now has getErrorCode() and getErrorSubcode() in the event that FB returns these. Previously this was only available for FacebookOAuthException.
    Thanks to Peter Vahlstrup.

  • Fix for Venue-type (added new id field)
    Thanks to sbisht and neXus1987

  • Added missing fields to Message type.
    Thanks to Felipe Kurkowski.

  • Added missing fields to Comment type.
    Thanks to Jan Schweizer.

  • Added integer (0, 1) -> boolean JSON serialization.
    Thanks to Tom Zellman.

  • Convenience override of FacebookClient.executeBatch()
    Thanks to loicAG.

  • Added missing fields to Event-type

1.6.12 (March 10, 2013)

  • Now support Graph API FQL endpoint with new FacebookClient.executeFqlQuery() and FacebookClient.executeFqlMultiquery(). FacebookClient.executeQuery() and FacebookClient.executeMultiquery() have been deprecated.
    Thanks to Ofer Fort for the patch.
  • Fixed expires parsing in AccessToken.fromQueryString().
    Thanks to Chris Petersen.
  • Added can_upload field to Album-type.
    Thanks to Chris Petersen.
  • Added status_type field to Post-type.
    Thanks to Shaya Potter.
  • It is possible for Facebook to return a Place's Location object as a String instead - added Place.getLocationAsString().
    Thanks to Ido for finding this.
  • Added currency field to User-type.
    Thanks to Timo Maaranen for reporting this.
  • Added general_info field to Page-type.
    Thanks to Brendan Dahl for reporting this.
  • Added link, subject, and former_participants fields to Conversation-type.
    Thanks to spiffychick for reporting this.
  • Added shares to Post-type.
    Thanks to Mike Champion for the pull request.
  • Added attachments, updated_time, unread, and unseen fields to Message-type.
    Thanks to S13_Alan for the patch.
  • Fix for invalid Windows filename.
    Thanks to Samuel Gélineau for the patch.

1.6.11 (September 7, 2012)

  • New feature: you may annotate a method in a class mapped by JsonMapper with @JsonMappingCompleted. Your method may be private and must take 0 parameters or 1 JsonMapper parameter. This is useful for performing one-time actions after the JsonMapper has completed its work, e.g. massaging JSON data into other formats.
  • Bugfix: The message_tags field in Post-type could throw an exception when JsonMapper attempted to map it.
    Thanks to Shaya Potter for reporting this.

1.6.10 (September 3, 2012)

  • Potentially-breaking change: in the event of a Graph API 404 (like fetching an object with an id that doesn't exist, e.g. /XXX) we now throw the correct FacebookOAuthException instead of FacebookNetworkException.
    Thanks to oferiko for the bug report.
  • Changed all network logging to use the new com.restfb.HTTP logger and now default to FINE instead of INFO for normal requests/responses.
    This means you must explicitly enable logging to see what goes over the wire.
    Thanks to Johno Crawford and Marcel Stoer.
  • Added a new method to extend an existing Access Token:
    FacebookClient.obtainExtendedAccessToken(String appId, String appSecret, String accessToken).
    See extend Access Token @ Facebook for details.
    Thanks to Chris Petersen for the initial patch.
  • Added a new method to acquire an Application Access Token:
    FacebookClient.obtainAppAccessToken(String appId, String appSecret).
    See application accesstoken @ Facebook for details.
    Thanks to Chris Petersen for the initial patch.
  • Added Andrew Liles' InsightUtils-class, which provides a nice wrapper around querying for Insights data.
    Thanks to Andrew Liles.
  • Changed the signature of FacebookClient.deleteObject(String object) to FacebookClient.deleteObject(String object, Parameter... parameters) to support parameterized deletion. This is a breaking change if you have a custom implementation of FacebookClient (should not be many of you).
    Thanks to Nick Fenwick for the patch.
  • FacebookOAuthException now includes an errorCode field since FB now returns one.
    Thanks to connectvg for the bug report.
  • FacebookOAuthException now includes an httpStatusCode field since it's helpful for client application error messaging.
    Thanks to mtsahakis for the suggestion.
  • DateUtils.toDateFromLongFormat(String date) now handles the case where FB occasionally returns the number of seconds since the epoch instead of a yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZ string.
    Thanks to for the bug report.
  • Added the static method AccessToken.fromQueryString(String queryString), which encapsulates logic for parsing out Facebook's "standard" access token query strings, e.g. 'access_token=XXX' or 'access_token=XXX&expires=YYY'.
    Thanks to for the suggestion.
  • Can now map Java types to JSON if they have multiple @Facebook annotations for the same value (e.g. User's hometown fields). Previously the mapper would throw an exception, now it picks one of the fields - it's luck of the draw which one is used. This behavior may change later, this is a quick workaround to address the issue short-term.
    Thanks to petermein for the bug report.
  • Various changes to classes in com.restfb.types to reflect latest Facebook updates.
    Thanks to Chris Petersen, Marcel Stoer, Mike Hazelwood, Marco Scavuzzo, Stefan Hauk, Mike Champion, nitinik,, and others.

1.6.9 (October 21, 2011)

  • Bugfix for Connection page iteration.
    Thanks to Takashi Kawachi for the patch.

1.6.8 (October 15, 2011)

  • Now allow batch requests to specify name parameter and fixed a bug where request headers were not being included in requests.
    Thanks to jyorke.
  • Added new place field to Post type.
    Thanks to Chris Schilling.
  • Added new location field to Page type.
    Thanks to Fernando Padilla.
  • Made several updates to the education field on the User type.
    Thanks to Marcel Stoer and Silent Film.
  • Fix for FB's inconsistent and undocumented behavior for returning likes and comments fields in StatusMessage.
    Thanks to volkenborn.
  • Moved to Github ( and back to an Ant-based build system for simplicity. RestFB releases will still be pushed to Maven central, but RestFB itself will no longer use Maven.

1.6.7 (September 10, 2011)

  • The Connection<T> constructor is now public and the class implements Iterable<List<T>>.
    Thanks to kongo09, Andrew Liles, and everyone else who requested this.
  • Fixed regression: re-added comments and likes fields to StatusMessage (FB docs are incorrect).
    Thanks to nstratos and volkenborn for letting me know.
  • Added cover_photo and privacy fields to Album.
    Thanks to serg472 for the heads-up.
  • Added checkins and phone fields to Page.
    Thanks to jaiswal.rahul for the heads-up about the checkins field.
  • Added an example project which shows how to route java.util.logging calls to Log4j. It's available at
    Thanks to Daniel Longosz for asking about this.

1.6.6 (July 12, 2011)

  • Fixes a bug introduced in 1.6.5 where facebookClient.delete(...) would throw an NPE.
    Thanks to Garret Collins.

1.6.5 (July 4, 2011)


    We are no longer passing around InputStream objects to represent binary files when publishing - they have been replaced by instances of the new com.restfb.BinaryAttachment type. So this method:

    <T> T FacebookClient.publish(String connection, Class<T> objectType, InputStream inputStream, Parameter... parameters)

    is now:

    <T> T FacebookClient.publish(String connection, Class<T> objectType, BinaryAttachment binaryAttachment, Parameter... parameters)

    This change was necessary to support correct video uploads (FB now requires a filename with a video extension, e.g. .mov) and the new Batch API. Documentation and usage examples for com.restfb.BinaryAttachment are available on

  • Added support for the new Batch API. The two new methods are:

    List<BatchResponse> FacebookClient.executeBatch(BatchRequest... batchRequests)
    List<BatchResponse> FacebookClient.executeBatch(List<BatchRequest> batchRequests, List<BinaryAttachment> binaryAttachments)

    Thanks to everyone who asked for this!

  • Added support for the new video upload API endpoint via and fixed a multipart filename bug that broke video uploads.
    Thanks to for the filename bugfix and and everyone else who asked for this!

  • All types under com.restfb.types now implement Serializable.
    Thanks to everyone who asked for this!

  • Fixed a numeric precision bug in JsonObject.getLong() which caused large numbers to be rounded incorrectly.
    Thanks very much to for finding this and providing a patch.

