Tutorial Summaries

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This tutorial provides a hands-on introduction to RestFlow and a description of key features needed by workflow developers. The contents of each tutorial chapter are summarized below:

Tutorial 1. Setting up RestFlow Describes how to set up an environment for writing and running RestFlow workflows.
Tutorial 2. Hello World Illustrates the process of building and running workflows with RestFlow.
Tutorial 3. Extended Example Demonstrates some of the advantages of programming with data flows.
Tutorial 4. Workflow Traces Discusses the records made of events that occur during a workflow run.
Tutorial 5. Actors vs Nodes Introduces the concept of actors.
Tutorial 6. Script Actors Shows how to create new actors using bash and other scripting languages.
Tutorial 7. Choosing a Director Explains how to select the model of computation for a workflow.
Tutorial 8. Subworkflows Demonstrates the use of a workflow as an actor in a another workflow.
Tutorial 9. Actor Behaviors Covers the broad range of actor behaviors that RestFlow supports.
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