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@fd0 fd0 released this Feb 2, 2017 · 2264 commits to master since this release

We're proud to release restic version 0.4.0. This release fixes a few bugs, among others a memory leak in the fuse mount module. Overall, the memory consumption during most operations is reduced. There have been some major changes internally, which will help reducing memory usage even more in future releases.

Starting with this release, we will publish pre-compiled binaries for restic. For the last release (0.3.3), binaries have also been added.

Change Log

v0.4.0 (2017-02-02)

Full Changelog

Fixed bugs:

  • Undocumented feature restic cat index #759
  • Inconsistent use of blob, data and tree #758
  • Listing blobs not possible #756
  • panic: close tempfile: invalid argument #747
  • error loading blob wrong length returned #743
  • Restore is failing with input/output error due to regression after 0.3.3 release #742
  • Pack is unneeded, but not contained in rewritePacks #734
  • Memory leak in fuse mount #480

Closed issues:

  • Repository mountpoint shows only one folder of two folders contained in backup #753
  • Document creating a new REST backend #736
  • Support for hard links #733
  • support for acl's #732
  • [FIXED] Windows binary #724
  • Support Google Cloud Storage as Backend #721
  • client.BucketExists: The access key ID you provided does not exist in our records #712
  • Debian packaging (repository) #355

Merged pull requests:

  • Fix typo. #764 (olgeni)
  • Add 'index' to list of options for 'cat' command #762 (fd0)
  • Remove inconsistencies regarding the cat command #761 (fd0)
  • Allow listing blobs #760 (fd0)
  • Document creating a new repo via REST #750 (fd0)
  • Normalise the backend API #749 (fd0)
  • rest backend: Do not close the reader #748 (fd0)
  • fuse: Improve memory usage #746 (fd0)
  • Fix restore/fuse with larger files #745 (fd0)
  • Rework backend API #741 (fd0)
  • Add debug memory/cpu profile options #740 (fd0)
  • Fix Archiver test: Clean up temp files #739 (fd0)
  • Index: Store pack ID #737 (fd0)
  • Improve memory usage #731 (fd0)
  • Add FAQ document #729 (fd0)
  • Add box-drawing character to the snapshots command #728 (cit)
  • fix typo: outputcomprehensive #727 (MirkoDziadzka)
  • Added latest keyword in ls command. #723 (ulziibuyan)
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