  • `DefaultJsonMapper`` can now instantiate types with no-argument constructors that are private, protected, or package-private - you no longer have to expose your constructors if you don't want to.

  • JsonMapper.toJson(Object object, boolean ignoreNullValuedProperties) was added, which enables you to turn a Java object into JSON without including any properties with null values.

  • Added comments, likes, position, and images fields to Photo type.
    Thanks to Andre Oosthuizen and Grace Win.

  • Added name, tags, and source fields to Video and marked message as deprecated.
    Thanks to Andre Oosthuizen and Marcel Stoer.

  • Added likes and access_token fields to Page and deprecated fan_count.
    Thanks to Shashank Agarwal and jspyeatt.

  • Added object_id field to Post.
    Thanks to Grace Win.

  • Added username field to User.
    Thanks to Iwan Gulenko.

  • Added city, state, and country fields to Checkin.Place.Location.
    Thanks to Thom Nichols.

  • Removed messages and likes fields from StatusMessage because they're now connections. Added the type field to StatusMessage.
    Thanks to

1.6.4 (March 5, 2011)

  • Added application and type fields to Post.
    Thanks to nelrib.
  • Removed mobilePhone and address fields from User.
    Thanks to Marcel Stoer.
  • Added undocumented properties field to Post type.

1.6.3 (February 19, 2011)

  • RestFB now automatically uses the faster read-only endpoints for Graph and Old REST API calls when possible.
    Thanks to Dmitry Naumenko for the suggestion.
  • POTENTIALLY BREAKING CHANGE: Old REST API calls (including FQL with the Graph API) will now throw FacebookOAuthException instead of FacebookResponseStatusException when error code 190 is encountered.
    Thanks to Ofer Fort for the suggestion.
  • It is now simple to customize how RestFB maps Facebook error responses to FacebookException instances for both Graph and Old REST API errors by overriding DefaultFacebookClient.createGraphFacebookExceptionMapper() and BaseFacebookClient.createLegacyFacebookExceptionMapper(), respectively. The default instances returned by both of these methods are now marked protected instead of anonymous classes so you can leverage them if you wish.
    Thanks to Alexis Dufrenoy for the suggestion.
  • Added lots of new fields to User, e.g sports and languages.
    Thanks to Patrick Alberts for the patch.
  • Added new PageConnection type, useful for mapping partial page types returned by some connections, e.g. "me/music".
    Thanks to Patrick Alberts for the patch.
  • Added undocumented is_community_page and description fields to the Page type.
    Thanks to Ivan Viragine.
  • Can now customize HttpURLConnection creation in DefaultWebRequestor by overriding openConnection(URL url) to support custom proxying etc.
    Thanks to Matti Haro for the suggestion.
  • Added new Insight type which can be used like this:
    Connection<Insight> insights = facebookClient.fetchConnection("PAGE_ID/insights", Insight.class);

1.6.2 (January 23, 2011)

  • You can now instruct DefaultJsonMapper how to handle mapping exceptions, e.g. ignoring them and mapping as null instead of throwing an exception.

    FacebookClient facebookClient = new DefaultFacebookClient("MY_ACCESS_TOKEN",
      new DefaultWebRequestor(), new DefaultJsonMapper(new JsonMappingErrorHandler() {
        public boolean handleMappingError(String unmappableJson, Class<?> targetType, Exception e) {
          // Here you might log the fact that JSON mapping failed.
          err.println(format("Uh oh, mapping %s to %s failed...", unmappableJson, targetType));
          // Returning true tells the mapper to map this JSON as null and keep going.
          // Returning false tells the mapper to throw an exception.
          return true;

    The default behavior is still to throw an exception immediately on mapping errors, this callback interface is your way of saying "I know what I'm doing and want to handle errors myself". Very useful for keeping your app running in production when Facebook changes the API unexpectedly.
    Thanks to Igor Kabiljo for the suggestion.

  • Added new quotes and address and mobile_phone fields to the User type.
    Thanks to ne52 for the heads-up about the addition of the quotes field.

  • DateUtils.toDateFromMonthYearFormat now returns null for 0000-00 instead of 0 AD. Not sure why FB gives us 0000-00 instead of null in some situations, e.g. work start date.

1.6.1 (unofficial release)

  • We're now fully Mavenized - you can add RestFB to your Maven project like this:
    Many thanks to Kalle Korhonen, and congratulations to him for being the first additional RestFB committer!
  • JsonException is now unchecked.
  • Fix for start and end date handling on the Event type.
    Thanks to Jason Peltzer.
  • @Facebook annotation on accessToken on Account type is now correctly mapped to access_token.
    Thanks to Scott Aaron.
  • Added the category field to the Checkin.Place type.
    Thanks to Mattia Tommasone.
  • Latitude and Longitude fields on Checkin.Place are now of type Double instead of Float, thereby supporting the full precision of the data returned by FB instead of truncating to fit correctly in a Float.

1.6 (December 30, 2010)

  • POTENTIALLY BREAKING CHANGE: User.getPicture() has been removed. To get the user's picture, simply construct a URL by hand, e.g.

  • Now use java.util.logging instead of Log4j - RestFB now has 0 dependencies.

  • FacebookException now extends RuntimeException - you no longer have to catch it if you don't want to.
    Thanks to Jeff Schnitzer.

  • Removed contains attribute on @Facebook annotation since it is no longer necessary.
    Thanks to Igor Kabiljo for the initial patch.

  • Exposed and cleaned up previously-internal RestFB's repackaged code in the new com.restfb.json package.

  • You may now tell JsonMapper to map to JsonObject, which permits you to have total control over result mapping at run time (as opposed to the compile-time-only @Facebook annotation).

  • JsonMapper now supports having a Facebook JSON field mapped to multiple @Facebook-annotated Java fields. This addresses the issue of Facebook returning the same field name but differently-structured data in certain situations. See issues 56 and 90 for details.
    Thanks to Daniel Winterstein, Igor Kabiljo, Marcel Stoer, Pramod Biligiri, and Tom Schindl for their input.

  • Exposed and cleaned up previously-internal RestFB utilities in the new com.restfb.util package.

  • Added new exception package com.restfb.exception and exception types (FacebookOAuthException, FacebookQueryParseException) for simple handling of common Graph API exception types.
    Thanks to Jeff Schnitzer.

  • Added formal support for Connection paging by URL via FacebookClient.fetchConnectionPage() and the new Connection.getPreviousPageUrl()/getNextPageUrl(). No more manual offset calculation required.


     Connection<Post> myFeed = facebookClient.fetchConnection("me/feed", Post.class);
     if(myFeed.hasNext()) {
       Connection<Post> myFeedPage2 = facebookClient.fetchConnectionPage(myFeed.getNextPageUrl(), Post.class);
       // ...

    Thanks to Jakub Danilewicz.

  • Added FacebookClient.convertSessionKeysToAccessTokens() method.
    Thanks to Scott Hernandez and Mattia Tommasone.

  • Fixed issue where User.birthday causes mapping to fail if "show only month & date" is set on FB.
    Thanks to Kalle Korhonen.

  • Old REST API now always uses the HTTPS endpoint.
    Thanks to Christopher Oestlund.

  • Added embed_html, picture, icon, comments to Video type.
    Thanks to Fahd Akbar and Chris Pruett.

  • Added Account type to support impersonation feature.
    Thanks to jovanovich.

  • Fixed error-handling issues: 1) where HTTP 400 error code would throw an incorrect exception and 2) where error response JSON would not get correctly read in this and other error situations.
    Thanks to Igor Kabiljo, ovonick, and everyone else who reported this.

  • Performance enhancement: ReflectionUtils now caches @Facebook field information so we never have to reflect more than once.
    Thanks to Igor Kabiljo for the patch.

  • Added Checkin type.
    Thanks to everyone else who requested this and Colin Britton for the checkin code snippet.

  • Added StatusMessage type.

  • Added middle_name field to User type.
    Thanks to Fehmican Saglam.

1.5.4 (September 16, 2010)

  • Post comment type now handles case where FB returns an empty array instead of an object type.
    Thanks to Pipo, CR, S13_Alan, Igor Kabiljo, and Jakub Danilewicz.

1.5.3 (July 21, 2010)

  • NamedFacebookType now handles situation where FB returns, for example, "hometown":"Beograd", instead of the expected "hometown":{"id":123,"name":"Belgrade, Serbia"}
    Thanks to Igor Kabiljo for the bug report and suggested fix.
  • Mapper now gracefully handles situation where Facebook returns the not-JSON string "false" and instead of {}.
    Thanks to Igor Kabiljo for the bug report and suggested fix.
  • The Post type's comments field changed on the Facebook side to include a "count" field.
    Thanks to Jakub Danilewicz for the bug report and suggested fix.
    Thanks to Igor Kabiljo for the suggested fix.
  • Fixed infinite recursion bug that was triggerable in exceptional situations in ReflectionUtils.toString().
    Thanks to Igor Kabiljo for the bug report and suggested fix.
  • Mapper fix for situations where Facebook returns the string "null" instead of an empty object or nothing.
    Thanks to Igor Kabiljo for the bug report.
  • Timezone field in User is now a Double to account for timezones with fractional offsets.
    Thanks to Sam for the bug report.
  • Changed Parameter's date marshaling to produce Facebook Date strings in a zero-based hour format.
    Thanks to Jakub Danilewicz for the bug report and suggested fix.
  • Connection<?> has getNext() and getPrevious() methods that return the next/previous URLs returned by Facebook.
  • All fields in BaseFacebookClient, DefaultFacebookClient, and DefaultLegacyFacebookClient are protected for easier subclassing. All Facebook API URLs are now overridable via protected accessor methods.
    Thanks to Kalle Korhonen and bijuphilip0 for the enhancement requests.
  • Added locale field to User.

1.5.2 (June 8, 2010)

  • No longer require an access token for the Graph API (now have a default constructor for DefaultFacebookClient).
    Thanks to Yoav Shapira for the enhancement request.
  • Facebook changed the data in the Photo Tag object - updated to reflect that.
    Thanks to Max for reporting.
  • Facebook added fields to the User object - updated to reflect that.
    Thanks to fellahst and ndimiduk for reporting.
  • HTTP GET operations executed by DefaultWebRequestor now use httpUrlConnection.setUseCaches(false).
    Thanks to Jumpa for reporting this.
  • Special check to only URL-encode access token if it's not already URL-encoded.

1.5.1 (May 14, 2010)

  • OAuth support broke in DefaultLegacyFacebookClient because Facebook changed the token param to access_token.
    Thanks to Antonio Casula for the initial problem report.

1.5 (May 1, 2010)

  • Added support for the new Facebook Graph API
  • Old REST API now has support for the new OAuth authentication tokens
  • Fix for multiqueries with empty resultsets throwing a JSON mapping exception
  • WebRequestor now supports POSTs which perform file uploading and GETs
  • The com.restfb.json undocumented package is now gone. The org.json code is now package-private inside of com.restfb
  • Many small bugfixes and enhancements
  • Enhanced examples and documentation
    Thanks to Ofer Fort, Ryan Wilson, and Alex Launi for their input.

1.4 (April 21, 2010)

  • Added support for Java -> JSON mapping to support more complex API calls like stream.publish.
    Thanks to Alex Launi and for their input.

1.3 (March 19, 2010)

  • In response to recent FB changes, JSON mapper now coerces empty JSON arrays to empty Java Strings if you're trying to map to a String field.
    Thanks to Antonello Naccarato for reporting this!

1.2 (March 2, 2010)

  • Fixed bug related to mapping JSON null to Java types
  • Library source is now included in the JAR for easy browsing in your IDE

1.1 (February 23, 2010)

  • Formal support for fql.multiquery API call
  • Minor JSON mapping fixes and error message improvements
  • Updated website with fql.multiquery documentation and explicit mention of non-support of session key acquisition

1.0 (February 2, 2010)

  • Initial release