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Migration Guide

Because we have a lot of API changes from version 1.x to 2.0 RestFB provides a migration guide, where the breaking changes can be found


  • RC2
    • User.Work -> WorkExperience
    • FacebookPermissions interface is the only enum now, all permission are part of it.
    • LegacyFacebookClient removed
    • DefaultLegacyFacebookClient removed
  • RC1
    • Logging changed, slf4j is used if present
    • Comment.Attachment -> StoryAttachment
    • Comment.isCanComment -> Comment.getCanComment
    • Comment.isCanHide -> Comment.getCanHide
    • FeedPostValue.isHidden -> FeedPostValue.getIsHidden
    • Message.isRenderAsSticker -> Message.getRenderAsSticker
    • FacebookClient.executeQuery() -> FacebookClient.executeFqlQuery()
    • FacebookClient.executeMultiquery() -> FacebookClient.executeFqlMultiquery()
    • User.Picture -> ProfilePictureSource
    • Event.getPicture() return type String -> Event.getPicture() return type ProfilePictureSource
    • Event.getVenue() return type Venue -> returns Location now
    • Group.getVenue() return type Venue -> returns Location now
    • Checkin.Place replaced with Place type.
    • Post.Place replaced with Place type.
    • Post.Likes replaced with Likes type.
    • Post.Comments replaced with Comments type.
    • Post.Privacy replaced with Privacy type.
    • Photo.getComments returns Comments type instead of `Comment list
    • json API changed, you should look here
    • Post.MessageTag replaced with MessageTag type
    • Likes data type moved from NamedFacebookType to LikeItem
    • likes field changed from long to Likes in Page type
    • likesCount field added to Page type

Logging changed

As soon as the slf4j jars are found on the classpath, slf4j is used as logging framework. As fallback we use the java.util.logging framework. In the rare case you have slf4j on the classpath, but you don't want RestFB to use it, you can switch to the java.util.logging with the "com.restfb.forceJUL=true".

Don't forget to add a RestFB logging configuration to your logging config.

Comment.Attachment removed

We have removed the Comment.Attachment type because it is replaced by a newer type called StoryAttachment. StoryAttachment has the same fields as Comment.Attachment but contains the target field, too. Therefore it is better suitable to the original Facebook JSON.

boolean changed to Boolean

Facebook returns for Graph API 2.4+ only requested fields. So some fields are not set. Because boolean is only true or false it is changed to Boolean. So a field can be null if it is not set. A developer needs to check for null now, but get better results if a field was not requested and not tricked by the Java default value for boolean.

FacebookClient#executeQuery and FacebookClient#executeMultiquery removed

The FacebookClient interface does not longer provide the executeQuery and executeMultiquery access to FQL. These methods are not longer working on the Facebook side, so we don't need to support them further. The DefaultFacebookClient does not longer contain these methods. Because some developer still use the FQL interface (Graph API 2.0) they have to switch to the newer (and working) executeFqlQuery and executeFqlMultiquery.

User.Picture removed

We had to remove the User.Picture type because we drop the compatibility. The picture field is now the ProfilePictureSource type.

Event.getPicture() returns ProfilePictureSource instead of String

The Event.getPicture() returned the image url as String. We changed this because Facebook provides more information than only a String. The ProfilePictureSource is a better choice.

Venue replaced with Location type

The Group and the Event type contain a venue but this is the same type as Location. So we replaced it and don't need to take care of two different java entities.

deprecated classes removed

We have some types that are only left, because we didn't want the break the API before version 2.0. With the new major release we can remove them and do some cleanup.

  • Checkin.Place replaced with Place type.
  • Post.Place replaced with Place type.
  • Post.Likes replaced with Likes type.
  • Post.Comments replaced with Comments type.
  • Post.Privacy replaced with Privacy type.`

The photo type returns Comments type instead of list

Because the comments of a photo not only contains the comments we have to change the returned type. Now you may access the summary object and fetch the total count. parser replaced with minimal-json

The parser is not as free as it should be and so we replaced it with the minimal-json parser. It's published under the MIT license and provides a much better performance. The minimal json benchmarks are very promising and our own benchmarks in the restfb benchmark project support their statements. Because minimal json has a different API you have to change your code accordingly. To understand the API better, you should have a look at the github repository of minimal json.

Post.MessageTag replaced with MessageTag

The Post object contains some inner classes. We removed the inner class MessageTag and replaced it with the MessageTag class we introduced already. The inner class was only for compatibility reasons there. If you work with MessageTags you have to change your import.

Likes type data type changed

The Likes type contains a list of NamedFacebookTypes. These elements are in some cases not the correct type. So we changed the type and introduces the new LikeItem type. The new LikeItem type contains the created_time field. Most of the time this value is not set, but we provide it nevertheless.

Likes added to Page type

With Graph API 2.6 the likes field does not contain the count of the likes. Instead it is filled with the a list of likes. Therefore the returned type is Likes. Because in earlier versions we should be able to access the field as long, we use the duplicate mapping magic and renamed the old likes field to likesCount. This is similar to the fanCount that was introduced with Graph API 2.6 for the Page object.

User.Work replaced with WorkExperience

The Graph API defines a WorkExperience type that is used in the work field of the User object. We had a custom inner class called work and this is no longer necessary.

Facebook permissions moved to one class (FacebookPermissions)

In older RestFB versions the permissions were splitted into different classes according to their category. Facebook has several categories and a permission is connected to just one of them. The main categories are "user data" and "events, groups and pages". Now the permissions can be found in one class and the category is part of the permission. With this change it is much easier to find a permission and work with them.

Removed the LegacyFacebookClient

The old FacebookClient was used for accessing the Facebook Rest API. This API is deprecated and removed with the deprecation of the Graph API 2.0. The calls lead only to an error. So we removed the stuff that is related to the Rest API. Mainly the LegacyFacebookClient and its implementation (DefaultLegacyFacebookClient) are removed. Additionally the exception generator was cleaned up, because here the legacy stuff is not needed anymore. With this change the error handling of the Batch processing is changed a bit, but should not disturb currently working installations.