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During my (@fd0) research before starting restic I've tested a lot of different backup programs. However, even after working in this space for a few years, I still stumble across backup solutions I didn't know about.

In this repository, I'd like to collect backup solutions and eventually end up with an exhaustive list of backup software. The criteria for inclusion are:

  • Free Software (not just Open Source)
  • Does not require custom network/cloud service to operate (sorry, tarsnap)
  • Works on Linux
  • Is a dedicated to backup (sorry, perkeep)

If you know other backup solutions that fit the criteria above, please create a pull request!


A lot of FOSS backup solutions are merely shells on top of rsync and/or duplicity. Perhaps these should have a category of their own, or a tag?


In the future we plan to provide benchmarks using fakedatafs and a table to sort by the tag categories.

If anyone wants to help out, please submit a PR with your contribution.

List of Backup Software

Tags used below:

  • authenticated: Uses cryptographic signatures or MAC tags to ensure integrity
  • compression: Storage with compression
  • dedup: Supports deduplication
  • encrypted: Supports encrypting data locally (stored encrypted on the backup medium)
  • error-correction: Supports reconstructing data in scenarios x-of-n backup media are lost
  • golang: Written in Go-lang
  • gpg: Uses GPG for the underlying encryption
  • incremental: Support for incremental backups (through deltas or local deduplication)
  • perl: Written in Perl
  • python: Written in Python
  • review: Needs to be reviewed by the authors of this list in order to revise the tags assigned here.
  • rsync: Uses rsync or librsync
  • rust: Written in Rust
  • s3: Supports Amazon S3-compatible backends
  • ssh: Supports SFTP/SCP backends
  • unmaintained: Looks unmaintained / dead

The following list is sorted alphabetically:

List of wrappers or helper tools: