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This repository contains the build script and Dockerfile used to produce the binaries for each restic release starting at 0.9.3.


Note: For more detailed instructions, reference the Reproducible Builds section of the Developer Information.

First, clone (or update) this repo:

$ git clone


$ git pull

Second, pull the base image and build the docker container:

$ docker pull debian:stable
$ docker build --no-cache -t restic/builder .

Next, download and extract the restic source code.

$ curl -L -O
$ tar -xzvf v0.9.3.tar.gz

Then run the build as follows, mounting the directory with the source code as /restic and putting the resulting files in the directory output:

$ mkdir output
$ docker run --rm --volume "$PWD/restic-0.9.3:/restic" --volume "$PWD/output:/output" restic/builder

Verify Build

If all goes well then you've produced exactly the same binaries as in the official release.

To verify the linux amd64 build for example, run:

$ sha256_restic=3c882962fc07f611a6147ada99c9909770d3e519210fd483cde9609c6bdd900c
$ echo "${sha256_restic} output/restic_linux_amd64.bz2" | sha256sum -c -


The Docker container is based on Debian stable and the official Go compiler is used in the latest released version.

The container has the official Go compiler installed in /usr/local/go.

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